Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Margaret and Gwen

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Yes there were the ACT Championships, yes there was the Canberra Show, but the real highlight of last weekend was the baton relay coming through Canberra. The photo of Margaret in relay garb with her (mirror) twin Gwen shows the delight on their faces. Gwen, who lives in a Brisbane suburb not far from my son Nathan and family, often trained with us in the "old days" but had left Canberra about the time Margaret started with the group. Both are excellent runners, although Gwen did turn to race walking and set a few records there.

One of the very rare occasions I have seen the twins together and dressed differently from each other!

And this is Margaret in her 500 metres of fame.

Monday, 27 February 2006

Backs to the Wall? … Back to the Gym.

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last week’s target 85 km, achieved 90 km
this week’s target 110 km
weight 65 kg, weight loss 0.5 kg, total weight loss 2 kg
gym one workout
song of the week Changes by 3 Doors Down
quote of the week “Age and treachery will triumph over youth and ability”

I raced the 1500m on Saturday – I wanted to run the first lap in 80 to 85 seconds and kick on from there, but the first lap was only 90 seconds and the other laps were slower. That’s unusual for me when all indicators showed I should be able to run around 5:10. And I had jogged Thursday and Friday in preparation. So I decided to return to the gym on Sunday and do something different as a wake up call to the body. The gym session consisted of 40 minutes on the stepper, 12 chin-ups, sixty hip flexors and thirty lat pull-downs. I am not sore and plan to do that session two or three times a week from now on!

On a brighter note I broke my BBQ Stakes pb by one whole second on Wednesday – it was hotter than the previous week when I set the new pb, and it felt like I was running slower and easier.

What a difference three days makes.

Sunday, 26 February 2006

The Four Sets of Ten Training Principles

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Because these were all spread out over a considerable time period, I have brought them together here.

The Ten Conditioning Principles
#1 Schedule an easy or rest day after the longest training day
#2 Increase total distance by no more than 10% per week
#3 Plan races so that you have a day off racing for every mile raced
#4 Racing, together with sprinting in training, should not exceed 20% of distance run, and should probably be around 10-15%
#5 Increase distance or intensity from week to week, but not both at the same time
#6 Warmup first before stretching
#7 Usually follow hard days by easy days. Never have three hard days in a row
#8 Don’t ease off training for races, except the handful of races that are your major goals
#9 Treat injuries immediately
#10 Have fun

The Ten Form Principles
#1 The Importance of Relaxation
#2 Run like a child
#3 For Faster Feet, run on your toes
#4 Get those hips forward
#5 Run Tall
#6 Drive with the arms
#7 New breathing techniques may help.
#8 Be Alert and Aware
#9 Run with others who have a good style
#10 Be content with your unique style

Ten Sample Training Sessions
#1 cross training
#2 general endurance
#3 specific endurance
#4 fun sessions
#5 aerobic intervals
#6 hill sprints
#7 speed development
#8 anaerobic
#9 race practice
#10 racing

The Ten Racing Principles
#1 Redefine "Winning"
#2 Practise Surging
#3 Plan races so that you have a day's break from racing for every mile raced
#4 Have Long Term Goals
#5 Define short term goals
#6 Set Intermediate Racing Goals
#7 Horses for Courses
#8 Develop elite runners’ strategies and abilities
#9 Even Pace Produces Fastest Times
#10 Have an established pre race routine

Championships Day Two

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W35 1 Karen Davis 27.93 (gold)
W45 2 Vicki Matthews 29.91 (silver)
W55 2 Jill Brown 36.07 (silver)

W35 1 Karen Davis 2:42.24 (gold)
W40 2 Katie Forestier 2:49.56 (silver)
W50 1 Kathy Sims 2:51.02 (gold)
M40 1 Colin Farlow 2:12.73 (gold)
M45 3 Roger Pilkington 2:42.58 (bronze)
M55 2 Kevin Chamberlain 2:29.28 (silver)
M65 1 Tony Booth 2:53.58 (gold)

Saturday, 25 February 2006

Championship Results for Team Moore

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Very very few turned out for the championships! I cannot think why. It is a chance to rub shoulders with the best locals from young to old.

Our training group results (Saturday):
M50 1 Ken White 14.36 (gold medal)
W45 2 Vicki Mathews 14.39 (silver)
W55 2 Jill Brown 16.94 (silver)

M45 3 Amalendu Edelsten 59.94 (bronze)
M50 1 Ken White 66.69 (gold)
W40 2 Katie Forestier 76.21 (silver)
W45 1 Vicki Mathews 71.38 (gold)
W55 1 Jill Brown 82.44 (gold)

M40 2 Colin Farlow 4:29.74 (gold as first ACT )
M55 1 Kevin Chamberlain 5:11.38 (gold)
M55 2 Geoff Moore 5:44.47 (silver)
M65 1 Tony Booth 5:52.11 (gold)
W40 2 Katie Forestier 5:40.47 (silver)

Colin Kevin Tony and Katie all ran season's bests in the 1500; Katie's was an all time pb. This despite it being a hot (30+) afternoon with a wind that knocked the field around.

More details to come tomorrow.

A new way to get injured

True story. Who is the ACT Veteran athlete who got injured recently when he was being photographed sitting on a stool with all his medals around his neck, and the weight of all the medals made him fall off the stool?

