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Training at Parliament House on Monday: Cathy, Miranda and I ran 8k early. The main session was a series of ~240m runs with ~160m recoveries in teams of 2 (I kept shifting the handover cone) on the 200m straight east of the house. This was followed by 4 laps around the rose garden loop. Participating were Abi, Christopher, Colin, Dan, Jen, Kym, Leonie & Ruth. Normal jellybeans followed.

Hope I haven't missed anyone...

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

unexploded ordinances

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But first, recent speedygeese race results
Tuesday 3 June Mt Ainslie Run-Up 2.2k
17. Leonie Doyle W40 17:24
25. Caroline Campbell W70 21:28
26 finishers

Tuesday 17 June AMRA Black Mountain Run-Up 2.6k
26 finishers

Friday 25 July Customs 5k
Jennifer Bright 22:56
Geoff Moore 23:01
Bronwyn Calver 24:24
Bron Sparkes 30:05
Dom Sparkes 30:05 (8 year old)
Caroline Campbell 30:12

Saturday 26 July Ginninderra #118 Parkrun 5k
69 Ruth Baussmann 29:08 W60
84 Dom Sparkes 30:58 M10 New PB!
85 Bron Sparkes 30:58 W35
118 finishers

Saturday 26 July Tuggeranong #75 Parkrun 5k
27 David Webster 21:56 M60
34 David Clarke 22:58 M55
46 Leonie Doyle 23:43 W40 5k PB by 47 seconds!
57 Ewen Thompson 24:47 M55
168 finishers

Saturday 26 July Gungahlin #41 Parkrun 5k
19 Craig Davis 22:03 M45 New PB!
65 Gwen Vines 30:17 W65 New PB!
107 finishers

Saturday 26 July YCRC Black Mountain Peninsula 8k
12 finishers

Saturday 26 July YCRC Black Mountain Peninsula 4k
5. Ewen Thompson M55 21:12
11 finishers

Sunday 27 July ACTVAC Little Black Mountain 9k
8 Gabrielle Brown W50 49:10 71.9
14 Roger Pilkington M55 45:44 70.4
20 Rod Lynch M50 36:45 87.1
24 Marilyn Banfield W65 60:39 69.3
39 Maria O'Reilly W55 45:49 85.1
55 Rae Palmer W65 57:59 75.9
56 Ruth Baussmann W60 60:31 68.6
57 Christopher Lang M60 57:19 60.7
62 Caroline Campbell W70 57:06 83.5
65 Mick Horan M55 48:43 66.1
70 finishers

Sunday 27 July ACTVAC Little Black Mountain 4.5k
2 Nadine Morrison W40 22:26 68.0%
4 Brett Morrison M45 26:34 52.3
37 finishers

Sunday 27 July Alice Springs half-marathon
Suzie Gye 1:43:20

Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival newsletter
1. New registration centre, start/finish, and car parking for both days
Last year the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club tent was damaged by wind gusts on the Campbell High School oval. To avoid this, the start/finish and registration has been moved to the north side of Campbell High School, outside the gymnasium which has male and female toilets and change rooms. Only 100 metres away there is plenty of parking at the CSIRO Headquarters car park. To access this from Limestone Avenue turn on to Quick Street in Ainslie then turn right in to Hayley Street and follow it south for 300 metres to the CSIRO car park.

See the map and event program at
The first kilometre of the course has also changed to eliminate 2 road crossings from previous years. After 700 metres there is a narrow gate and there may be a short period of queuing to either get through it or climb over the fence.

2. Event program
SATURDAY 2 August 2014
9.00am 16km bush run and 16km bush walk;
9.10am 10km bush walk
11.00am Under 13 years 2km children’s run
11.30am 10km run
11.35am 5km run & walk

SUNDAY 3 August 2014
7.30am 63.3km ultra run and relay (triple half marathon)
8.30am 42.2km bush marathon run, walk and relay; half marathon walk
9.30am 21.1km bush half marathon run

3. Arrival time for your event
It is recommended that you aim to arrive 45 minutes prior to your start time to allow sufficient time to find a parking sport, walk to the start/finish area, (collect a pre-ordered race T shirt or purchase one), warm up, visit the toiletsd, and attend the compulsory pre-start briefing 5 minutes before each start.

