• Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    You are welcome to join us for our training sessions. This Portrait Gallery showcases many of our runners. It will be added to as time permits. Click on each heading for a relevant link! This link is the "Coming Events" blog post. Feel free to join us any time, at any training session, or at any training run, you wish to.

    **Fly Goose Fly**

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Dave Clark

    Dave progressed from treadmill to track, and races frequently, often straight after training. Dave has consistently improved over 5k and if he ever tapers for an event he will improve even more.

    Dave looks at his watch a lot. That's because he runs a lot. I had to include again this 2017 photo, it is a classic!

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Pieta and Andrew Smith

    Pieta sets an example with her regular speedy training sessions, both interval sessions and trail runs. She is a big improver, as evidenced by her 21:43 PB at Tuggeranong 5k parkrun in September 2018. And by her New York marathon in 3:57. Husband Andrew is also sporty and does parkruns, and they are raising sporty speedygoslings too.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Ewen Thompson

    Ewen is a long-time member of the speedygeese, my right hand man. Ewen's PBs include a 17:33 5k and a 36:33 10k. A 2:15 800m is not too shabby either. Ewen's best Half Marathon is 1:21.38 and Marathon 3:11.02. He also likes the High Jump which he practises towards the end of most races, and he has run the Six Foot Track.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Lisa McDonald

    Lisa has discovered the joy of running after joining the speedygeese last year. Despite having two young children, Lisa manages to train with us weekly and also competes in parkrun each Saturday morning, often at Gungahlin. Lisa was our most improved goose in 2018, what will 2019 bring?

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Sarah-Jayne Miller

    Sarah-Jayne did speed work with us here then moved to Albury and flourished as a trail runner. Returning to Canberra, she enjoyed her trial runs here, particularly on a Sunday mornning with the rest of the geese. And now she has left us again.. for North Queensland.. but she'll be back! Sarah-Jayne is fast over long distances, and only a few years ago represented Australia in Sky Running.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Rae Palmer

    Rae was a member of Females In Training (FIT) who joined us to work on her running. She races the Sydney City to Surf, she cycles, she has competed in triathlons, she goes skiing. Rae is a very fit athlete for her age!

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Amanda Cook (“Cookie”)

    Cookie is another fit mum who runs distances at an awesome pace and is a regular at the hilliest parkrun in the region, Queanbeyan. She often runs speedygeese sessions by herself, or hurtles along with her two year old in a stroller. She was a top women’s AFL player and is now enjoying the challenge of a new career in distance running.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Peter Thomson

    Peter Thomson a.k.a "Thommo", is a first class distance runner who joined us to get some speed into his legs, and is fully at home on our long speedygeese Sunday morning runs. Thommo is a recent "Griffins" co-ordinator (a Griffin is anyone who has completed ten or more Canberra marathons), and is also a recent YCRC President.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Susan Sturgeon

    Susan is speedy over short distances and does very well indeed racing longer ones. She has run a few Bush Capital 16k races, and completed in international marathons. Susan can be seen at or near the Ginninderra parkrun, usually with Paul, pushing a stroller, and she also enjoys the long Sunday morning trail runs with the speedygeese. For real speedwork, Susan attends Monday evening sessions at Parliament House.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Helen Way

    Where's Helen? There she is. What is Helen doing? Your guess is as good as mine. My guess is she is combining all her talents of music, dance, acting, running, and general goofiness. Helen is an integral part of the action on a Sunday morning, either present, or, "Where's Helen?"

    To be continued...

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Coming speedygeese events

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Mondays4:30pmEarly run from Parliament House.
5:30pmInterval training @ Parliament House.
Thursdays5:30pmInterval training @ Stromlo Forest Park.
Sundays7:00amWeekly long runs. This week Chifley, Mt Taylor.
Also Sundays7:30amA run on the grass @ Stromlo Forest Park.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

All the recent speedygeese race results

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Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 08 January
1. Peter Thomson 41:55
3. Carolyne Kramar 46:52
4. Michael Thompson 35:19
5. Cameron Curry 35:15
6. Sandeep Chandra 35:17
10. Gary Bowen 31:44
13. Nicole Bruce 42:00
15. Ricky Somerville 40:57
19 finishers

AMRA Mt Ainslie 2.3k run-up 08 January
4 Peter Brown 15.42
6 Michael Smith 18.04
5 Louise Sharp 17.20
8 Pieta Smith 18.45
9 Bron Sparkes 20.51
11 Caroline Campbell 24.39
13 Rae Palmer 25.44
18 finishers