Friday, 24 February 2006

Three Years!

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Three Years!
Three Years of Retirement!
Three Years of Retirement and the Future Looks Good!

Here's something I found in the archives.

See you at the track on the weekend.

Thursday, 23 February 2006

A Surprise Movie

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I finally got to see the movie "Run Lola Run". An eighty minute film of non-stop action, exploring what could happen in twenty minutes of panic, leaves you breathless and exhilarated. See the subtle changes in the way Lola runs which turn out to be momentous; a keen runner’s eye is rewarded. Appreciate the unforseen twists, and just love the adrenaline charged music.

"I wish I was a hunter in search of different food
"I wish I was the animal which fits into that mood
"I wish i was a person with unlimited breath
"I wish I was a heartbeat that never comes to rest "

Wonderful, exciting, why haven’t I seen this movie until now? Even the subtitles and captioning are fascinating and entertaining. A must see for all runners. It reminds me of the fabulous, slow, but equally captivating Vertigo by Hitchcock, which I have watched again after seeing Lola. Why Vertigo? Obviously the spiral staircase, but also the beautifully balanced structure of the movie. Brilliant.

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Chickybabes still afloat

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2006 Aquathlon Series Race 3
Boathouse, East Basin
Thursday, 16 February 2006

RESULTS Team Moore competitors

Short - 300m swim / 2.5km run
Pl Firstname Surname Club Num Cat CP Overall Pl SWIM CP Pl RUN CP Pl

13 Roger Pilkington Bilbys 314 M45-49 1 17:59 13 6:40 2 36 11:19 1 5
33 Annemarie Calnan 6 F45-49 2 20:03 33 6:23 2 32 13:40 2 33
40 Ruth Baussmann 203 F55-59 1 22:10 40 8:05 1 48 14:05 1 36

Long - 600m swim / 5km run
Pl Firstname Surname Club Num Cat CP Overall Pl SWIM CP Pl RUN CP Pl

67 Pam Faulks 11 F45-49 2 40:29 66 11:27 2 47 29:02 2 69
71 Zimple/Kramer Cool Running Chickybabes 401 TF 1 41:08 70 15:45 1 80 25:23 1 53

You can take a picture of something you see

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Let's talk, let's ta-a-alk
There was lots of talking in the summer series run around Lake Ginninderra last night. Firstly the path was blocked before the footbridge and the organising team had to make a last minute change to the course. Much discussion. Then I decided to be prudent and run around fives in the seven km run as I was doing 21km altogether (Tuesday is my long day) and I had had three hard days in a row (thus breaking one of my rules already). Much encouraging of other competitors.

Do something that's never been done

I hadn't run with Aki at the end of a race before. She has pretty good pace judgement these days. And a devastating sprint finish! My talking only annoyed her a little. (But how can you encourage people without talking?)

Oh brother

.. I got tired by the end of the 21km. But at least the temperature had dropped by the finish.

In the future where will I be?

Think I will ease off now and see if I can achieve this year's 1500m target (5:20) on Saturday.

You tell anyone who'll listen but you feel ignored

Summer Series #4
Lake Ginninderra
New course 7.0 km out and back
Team Moore results

11. Cathy Newman W40 32:07
12. Annette Sugden W40 32:31
15. Thea Zimpel 34:17
29. Margaret McSpadden W55 37:30
32. Caroline Campbell W60 38:45
36. Ruth Baussmann W55 39:12
43. Pam Faulks W45 46:22

23. Richard Faulks M45 28:25
27. David Webster M50 29:15
31. Roger Pilkington M45 30:01
48. Mick Saunders M55 32:14
51. David Baussmann M55 32:57
56. Geoff Moore M55 34:19
57. Mick Charlton M50 34:34
62. Geoff Barker M60 36:18

Let's talk

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Aquathlon #2

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More Team Moore aquathlon results.

2006 Aquathlon Series Race 2
Boathouse, East Basin, Thursday, 2 February 2006

Short - 300m swim / 2.5km run
Pl Firstname Surname Club Num Cat CP Overall Pl Swim CP Pl Run CP Pl
6 Roger Pilkington Bilbys 314 M45-49 1 16:56 6 6:16 2 35 10:40 1 3
40 Ruth Baussmann 203 F55-59 1 21:38 40 7:38 1 45 14:00 1 33

Long - 300m swim / 2.5km run / 300m swim / 2.5km run
Pl Firstname Surname Club Num Cat CP Overall Pl Swim1 CP Pl Run1 CP Pl Swim2 CP Pl Run2 CP Pl
36 Bob Harlow Tridents 119 M55-59 2 35:26 36 6:21 2 75 10:55 1 20 7:24 2 69 10:46 1 17
62 Thea/Carolyne Zimpel/Kramar CoolRunning 401 TF 2 39:38 62 7:11 2 85 12:12 1 47 7:58 2 79 12:17 1 43


I have changed the way I manage my blogroll by setting it up in "bloglines". Should anything odd happen as a result, please let me know & I will revert to the old way of doing it.

Managing it via bloglines means I can make changes to it away from this blog.

You will note I have added lots of extra links!

