Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What would we do without technology?

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On Monday at Parliament House Miranda, Ewen and I ran 8k at 4:30pm, it was warm but pleasant. By 5:30pm it had cooled down a little, and after our warm-up Isaac, Jen, Christopher, Andrew, Tori, Kelley, Mick, Ruth & Warrick ran in three teams of three a thirty minute continuous relay, on the south-east 270m loop which goes down the grass and up the paths.

Next Monday the boom gate and paid parking, free for two hours, is/was scheduled to be in place at Parliament House, although there was no sign of any preparation for that this week. Regardless I will still be arriving before 4:30pm next week and if I have to I will drive out and back in again after the 4:30pm run.

Incidentally according to my Garmin, my heart rate measurements were all over the place on Monday: the Heart Rate Monitor playing up again, I suspect, as I felt no distressful symptoms. And everything was perfectly alright on Tuesday when I raced 5k; another day where the heart rate went up to 160 or just over, and stayed there, which is good, no arrhythmia.

This is the age of technology and knowledge and communication, that's for sure.

So true!


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