4. Weather update (see
The current weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday is as follows but may change. Check again later in the week.
Saturday: Frost then sunny. Temperature range -2 to 11 degrees.
Sunday: Frost then sunny. Temperature range -3 to 12 degrees.
There is a slight chance of rain. Please bring appropriate clothing both to run or walk in, and to change into afterwards. Such as beanie, gloves, and a windproof lightweight water proof jacket.

5. Race numbers and T shirt orders
Race numbers have been posted to all people entered to date but make take a few days to arrive in the mail. If your chest number does not turn up in the post, a replacement can be provided at the registration tent. T shirts ordered can only be collected from the registration tent on race day. A limited number of high quality Coolmax T shirts will be on sale for $30 (please assist by having correct money).
Race numbers for all runners and walkers must be worn on the front of the chest clothing and clearly visible as you approach the finish line, to assist the finish line recorder and to assist finalise results if a time is missed or there is some other recording mishap.

6. Pre event injuries and ill health
Each year some runners start the events with pre-existing injuries which they managed by taking pain killers pre-start and while out on the course. The Sports Medicine Australia attendants have said that this is extremely dangerous, both to health and to masking pain from an impending stress fracture or muscle or ligament failure. Please DO NOT START in these circumstances.
You can also swap to a shorter distance or do one of the bush walks if those are manageable within the constraints of the injury.

7. Having a bad day on the day
If you are doing one of the longer events on Sunday, you can cut short and just complete a shorter event and go in the results for that event. However, you must advise the finish recorder you have done this. You will not be eligible for a place getter trophy if you swap to a shorter distance.

8. Toilets and change rooms
There are male and female toilets at ground floor level in the Campbell high gymnasium, just near the start/finish. See the map at

9. Campbell High School security system
Please do not walk close to any parts of the school building apart from the gymnasium, as this will set off the security alarm.

10. Start arrangements
All competitors in each event must be at the start line 5 minutes before the start for a compulsory pre-race briefing. This is a compulsory requirement in respect of the event risk management procedures agreed by the ACT government approval agencies.

11. Finish arrangements
STEP 1: There will be a finish shute funnelling you to a finish recording tent. In that tent you must go to the finish recorder for your event and have your chest number recorded. If you have timed yourself with a GPS or stopwatch device, please advise your time to the recorder if there is not a significant queue. This helps double check times.
STEP 2: Take off your chest number and go to the Registration tent, hand in your chest number and collect your race mug .
STEP 3: You can get a muesli bar or chocolate bar and a cup of soft drink or sports drink from a table near the finish area. If you are on a gluten-free diet, there will be a box of gluten free muesli bars available.
Water: Providing sufficient water for hundreds of runners at the finish in addition to soft drink and sports drink is a major logistical problem. If you are a Canberra local, can you please assist by bringing your own water bottle. Thank you.

12. Results processing
The Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival is wholly organised by volunteers who have real jobs and are doing this in their spare time. We try to keep entry fees low and do not hire an electronic chip company for timing. However, this means it can take a couple of days to process and double check the results before publishing the results as a news announcement on the website Please be patient.

13. Out on the courses
Nearly all of each of the courses is within Canberra Nature Park. As a condition of access, Park Management has requested that runners and walkers do not drop empty cups or empty gels or other rubbish along the way, and that all such material is left in the garbage bags at each drink station.
We are also required to advise you that Mt Ainslie many years ago was an army firing range and a few unexploded ordinances have been found in recent years. You will not encounter any such things on the Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival trails. However, if you venture off the trail for any reason (such as answering a call of nature) and encounter any metal objects on the ground, stay right away from them and do not pick them up. If they look at all like an unexploded military device, please report the location to police.

14. Marathon and ultra marathon drink stations
The marathon does 2 laps of the half marathon course, and the ultra marathon 3 laps. There will be a drink station at the start/finish turnaround where you may put your own special drinks and food. There will also be drink stations at the 5km, 11 km, 16km points on each lap, with water, Gatorade, jubes and other lollies,

15. Photography
Photographers will be taking photos of as many participants as possible. These will be published afterwards in online photo albums and some will be published in Run For Your Life magazine and similar magazines. If you do not want your photo published, please let me know your name and chest number to ensure it is deleted.