Monday, 20 February 2006

Loooong running

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Chasing Metal
This is the week I put my Nationals entry in - mostly plan B as I won't be expecting to have recovered from the previous week's marathon in time. I have entered the 800 (I am not at all likely to start in this), 1500 (unlikely), 5000 (here's hoping), 10000 (not likely) and 8k cross country( should be able to start this one) at Easter in Canberra.

This week I also kept up the long running and at the same time managed a very good thirty second pb at the BBQ Stakes on Wednesday, and quite a good run in the Vets Handicap where I picked up the bronze medal on Sunday.

Handicap Results
North Curtin 6.5k
6 Annette Sugden W40 30:47
8 Geoff Moore M55 27:18 (bronze)
14 Peter McDonald M50 31:14
17 Caroline Campbell W60 34:49
21 David Baussman M45 30:31
24 Rod Lynch M45 25:49
27 Maria O'Reilly W50 29:02
29 John Alcock M60 31:54
42 Ruth Baussmann W55 36:47
48 Colin Farlow M40 25:52
50 Peter Hogan M55 32:06
63 Roger Pilkington M45 28:53
83 Graeme Small M60 38:08
85 Alice Scott W60 41:58
108 Alan Duus M60 41:41

North Curtin 3.0k
6 Helen Larmour W45 12:39
8 Neil Boden M55 12:54
16 Katie Forestier W40 12:25
31 Kerry Boden W45 17:48
32 Michael Roche M60 17:49
Regular Report

last week’s target 95 km, achieved 90 km
this week’s target 85 km
weight 65.5 kg, weight loss 0.5 kg, total weight loss 1.5 kg

I only ran 90 km because of an unscheduled day off on Friday - at the only opportunity I had to run that day, it was far far too hot. The weather looks better this week.

Some people are so easily offended.

song of the week Never Be Rude To An Arab - Monty Python, Contractual Obligation.

Never be rude to an Arab
An Israeli, or Saudi, or Jew
Never be rude to an Irishman
No matter what you do

Never poke fun at a Nigger
A Spic, or a Wop, or Kraut
And never poke fun at a … “KABOOM!”

Curiously, this track wasn’t censored, but another track, “Farewell to John Denver”, was removed from all but the earliest copies of the “Contractual Obligation” album. I am a proud owner of one of the rare early copies with the track intact. Make an offer.

p.s. on the subject of being easily offended

* I am a born again Christian
** "Life of Brian" is one of my top favorite movies
*** I laugh at funny cartoons!

quote of the week * Life is short. Enjoy it. Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.

Sunday, 19 February 2006

Mountain Tops

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I ran past a young lady the other day walking along the cycle path, and I turned around when I thought she said something to me. "Oh, sorry", she said, "I was singing."

Do you sing on the run? I do if I think no one can hear me. Or if I just forget. Do you sing in the shower? I know at least one reader who does. Very loudly. Do you always know all the words? I don't.

Mis-heard lyrics are sort of fun. I call them Mountain Tops after the lyrics which go

What we need is a great big melting pot
Big enough to take the world and all it's got
Keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
Turn out coffee colored people by the score

Mis-heard as

What we need is a great big mountain top
Big enough to take the world and all it's got

"Mountain Tops" was coined by the wonderful "Couldabeen Champions" of ABC radio fame.

Do you still sing along even when you don't know the words? Or, have you heard any really great mountain tops? Have you originated any? I would like to hear about them.

I used to sing along to "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight" (Rem) and you could ask my children what words I sang to the line "call me when I try to wake her" - a lot of words rolled into one short burst on the recording.

Back when I was a boy my brother sprung me singing "Walking to new water" for "Walking to New Orleans" - well, the American accent is quite alien, and with the emphasis on the "Or" of "Orleans", quite indecipherable.

It is funny when the mountain top is part of the song title like that.

Do you have any Mountain Tops you can share?

Stars Are Peering

Saturday, 18 February 2006

See how they run

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“I’d like to point out that no-one else in my gene pool runs like a girl” – Dr Evil, Goldmember

Proving the old saying wrong wrong wrong

Katie at training at Parliament House: Just you try and run like THIS girl.

Friday, 17 February 2006

Will we survive?

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How exciting is this! There will be at least another 4 seasons of Survivor. Warning - don't go to the website as it has already started. Us poor Aussies have been left in a time warp.

Perhaps we can split Team Moore into 4 tribes and 'exile' the slowest runners to a spot under the flagpole at Parliament House?

Will we all survive Geoff's 20 second sprint sessions? Who will be the ultimate Survivor and win the million dollars at the National Championships?!

Water Sports

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I will get some aquathlon results for our training goup soon. It is an event that appeals to me; as a non cyclist to do a multi event which is a swim and a run seems a good idea.

Of course, I have never swum in open water....

When swimming in open water, remember to pick up your head every few strokes and sight on where you're going. There's nothing worse than going a bit off course.

