Thursday, 26 January 2006

Sample Training Session #5 - Aerobic Intervals

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, January 26, 2006 with 7 comments

Like A Rock

When I was talking to Charlie at the Australia Day Fun Run today, about triathlons, this is how she described her swimming prowess in comparison with her cycling and running.

Like a Champion

Lauren ran a new 400m hurdles pb again today, and qualified for the first time for the Commonwealth Games. Now for the Nationals!

#5 Aerobic Intervals

Last year we devised a session at North Lyneham of 12 x 80 seconds hard, 160 seconds jog back. With an added challenge – jogging back over a hill. This forces you to keep at a reasonable effort on the recovery jog, instead of stopping to a halt.

These kind of sessions feature lots of intervals and have a longish recovery period, e.g. twice the time of the effort. They are a relatively painless way of quickly improving form and are probably the most common kind of interval training sessions.

Happy with 3000m

I am happy with my 3000m time at present, having taken another 15 seconds off my season's best last night to record 11:24. Note to you fast starters: my km splits were 3:48, 3:48, and 3:48.

So I only have to improve 14 more seconds to arrive at my publicly announced 2006 target of 11:10. This is almost as good as last week's 1500 in 5:23, where I was only 3 seconds outside this year's goal.

And it is still January!

Helen terrific

Brilliant Team Moore effort from Helen last night, when she ran 2:57 for the 800m in the relay; her first ever time under 3 minutes, a five second pb.

Happy Australia Day

Today I ran in the Australia Day Fun Run – 8k in just under 33 mins. Here I tried the totally different tactic of buzzing around Bob (FlashDrake) for the first few kms trying to upset his rhythm and concentration. It didn’t work of course; Bob is one of these steady runners who is unfazed by such tactics and can best be beaten by hanging on and sprinting at the end.

See; steady running is best if you can concentrate and not get distracted by what others are doing.


  1. Congratulations on your Australia Day run Geoff. The 8 am start coupled with the 8 km distance acted as good incentives for me to sleep in.

  2. You go allright Geoff!
    I think iv'e got my work cut out for me to catchup to you on the track.Next race 1 mile target 5:20.

  3. Great run speedygeoff - well done! Sounds like it was lots of fun and lots of familiar faces there.

  4. I am so pleased you have had this week's sleep-in already KD. You won't need one Saturday then.

    r2b, if I were to run a mile in 5:20 I would be in party mode for the next month!

  5. I good lesson in concentration by FD. By the way, I not only swim like a rock, I run like a rock (covered in very long moss).

  6. Apparently I did annoy Mr FD but he acted like a very cool runner and hardly showed it.

    Mr FD was probably only ten seconds (and two places) in front of me at the end - he felt compelled to outsprint the third woman - and I had let him get too far away in the second half of the run to catch him, although I was making up ground rapidly.

    BTW there was also a Vets 800 (Higgins style) handicap at the track yesterday; a very convincing win for Phil White. A shock result for second, with Mick Horan outkicking John Morton; Colin back in fourth running a consistent 2:10. Kathy first woman in a fast time. If I ever find results, I will publish them.

    BBTW I saw a person who looked suspiciously like a wombat pushing sand all day. I thought he may have been hovering around near the cameras for when the press rushed on to interview Jana before rushing off again.

  7. Yes, that was a wombat - he was digging a wombat hole. He did manage to get on the tele right at the beginning behind the SBS presenter.

    He wanted to get in the background of the Lauren Boden interview when they asked her about the Commonwealth Games but it was too crowded.