Customs 5k handicap 11 January
1 Peter Thomson 32:14
8 Carolyne Kramar 35:26
17 Gary Bowen 28:43
18 Caroline Campbell 36:14
21 James O'Neill 31:05
22 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #348 12 January
18 Nigel ENGLAND 21:19 M55
46 Kevin MILLER 23:36 M40
60 Jane LILLEY 24:36 W45
85 Roger PILKINGTON 26:14 M60
86 Celina MILLER 26:18 W40
141 Ruth BAUSSMANN 30:13 W65
182 Chloe MILLER 31:49 W11
183 Eliza LILLEY 31:49 W11
279 Cathy NEWMAN 43:43 W55
359 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #309 12 January
13 David CLARKE 20:06 M60
27 Michael SMITH 21:55 M50
166 Ricky SOMERVILLE 30:01 M50
187 Michael THOMPSON 31:42 M50
289 Suzie GYE 40:51 W40
375 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #278 12 January
41 Nadine MORRISON 22:47 W45
101 Gary BOWEN 26:12 M60
105 Geoff MOORE 26:26 M70
372 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #137 12 January
10 Jen BRIGHT 19:21 W40 **New PB**
11 Isaac MUSCAT 19:22 M11
41 Amanda MCCORMACK 22:08 W35
46 Craig WURTZ 22:29 M50
106 Shareen UNDERWOOD 26:09 W35
156 Elizabeth BENNETT 28:32 W55
157 Kelley HORAN 28:32 W55
158 Michael HORAN 28:33 M55
163 George QUARMBY 28:53 M60
179 Jennie BLAKE 29:53 W60
187 Caroline CAMPBELL 30:10 W75
397 finishers

Coombs 5k parkrun #44 12 January
1 Jacob GROOBY 17:25 M30
16 Pieta SMITH 25:34 W45
47 Andrew SMITH 34:17 M45
73 finishers

Mount Ainslie 5k parkrun #36 12 January
39 Sandeep CHANDRA 24:50 M45
57 Lisa MCDONALD 26:25 W40 **New PB**
102 Peter THOMSON 30:26 M55
108 William ARTHUR 31:15 M65
161 Helen WAY 40:53 W50
194 finishers

Queanbeyan 5k parkrun #89 12 January
2 Bernardo PALMA 18:43 M35
18 Gavin MONGAN 23:37 M35
37 David BAUSSMANN 25:47 M65
50 Vanessa PALMER 30:50 W45
82 Justine CAINES 37:56 W45
97 Deborah DAVIS 40:32 W55
129 finishers

Goulburn 5k parkrun #50 12 January
14 Chris GAMMON 22:00 M55
15 Scott MARSHALL 22:16 M50
83 finishers

Braidwood Showground 5k parkrun #16 12 January
26 finishers

Jindabyne 5k parkrun #31 12 January
39 finishers

Bowral 5k parkrun #226 12 January
66 Norma WALLETT 38:19 W85
78 finishers

Batemans Bay 5k parkrun #141 12 January
40 Cameron CURRY 25:34 M35
144 finishers

Wagga 5k parkrun #71 12 January
67 Carolyne KRAMAR 34:22 W50
123 finishers

Meadowbrook 5k parkrun #125 12 January
73 Bronwyn CALVER 37:22 W45
135 finishers

Queens Domain 5k parkrun #53 12 January
21 Giles LAMB 23:12 M45
180 finishers

Hobart Marathon 13 January
Giles Lamb 4:02.16

Last night's training group (minus Michael who had left).

My running streak day 128

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I felt OK in the heat this morning expect for the last 9k. Total: 9k. Running at 6 mins per k.

Monday, 14 January 2019

My running streak day 127

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At Parliament House, speedygeese training, I ran a preliminary 5k feeling weary in the heat, 1k loops, then with Lisa McD, George Q, Jenni B, Michael S, Ruth B, Vanessa P, and Richard McC, another 6k, 1k loops, feeling much better even though the temperature had not fallen any. 11k for the day.

There are so many speedygeese now with all our new participants, many of the Sunday ones I haven't even met, I am resorting to surname initials as you can see.

See, more geese, at yesterday's run.

The Globalist

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Song of the Week: Muse - The Globalist
At https://youtu.be/XR5VcP7A6B0

Sunday, 13 January 2019

My running streak day 126

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Thus endeth 18 weeks, I am not sure how much further the streak will go as I am contemplating a visit to a physio and he might just prescribe rest. Anyway, today was a 12k run at Stromlo Forest Park and it took until about the 7th km to start feeling OK.

No-one else at Stromlo this morning, other than friendly strangers. Here are pictures from this morning's speedygeese run down south.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

My running streak day 125

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Saturday morning another Gungahlin parkrun day, I felt I needed to conserve energy (still!) so I jogged it in 26 something, totalling only 6k for the day. Conserving energy = ensuring I can keep running even on the very hot days promised later this week.

Speaking of running hot, Lisa's souvenir of another parkrun PB:

Mount Ainslie / cycling / coffee / pancake.