Good Sports

Some of the track results from last night ---

1500m Steeplechase (High height)
Gary Bowen 6:07.3

Colin Farlow 4:57.87
Amalendu Edelsten 4:58.61
Kevin Chamberlain 5:49.36
Neil Boden 6:16.31
Geoff Barker 7:22.70
Maria O'Reilly 6:01.29

Karen Davis 13.50
Vicki Matthews 14.59

Thursday, 16 February 2006

SummerSeries race #3

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Carolyne "catch me if you can"

The Team Moore runners who ran at Stage 88 on Tuesday:
Women 5k
29. Carolyne Kramar W40 25:55
30. Caroline Campbell W60 26:16
31. Margaret McSpadden W55 26:27
32. Lisa Wilson W35 26:29
39. Ruth Baussmann W55 27:26
44. Pam Faulks W45 27:56

Men 5k
18. Richard Faulks M45 19:34
39. Bob Harlow M55 21:45
57. David Baussmann M55 23:10
67. Mick Charlton M50 24:15
69. Geoff Barker M60 24:18
82. Roger Pilkington M45 30:48

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

ACTVAC Track Championships

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Entries close tomorrow at the track for our Track and Field Championships, to be held over Friday - Saturday - Sunday 24-26 February, in conjunction with ACT Athletics.

Late entries will be accepted on the day, for a small fee.

The entry form can be downloaded from http://www.actvac.com.au/Documents/TF_Ent.doc. (Right click and Save Target As).

I am planning to run the 1500m on the Saturday; maybe I should have a go at the 800m on the Sunday as well.

I will miss the 5000m championship because it will be held the week of the Canberra Marathon.

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Optical illusion

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If you stare at the image long enough, you should see a giraffe.

Roll on Commonwealth Games

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Go Benita Go!
A snail buys a fast new car

There was once a snail who was sick and tired of his reputation for being so slow. He decided to get some fast wheels to make up the difference. After shopping around a while, he decided that the Datsun 240-Z was the car to get. So the snail goes to the nearest Datsun dealer and says he wants to buy the 240-Z, but he wants it repainted "240-S". The dealer asks, "Why 'S'?"The snail replies, "'S' stands for snail. I want everybody who sees me roaring past to know who's driving."Well, the dealer doesn't want to lose the unique opportunity to sell a car to a snail, so he agrees to have the car repainted for a small fee.The snail gets his new car and spent the rest of his days roaring happily down the highway at top speed. And whenever anyone would see him zooming by, they'd say "Wow! Look at that S-car go!"

Only in America...

Monday, 13 February 2006

My Progress

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last week’s target 90 km, achieved 91 km
this week’s target 95 km
weight 66 kg, total weight lost 1.0 kg
quote of the week “have no fear. No-one's getting out of here alive" – Foo Fighters, D.O.A.

My highlight of the week was running 19:51 for 5km on Friday over the Customs course. This after being quite sore from successive long runs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If anything the Customs course is slightly long, and the hill at the end slow. So this is my first sub twenty this year, hopefully the first of many. In 2005 I only managed it once; on a fast course in the Adelaide parklands, where I confess to running very unevenly, leading through the first km runners who went on to break 18 minutes.

This time the splits were pretty even, and I put in a better than usual effort over the Regatta Point Hill at the end.

And now we have just returned from a delightful three days/two nights with the four grandchildren and their parents in Flinders, Shellharbour, not returning until we had seen the two eldest off to their primary school for the day today.

Friday, 10 February 2006

More Thursday Night Results

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Gary Bowen 12:03.72
Roger Pilkington 13:45.06
Geoff Moore 11:45.51
Neil Boden 12:56.19
Katie Forestier 12:38.75

4x200m Relay
(Michael Roden)
Katie Forestier
(Craig Edwards)
(Leo Kennedy) 1:50.9

(Sue Bourke)
(Amalendu Edelsten)
Ken White
(John Morton) 1:57.8

Maria O'Reilly
Kathy Sims
(Mick Horan)
(Robert Gerrard) 2:08.3

Ken White 14.33
Katie Forestier 15.99
Maria O'Reilly 16.98

One Hour Run
Roger Pilkington 14.494
Gary Bowen 13.418
John Alcock 12.352
Geoff Barker 8.735
Tony Booth 12.257
Margaret McSpadden 11.101

Winning Women

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Katie, Jenny and Maria have all received Australian record certificates for the 4 x 800 relay. Well done! I have reproduced the certificates below.

Maria continued to show yesterday she is the best middle distance woman in the Veteran ranks by finishing first of the woman in the Pennington 800 - handicapped according to age group, so in theory the best middle distance runner wins. Kathy, Helen and Katie were next. GoGo Team Moore!

Of the men the first five were in exactly the same order as they were on Australia Day in the same event. Only this time, the first three across the line were much closer. And it was good to see Kevin coming back to form, finishing sixth. Kevin turns 60 in July, so watch out, he might be getting serious!

Thursday, 9 February 2006

Tonight's 800 handicap results

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Despite the apparent accuracy of the results, the actual times people ran are probably a second or two faster than indicated due to the delay when groups are told to "go"