16. Do you have friends who would like to participate?
Please encourage them to register online as soon as possible at
You can also log in there and see who has entered.

17. Helpers
More helpers are needed on both days. If you can help, click on the Volunteer form on Helpers receive a reward: choice of a T shirt, bottle of wine or chocolate.

Finally, enjoy yourself and have a good time.

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turn another page

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Song of week: The Ghost Inside, by Broken Bells

"Was it all for show?
"Don't turn into one of them,
"Turn another page."

Sunday, 27 July 2014

"Suzie G"

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Hot on the heels of her Gold Coast Half Marathon PB of 1:43.58, Suzie has run today's Alice Springs Half Marathon in 1:43.20. Moving to Darwin soon? Suzie is running hot!

Oh, Suzie G, Oh, Suzie G
Oh, Suzie G, Darwin will love thee, Susie G
I like the way you run
Having fun in the sun
I like the way you run having fun in the sun, Suzie G

Saturday, 26 July 2014

duelling cameras

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Haha love these two photos taken by David and Janene of Janene and David watching a certain cycling race this week. Taken near Turckheim.

Friday, 25 July 2014

royal photo bomb

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Everyone else is sharing this so why not?

And Paul Kennedy posted this as sun set over Glasgow last night

And my women's triathlon post, "tale of three Emmas" is still the second most viewed post on this blog, beaten only by "Tidal Breathing" for some reason, possibly because of the latter's title, "διάφραγμα"!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Glasgow memories from 4 June this year

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See where we went! With the Commonwealth Games starting today, and the women's and men's triathlons kicking off the viewing (or failing that, the listening) to which I am looking forward, my thoughts go back to the wonderful day we had in Glasgow on 4 June. We were staying in Larbert right next to the railway station and we took a train to Glasgow where we walked around for much of the day. There was quite a lot of work being done to prepare for the Games, particularly along the river. This is a SMALL selection of the photos I took that day.

Construction for the Games in progress

A well dressed personal trainer (forergound) and her group at lunch time

This tunnel is actually quite a long over-pass crossing the main highway near the stadium. Note the separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Monday's training

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Training on Monday 21 July: running early were Bron, Cathy, Christopher, Jen and me. Then running 10 x 330m including a 100m hill, on 2 minutes, were Andy, Bron, Caroline, Colin, Daniel, Ewen, Jen, Kym, Leonie, Lorena, Marilyn, Richard, Ruth, Vanessa & Warrick. We followed this up with some short attrition hill sprints with a very close finish between the final four. Finally, we had a pleasant dinner at the Yacht Club, where Jenny and I were joined by Rae, Caroline, Andy, Leonie, Vanessa, Kym, Marilyn, Ruth, Warrick, Ewen & Bron. An enjoyable long day!

Caroline and Andy at the Yacht Club after training

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

race results

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Friday 18 July Customs 5k
Geoff Moore 23:10
Bronwyn Calver 24:09
Caroline Campbell 29:49

Saturday 19 July Ginninderra #117 Parkrun 5k
45 Bron Sparkes 24:57 W35 New PB!
72 Ruth Baussmann 28:55 W60
124 finishers

Saturday 19 July Tuggeranong #74 Parkrun 5k
18 David Clarke 21:05 M55
33 David Webster 22:56 M60
76 Ewen Thompson 26:51 M55
158 finishers

Saturday 19 July Gungahlin #40 Parkrun 5k
19 Nadine Morrison 22:53 W40 New PB!
24 Roger Pilkington 23:23 M55
86 finishers

Saturday 19 July AACT 8k Cross Country Championships
Katie Forestier W45 33:23
Kym Chisholm W30 33:41
Ken White M60 37:46
Kathy Sims W60 38:22
Gabrielle Brown W50 40:01
Caroline Campbell W70 47:03

Monday, 21 July 2014

Commonwealth Games athletics timetable

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A good website for following the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Athletics -
…contains the full program
…click on the clock icon to change to our time zone
…the first athletics event is the men’s marathon 6pm Sunday our time, with the women’s marathon at 6:30pm our time on the same course.

these wasp nests

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Song of the week: "Red Socks Pugie", by Foals.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dublin Quay 27 May

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These photos were taken late in the evening of 27 May after dinner.

Our ship

Potato famine memorial

Runners everywhere

And cyclists

Even Crossfit