Friday, 11 January 2019

My running streak day 124

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Today I walked to the gym and exercised for an hour, then ran 4k at a comfortable pace, feeling OK. Which is good.

Here are the runners at Stromlo, last night.

Jenni and Ruth





Thursday, 10 January 2019

My running streak day 123

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A cooler Thursday afternoon at Stromlo Forest Park. I ran 7k in total, including some 500m hill loops with the speedygeese, who included Paul McG, Jen, Mick H, Bron, Lisa, Jenni, and Ruth. They ran 6 x 500m loops on 5 minutes, not too hard on a cooler day. Ruth's Dave was in the vicinity, touring the trails on his bike.

The Sunday gaggle. Will I join them this week?

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

My running streak day 122

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A better day today - jogged to the gym, did 60 minutes of a fit and flex strength session, then ran around Lake Ginninderra, only pausing once to avoid a large brown snake crossing the path. Total for the day, 9km.

A happy runner also avoiding snakes (Pieta)

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

My running streak day 121

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Awful day - too hot to run, then a massive storm. I ran at 6pm, after the storm, a humid and uncomfortable 3k. At least I ran!

Kevin, Celina, Chloe, Jacob not running.

speedygeese race results

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Westerfolds 5k parkrun #280 01 January
40 Andrew SIMPSON 22:39 M45
355 finishers

Mullum Mullum 5k parkrun #110 01 January
157 Jack SIMPSON 32:28 M11
158 Andrew SIMPSON 32:30 M45
177 Archie SIMPSON 33:33 M11
323 finishers

Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 01 January
1. Carolyne Kramar 48:00
3. Peter Thomson 44:16
4. Nigel England 29:47
5. James O'Neill 32:08
6. Michael Thompson 32:13
7. Ewen Thompson 36:43
8. Scott Marshall 31:36
12. Gary Bowen 35:50
18 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #347 05 January
26 Gavin MONGAN 23:29 M35
35 Ron VINES 24:44 M75
37 Kevin MILLER 24:50 M40
68 Debra Valerie KAY 26:40 W50
71 Michael HORAN 26:45 M55
75 Chloe MILLER 27:13 W11
164 Margaret MCSPADDEN 36:33 W70
226 Gwen VINES 46:48 W70
260 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #308 05 January
2 Ro LEWIS 18:20 M30
8 Nigel ENGLAND 21:25 M55
119 Ricky SOMERVILLE 32:59 M50
144 Bronwyn CALVER 37:15 W45
166 Jodie DAVIS 40:45 W50
203 Suzie GYE 46:42 W40
286 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #277 05 January
19 Andrew SIMPSON 21:27 M45
49 Geoff MOORE 24:38 M70
121 Lisa MCDONALD 28:16 W40
365 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #136 05 January
34 Craig WURTZ 23:08 M50
41 Adrian CENGIA 23:29 M45
55 David BAUSSMANN 24:34 M65
78 Pieta SMITH 26:12 W45
84 Chris GAMMON 26:32 M55
99 Elizabeth BENNETT 27:15 W55
110 Andrew SMITH 28:03 M45
129 Shareen UNDERWOOD 28:59 W35
139 Caroline CAMPBELL 29:23 W75
163 Ruth BAUSSMANN 30:22 W65
173 Jennie BLAKE 30:50 W60
179 Vanessa PALMER 31:17 W45
180 William BARLOW 31:27 M35
184 Gary BOWEN 31:39 M60
185 Cathy NEWMAN 31:42 W55
187 George QUARMBY 31:50 M60
342 finishers

Coombs 5k parkrun #43 05 January
5 Mick KONEMANN 22:14 M50
18 Isaac MUSCAT 25:58 M11
22 David CLARKE 31:13 M60
51 finishers

Mount Ainslie 5k parkrun #35 05 January
16 Louise SHARP 22:06 W35
17 Stuart DOYLE 22:44 M50
25 Giles LAMB 24:11 M45
35 Sandeep CHANDRA 25:47 M45
69 William ARTHUR 31:28 M65
133 finishers

Queanbeyan 5k parkrun #88 05 January
81 finishers

Goulburn 5k parkrun #48 05 January
78 finishers

Braidwood Showground 5k parkrun #15 05 January
25 finishers

Jindabyne 5k parkrun #30 05 January
24 Cameron CURRY 29:22 M35
48 finishers

Bowral 5k parkrun #225 05 January
62 Norma WALLETT 40:17 W85
83 finishers

Batemans Bay 5k parkrun #140 05 January
20 Amanda MCCORMACK 22:38 W35
56 Jane LILLEY 26:53 W45
92 Eliza LILLEY 30:59 W11
99 Molly LILLEY 31:58 W11
163 finishers

Gwen, Ron and Margaret.