Full Results
ACT Veterans 800 metre Pennington handicap
Thursday 9 February 2006

1 2082 Phil White M50 2:38.46 -23 2:15.46
2 2168 Mick Horan M45 2:38.60 -27 2:11.60
3 4728 John Morton M45 2:38.72 -27 2:11.72
4 4882 Colin Farlow M40 2:48.05 -32 2:16.05
5 1787 Geoff Sims M55 2:48.30 -20 2:28.30
6 2508 Kevin Chamberlain M55 2:50.07 -20 2:30.07
7 1993 Michael Leahey M50 2:52.67 -23 2:29.67
8 2294 Ken White M50 2:53.44 -23 2:30.44
9 3657 Maria O’Reilly W50 3:00.22 -10 2:50.22
10 2478 Craig Wisdom M45 3:05.24 -27 2:38.24
11 1044 Tony Booth M65 3:05.82 -9 2:56.82
12 3603 Kathy Sims W50 3:06.47 -10 2:56.47
13 4952 Dale Moore M40 3:07.84 -32 2:35.84
14 4961 Bryce Anderson M40 3:10.19 -32 2:38.19
15 2224 Neil Boden M55 3:10.64 -20 2:50.64
16 3911 John Kennedy M55 3:13.37 -20 2:53.37
17 4050 Mick Saunders M55 3:14.33 -20 2:54.33
18 2086 Jim White M55 3:15.41 -20 2:55.41
19 4440 Helen Larmour W45 3:16.54 -17 2:59.54
20 4263 Katie Forestier W40 3:18.68 -22 2:56.68
21 2525 Peter P Davies M55 3:26.59 -20 3:06.59
22 1465 Peter Trotter M70 3:35.85 -0 3:35.85
23 2196 Nigel Coldrick M45 3:36.98 -27 3:09.98
24 1001 Roger Abbott M65 3:39.39 -9 3:30.39
25 2405 Sue Bourke W45 3:54.00 -17 3:37.00
26 2762 Nick Blackaby M50 4:14.93 -23 3:51.93
27 2213 Jamie MacGregor M50 4:32.71 -23 4:09.71
28 2359 Carmen Carlon W50 6:20.50 -10 6:10.50

Let me be the first to congratulate Katie on her even splits. On my watch, lap one was run in 87 seconds, lap two in 87 seconds as well. Mission accomplished.

Conditions - very windy.

New Caffeine Research

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Why We Run New Caffeine Research

"Drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee decreases blood flow to the heart during exercise, researchers report, and the reduction may be most pronounced at high altitudes.

"While healthy people may tolerate the reduced blood flow fairly easily, it may be harmful to people with coronary artery disease."
... Read the full article here.

Yet another reason to cut down on the coffee.

That Reminds Me of a Joke...

Jean Paul Sartre is sitting at a French cafe, revising his draft of Being and Nothingness. He says to the waitress, "I'd like a cup of coffee, please, with no cream." The waitress replies, "I'm sorry, monsieur, but we're out of cream. How about with no milk?"

Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Summer Series #2 Results

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Some Team Moore runners ran at Eddison Park in the Summer Series on Tuesday. Here are their results. I didn't fancy tripping over tree-roots so I didn't go. I made hay while the sun didn't shine on the coolest morning we have had for a long time and ran for 95 minutes with the "Tuesday Group" instead.

Women 5.3k
14. Annette Sugden W40 23:18
16. Cathy Newman W40 23:33
27. Charmaine Knobel W50 26:02
29. Carolyne Kramar W40 26:12
38. Caroline Campbell W60 27:41
41. Margaret McSpadden W55 28:19
44. Ruth Baussmann W55 29:00
45. Prue Bradford W45 29:18

Men 5.3k
19. Richard Faulks M45 20:21
20. Roger Pilkington M45 21:07
36. David Webster M50 22:15
65. Geoff Barker M60 24:59

Then today phone calls meant I missed out on going to the BBQ Stakes (anyone would think I was still at work! I hinted that they had just caught me as I was leaving, but....) so I went for another long run, from home in South Holt, along the old Charnwood road, through Dunlop and to the far side of Fraser, and back. I haven't been along there since the marathon training days of fifteen years ago, before Dunlop was built and the dirt road extended much further, and it looks like I have re-discovered a good run.

So tomorrow maybe a 3000m race or a go at a good 10k time in the hour run, if the forecast is wrong again and it stays cool like it did today.

De-Lurking Day.

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Careful where you line up in the next fun run or you might be forced to start too fast!

De-Lurking Day.

Every 6 months we will celebrate De-Lurking day. The lurker is of course the frequent visitor to the blog who reads, enjoys, but never comments. Yet on this day I invite you to say hello. It is not only a liberating act but warms our collective souls to see who else is out there in the blogosphere. So where are you from? What do you do? How often do you visit? Any info will be devoured by Ewen, Griffin and myself.

Just say hello or make an observation, what is the best run you have had or which post have you enjoyed the most?

You can continue to lurk tomorrow.

Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Oh Boy! Buoyant Boden

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She's in! What more can I say! Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

Lauren last year

In the full team, lots of other good news. But where are the 10,000m men??

Commonwealth Games Melbourne AUS, March 2006
Australian Athletics Team

100m Ambrose Ezenwa (29, NSW); Patrick Johnson (33, ACT); Joshua Ross (25, NSW) 100m T12 Jonathan Bernard (19, QLD); Paul Harpur (26, QLD) [Harpur’s Guide: Mark Whitman (33, QLD)]
200m Daniel Batman (25, NSW); Johnson; Ezenwa 200m T46 Michael Armstrong (17, ACT); Heath Francis (24, ACT); Tim Matthews (31, VIC)
400m Clinton Hill (25, NSW); John Steffensen, 23, WA; Sean Wroe (20, VIC)
800m Nick Bromley (22, NSW)
1500m Mark Fountain (24, VIC); Craig Mottram (25, VIC); Jeremy Roff (22, NSW)
5000m Mottram, Louis Rowan (28, VIC)
10,000m nil
Marathon Andrew Letherby (32, VIC); Shane Nankervis (31, VIC); Scott Westcott (30, NSW)
110m Hurdles Kyle Vander-Kuyp (34, VIC); Greg Eyears (24, NSW)
400m Hurdles Brendan Cole (24, ACT); Tristan Thomas (19, TAS); Elliot Wood (22, NSW)
3000m Steeplechase Youcef Abdi (28, NSW); Martin Dent (27, ACT); Peter Nowill (26, VC)
20km Walk Luke Adams (29, NSW); Nathan Deakes (28, VIC); Jared Tallent (21, VIC)
50km Walk Duane Cousins (32, VIC); Deakes; Chris Erickson (24, VIC)
4x100m Relay Batman; Ezenwa; Johnson; Adam Miller (21, NSW); Ross; Matt Shirvington (27, NSW);
4x400m Relay Batman; Hill; Mark Ormrod (23, SA); Steffensen; Chris Troode (23, WA); Wroe
High Jump Kane Brigg (18, QLD); Nick Moroney (33, NSW)
Pole Vault Paul Burgess (26, WA); Steve Hooker (23, VIC); Dmitri Markov (31, SA)
Long Jump Fabrice Lapierre (22, NSW); Tim Parravcini (24, QLD); John Thornell (20, NSW)
Triple Jump Alwyn Jones (21, SA); Andrew Murphy (36, NSW); Michael Perry (28, NSW)
Shot Justin Anlezark (28, QLD); Clay Cross (28, NSW); Scott Martin (23, VIC)
Discus Martin; Benn Harradine (23, VIC); Aaron Neighbour (28, VIC) Discus Seated F55/56 Terry Giddy (55, NSW); Richard Nicholson (35, ACT); Bryan Stitfall (21, WA)
Hammer Stuart Rendell (33, ACT)
Javelin Jarrod Bannister (21, QLD); Oliver Dziubak (23, WA); William Hamlyn-Harris (28, NSW)
Decathlon Richard Allan (26, QLD); Jason Dudley (21, QLD); Matt McEwen (34, QLD)

100m Sally McLellan (19, QLD) 100m T38 Lisa McIntosh (23, VIC); Katherine Proudfoot (28, NSW); Katrina Webb (28, SA)
200m Melanie Kleeberg (24, QLD); Crystal Attenborough (22, NT); Lauren Hewitt (27, VIC)
400m Rosemary Hayward (25, NSW); Jaimee-Lee Hoebergen (17, NSW); Tamsyn Lewis (27, VIC);
800m Libby Allen (VIC, 25); Erica Sigmont (VIC, 23); Suzy Walsham (NSW, 32) 800m T54 Angie Ballard (23, NSW); Christie Dawes (25, NSW); Eliza Stankovic (24, VIC)
1500m Lisa Corrigan (21, NSW), Sarah Jamieson (30, VIC); Walsham
5000m Jamieson; Sonia O’Sullivan (36, VIC), Eloise Wellings (23, NSW)
10,000m Benita Johnson (26, VIC); Anna Thompson (29, VIC)
Marathon Kerryn McCann (38, NSW); Lauren Shelley (29, WA); Kate Smyth (33, VIC)
100m Hurdles Fiona Cullen (26, QLD); McLellan
400m Hurdles Lauren Boden (17, ACT); Sonia Brito (26, VIC); Jana Pittman (23, VIC)
3000m Steeplechase Donna MacFarlane (28, TAS); Victoria Mitchell (23, VIC); Melissa Rollison (22, QLD)
20km Walk Jane Saville (31, NSW); Natalie Saville (27, NSW); Cheryl Webb (29, NSW)
4x100m Relay Attenborough; Preya Carey (22, NSW); Cullen; Hewitt; Kleeberg; McLellan; Tania Van-Heer (35, SA)
4x400m Relay Brito; Hayward; Hoebergen; Lewis; Pittman; Caitlin Willis (23, QLD)
High Jump Claire Mallett (21, NSW); Ellen Pettitt (19, WA); Petrina Price (21, NSW)
Pole Vault Tatiana Grigorieva (30, QLD); Kym Howe (25, WA); Vicky Parnov (15, WA)
Long Jump Lisa Morrison (24, VIC); Kerrie Taurima (26, ACT); Bronwyn Thompson (28, QLD)
Triple Jump Jeanette Bowles (27, VIC)
Shot Dani Samuels (17, NSW) Shot Seated F54-58 Asti Poole (25, QLD)
Discus Monique Nacsa (29, QLD); Samuels Javelin Rosie Hooper (27, VIC); Kimberley Mickle (21, WA); Kathryn Mitchell (23, VIC)
Hammer Brooke Billett-Kruger (25, SA); Karyne Di Marco (28, NSW); Gabrielle Neighbour (22, VIC)
Heptathlon Jane Jamieson (30, NSW); Kylie Wheeler (26, WA)

Monday, 6 February 2006

Stars are peering

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last week’s target 80 km, achieved 82 km
this week’s target 90 km (with next Sunday off)
weight 67 kilos. I will record this as "weight lost" in future. 0.0 kilos
quote of the week “People never think how things affect the family of a henchman” Austin Powers

song of the week
Buddy Holly’s Oh Boy has a phrase like “stars appearing”. Or as my link to the lyrics on the internet has it, “Stars are peering”. Isn’t it interesting how everyone has their own version of popular song lyrics? This could open up an interesting topic. Isn’t it interesting too that my two favourite bands Coldplay & Switchfoot have songs that parallel that line and also each other. The songs are Stars by Switchfoot and Yellow by Coldplay. Stars by Switchfoot goes “When I look at the Stars – I see someone else”. What other songs "look at the stars?"?

Song of the WeekYellow by Coldplay
Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do Yeah, they were all yellow.
I came along, I wrote a song for you, And all the things you do, And it was called "Yellow."
So then I took my turn, Oh what a thing to have done, And it was all yellow.
Your skin, Oh yeah, your skin and bones, turned into something beautiful, You know You know I love you so, You know I love you so.
I swam across, I jumped across for you, Oh what a thing to do. ‘Cause you were all yellow,
I drew a line, I drew a line for you, Oh what a thing to do, And it was all yellow.
Your skin, Oh yeah your skin and bones, Turned into something beautiful, You know, For you I'd bleed myself dry, For you I'd bleed myself dry.
It's true, look how they shine for you, Look how they shine for you, Look how they shine for... Look how they shine for you, Look how they shine for you, Look how they shine...
Look at the stars; Look how they shine for you, And all the things that you do

Sunday, 5 February 2006

Jogalong Results

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And now it's back to the jogalong - a very large turn-out today, the full course including wood chips across a section which can be water-logged, and a relatively cool morning.

Not many Team Moore members run it these days but the few who do usually turn up each month.

Just back from holidays, Katie ran about 27:05, which would be her second best time on the full course; Helen 27:25 which is around about a pb, being equal to times she has run twice before; Charmaine a good 30:00 in her first run back after injury; Sarah 30:24 also equal pb, after a hard training session Saturday as well, and Caroline 33:31 having been put back too far as a result of winning silver last time.

It is good to catch up with other runners at the jogalong that we normally don't see elsewhere.

The page cannot be displayed
What is going on? For the last few days blogger has been telling me lies that my page is unavailable. Are other people getting this? I can still add posts and preview them and see that the new posts are there, but I cannot use the URL directly almost all of the time. Is Blogger doing overnight maintenance all the time? Unfortunately, their overnight is our daytime.

Saturday, 4 February 2006

Our Lauren at the Nationals

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Women 400 Metres Hurdles Open

In Jana's absence from the event, if Lauren were to run First or Second in the final, this should give Lauren a berth in the Commonwealth Games, as she ran a qualifier in the Telstra A Series meet in Canberra. Jana will be selected and probably two others.

Heat 1: 1, Sonia Brito, VIC, 58.14Q. 2, Lyndsay Pekin, WA, 60.66Q. 3, Rebecca O'Loughlin, VIC, 60.88Q. 4, Emily Allen, VIC, 61.43q. 5, Katherine Crerie, WA, 62.07q. 6, Sarah O'Connell, NZL, 68.79. 7, Rachel Pederson, NSW, 69.02.

Heat 2: 1, Lauren Boden, ACT, 59.84Q. 2, Lauren Jauncey, VIC, 62.06Q. 3, Tarin Nevin, NSW, 63.16Q. 4, Evie Maguire, VIC, 63.76. 5, Heather Ridley, VIC, 66.38. 6, Louise Aylwin, NSW, 66.71.

STOP PRESS! Lauren second!

Final 1, Sonia Brito, VIC, 56.94, CGB. 2, Lauren Boden, ACT, 58.81. 3, Lyndsay Pekin, WA, 60.26. 4, Emily Allen, VIC, 60.36. 5, Katherine Crerie, WA, 60.83. 6, Rebecca O'Loughlin, VIC, 61.15. 7, Tarin Nevin, NSW, 62.98. 8, Lauren Jauncey, VIC, 1:26.5

Team Moore Thursday Track results

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Geoff Sims 13.2
Vicki Matthews 14.5
Jill Brown 16.6

Colin Farlow 57.3
Richard Faulks 60.3
Ken White 63.0
Geoff Sims 60.1
Geoff Barker 93.3
Tony Booth 74.1
Vicki Matthews 71.8
Jill Brown 78.1

High Jump
Roger Pilkington 1.30
Ewen Thompson 1.25

Long Jump
Vicki Matthews 3.70

Gary Bowen 12:28
Ken Eynon 14:11
John Alcock 13:51
Geoff Barker 14:29

Gary Bowen 5:32.2
Roger Pilkington 5:57.1
Ewen Thompson 6:14.3
Kevin Chamberlain 5:12.7
Geoff Moore 5:41.2
Ken Eynon 6:36.3
Kathy Sims 6:00.6

Medley Relay
(Don Smith)
(John Morton)
(Jayne Hardy)
Vicki Matthews 4:33.6

(Robert Gerrard)
(Craig Edwards)
Gary Bowen
Ken White 4:54.9

Friday, 3 February 2006

Running School Help

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Running School Turns OneSince turning one, this blog has undergone a few modifications because after all, in the world of blogging, form is more important than function.
Job Complete
My blog review is done.

Navigation Guide.

At the end of each post is a line like
# posted by [contributor] time-stamp comment-field envelope-icon

1. The “#” at the start of the line is the permanent link (“permalink”) field.
Permalinks are unique, permanent links that identify each post in a weblog. They enable you to easily create a link to the post from anywhere else, such as another blog, web page, or email for example.
To create a link to the post, you just right-click on the # and (in Internet Explorer) choose the "Copy Shortcut" option. That copies that entry's URL to your clipboard, and you can paste it into the document where you want to use it.
If you don’t want to muck around with links (although they are very easy to use once you are used to them) you could use the email option. This is accessed via the envelope icon at the end of the "posted by" line. Clicking on it creates an email message containing the post’s (current) contents, rather than a link to the post itself.
However I recommend you use links! Why? Because that gives me more traffic into the blog. Which is a good thing all round. So please try it.
2. I have changed comment handling. Comments now appear in-line for viewing instead of on a separate page. I think that's much better, don't you? It is only when you decide to add a comment do you go to a separate page.
3. You may have noticed I have changed the appearance of the “archive posts” list in the side-bar. Have you also noticed what happens to the previous post list when you view a previous post? It automatically changes so that it lists the posts immediately prior to the one you are viewing.
And I have added a link “back to main page” at the top of the side-bar, which appears only when you are viewing a month of archived posts or an individual previous post. Useful too for when someone comes in to the post from the outside via its permalink; they can then navigate to the whole blog.
Blog Help

I wanted to have a "blog help" feature, maybe some pop-up text, but decided simply to link to this post from the side-bar. So I will do that next. And maybe, make some more small refinements as time goes on. But for now, it's done.

So there we have it. Welcome to my second year of blogging. The best is yet to come!

Thursday, 2 February 2006

Australia Day Vets 800 results

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ACT Veterans 800 metre handicap

Full results
1 Phil White M50 2:44.2 -32 2:12.2
2 Mick Horan M45 2:47.2 -36 2:11.2
3 John Morton M45 2:48.8 -36 2:12.8
4 Colin Farlow M40 2:50.8 -41 2:09.8
5 Geoff Sims M55 2:55.8 -29 2:26.8
6 Adrian Sheppard M35 2:58.2 -49 2:09.2
7 Ken White M50 2:59.0 -32 2:27.0
8 Kathy Sims W50 3:08.1 -19 2:49.1
9 Tony Booth M65 3:09.9 -18 2:51.9
10 Don Smith M40 3:11.3 -41 2:30.3
11 Carinna Tong W35 3:17.4 -37 2:40.4
12 Mick Saunders M55 3:18.1 -29 2:49.1
13 Jim White M55 3:21.1 -29 2:52.1

Australia Day Fun Run results

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8k Fun Run
21 Bob Harlow 32:47
23 Geoff Moore 32:54
52 Charlie McCormack 35:39
78 Thea Zimpel 38:10
96 Carolyne Kramar 39:01
110 Peter Hogan 40:00

There were 266 finishers.

Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Summer Series Race 1

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Hot Field For First 5k

Oh joy! The summer series is so hot. The first race was a cross country over 5k (and a bit) at Weston Park. The first km was crowded and so were the others. Our new starter Erin had her first Canberra race. And our return starter Annette did well despite her hard training session Monday night. We hope to see David again soon, he shouldn't be finishing behind me. And even very very good senior men were beaten by a 15 year old girl - see the full results on the ACTCCC website.

Team Moore results
14. Annette Sugden W40 23:10
16. Cathy Newman W40 24:25
25. Carolyne Kramar W40 26:14
28. Margaret McSpadden W55 27:32
33. Caroline Campbell W60 28:08
40. Ruth Baussmann W55 30:03
41. Erin Dockery W30 30:09

38. Geoff Moore M55 21:40
47. Bob Harlow M55 22:24
48. David Webster M50 22:28
55. Roger Pilkington M45 23:16
70. Mick Charlton M50 25:00
79. Ken Eynon M55 27:24

CJ Tagged Me!!

Hmmm. Better do what she asks.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? – Golly, the same as I am now and working as well. And Jenny was still working as a teacher. We had a teenager still at home, the other two children married and no grandchildren! I was three years into a major form slump that I’m only just crawling out of. We bought a brand new Commodore. And experienced a train trip to Adelaide via Melbourne.

2. Five snacks I enjoy – Frozen So Good; Lemon Sago; Peanut Butter and Honey on Fresh Wholemeal Bread; Vegemite on Fresh Wholemeal Bread Crust; Peanuts preferably Salted. And do I ever enjoy them!

3. Five songs I know all the words to
How Great Thou Art;
Walk On (U2);
Green Eyes (Coldplay);
Higher (Creed);
Oh Boy (Buddy Holly)

4. Five things I'd do as a millionaire – renovate, travel, set up the kids, find a worthy cause to support, invest.

5. Five things I like doing – listening to music, running, hanging out with family, hanging out with friends, hanging out with God.

6. Five favorite toys – this blog, my PC, rubics cube and the like, sudoku, the Canberra Times English cryptic crossword. (not really toys but that's about it!)

And I’m tagging … anyone in Team G who hasn't been tagged yet!
Namely - allrounder, Nick B, Nottslad, R2B, and Tuggeranong Don.

Of the two other Team G members, Lulu has been tagged before, and of course CJ was the one who tagged me.