Saturday, 31 January 2015

More PBs for Julia

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There is an interesting set of times from the Gungahlin Parkrun this morning:

Julia's 5k PB was by 54 seconds; this follows a 36 second PB for 3k on Thursday night. The training is working!

Another performance of note this morning: at the Tuggeranong Parkrun, W65 Sue Archer ran a new PB of 22.29. I wonder if Ruth is still keen to enter the W65s soon?

Full speedygeese results will appear on this blog on Tuesday as usual.

31 January

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#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 31
Aerobic 20 minutes
Done! An easy 5k was my run today.

Friday, 30 January 2015

28, 29 & 30 January

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28 January
I decided on a rest day - I hadn't had one for a while.

29 January
#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 29: Aerobic 20 minutes
I ran a 10k, actually. 45:58. Splits:
2ks were 9:10, 9:16, 9:11, 9:14, 9:07
5ks were 22:59, 22:59.

30 January
#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 28: 2x{Plank 2 minutes, Crunches x 10, Leg Extensions x 10}, Superman x 10, Pushups x 25
Earlier in the day I did a circuit class; just for interest the intense part of the class was 3 x {1 minute each of sprints; plank; squats with weights; punches with weights; burpees; pushups, stepping; TrX} and after the circuit class, a 10k run along Ginninderra Creek. A good recovery after the previous night's 10k.

I will be doing day 31 of the challenge on 1 February and then that's it.

Where we went part 20a - Aberdeen, 2 June

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We disembarked at Aberdeen, our penultimate port

Hopped on a coach to drive through the city

On our way to Crathes Castle for the morning (to be continued...)

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Announcing the February Challenge

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MY challenge in February will be - no alcohol for a month.

There is no spreadsheet for this one.

All the same, in February I will have my own detailed training program to follow; there will be more aerobic work and speed-endurance intervals and races/time trials; more gym sessions and core exercises and strength work. I am sure you will all continue your core work, strength work, and aerobic sessions. Join me if you wish for the February challenge. Don’t be dismayed if "no alcohol" is not your plan! You could always give up coffee instead. I can’t give up coffee: I don’t drink coffee any more. The last time I drank a cup of coffee was 6 months ago: 3rd August 2014. Big mistake then; haven’t done it since. I highly recommend "no coffee" as a lifestyle. So you could decide something equally important to you and see how it goes. "No chocolate"? Whatever.

Or you could give up watching the news. This would be good for your mental health.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Official opening of Mt Kosciomlo

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The Stromlo cross country circuit now takes in Mt Kosciomlo, as named by Ewen, as his selfie shows; see the cones leading to the new peak. Our 5k times will never be the same again. You may join us for training there this Sunday, if you can, for 200m intervals taking in the hill!!
[Edit: Oops! It is closed for "another two or three weeks"!]

Meanwhile last Sunday it was just me running 10 x 400m intervals around the 1k and 2k circuits there. A few people were away for the long weekend. Must say it was my best interval session this year so far.

Australia Day on Monday meant fewer runners again, and because of events around Parliament House we departed from our usual pattern and met at Yarralumla Dog Park where I had the group run about six 400m intervals, with handicap starts, up on the CSIRO cricket/footy oval. Thommo, Julia and I ran 8.4k early; then joining us for the intervals were Andy, Azrianne, Dan, Ewen, Garry, Jen and Warrick.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

27 January

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#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 27
Aerobic 20 minutes
Done! jogged to the gym and back (4k)
plus one hour of circuit training while there
plus whatever intervals I do later in the day.

Recent Races/Major Events coming up

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Race results speedygeese:
Monday 19 January ACTVAC Track
M55 David Clarke 13:01.26 67.7%
M55 Roger Pilkington 13:23.14 65.8
W60 Kathy Sims 13:24.08 87.7
W30 Thea Zimpel 14:55.11 56.2
W70 Caroline Campbell 15:57.76 85.3

M55 David Clarke 5:34.59 75.9%

Spiral 4
3 David Clarke M55 6:19
12 Ruth Baussmann W60 8:19
15 finishers

Tuesday 20 January AMRA Black Mountain Run-Up 2.6k
37 Peter Thomson 19.14
40 Bron Sparkes 20.46
44 Caroline Campbell 24.23
45 finishers.

Friday 23 January Customs 5k
Peter Thomson 22:55
Bill Arthur 28:28
Caroline Campbell 33:07

Saturday 24 January Orroral 20k women
3 Jen Bright 39 1.39.06
11 Catherine Montalto 62 2.09.22
Orroral 10k men
5 Clint Zirk 33 58.47

Saturday 24 January 5k Ginninderra Parkrun #144
72 Helen Northey 25:44 W35 New PB!
111 Thea Zimpel 28:28 W30
236 finishers

Saturday 24 January 5k Tuggeranong Parkrun #101
18 David Clarke 20:11 M55
29 Peter Thomson 21:09 M50
63 Ewen Thompson 23:47 M55
324 finishers

Saturday 24 January 5k Gungahlin Parkrun #67
28 Geoff Moore 23:11 M65
89 Margaret McSpadden 31:01 W65
187 finishers

Margaret McSpadden W65 recent interstate parkruns
Fingal Bay parkrun 20/12/2014 30:06
Tamworth parkrun 17/01/2015 29:26

Julia Anderson W40 recent interstate parkruns
Blackbutt parkrun 17/01/2015 27:31
Penrith Lakes parkrun 24/01/2015 23:24

Sunday 25 January ACTVAC 6k handicap Campbell Park
6 Amanda Ruffin W55 32:00 69.4%
15 Nadine Morrison W45 31:29 62.5
19 Peter Thomson M50 27:38 69.1
26 Mick Charlton M60 34:45 59.2
28 Mick Horan M55 30:18 63.5
33 Andrew Matthews M55 31:44 60.6
40 David Clarke M55 26:54 72.2
42 Rae Palmer W65 37:13 69.2
48 Marilyn Banfield W65 40:49 61.3
76 Ruth Baussmann W60 39:08 63.1
78 Caroline Campbell W70 41:18 67.9
82 Roger Pilkington M55 33:44 57.6
85 finishers

Sunday 25 January ACTVAC 3k handicap Campbell Park
5 Jill Pearson W55 16:13 67.2%
39 finishers

I set off in the Gungahlin parkrun

Margaret looks like she is enjoying the Gungahlin parkrun

Major events: I have added a new tab to the top of this blog, where I link to major local events, such as the Weston Creek Half Marathon, the Relay For Life, and more.

Monday, 26 January 2015

26 January

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#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 26
2x{Plank 2 minutes, Crunches x 10, Leg Extensions x 10}
Superman x 10
Chinups x 10 will do tomorrow.

And training at the Dog Park will do this afternoon!

Happy 40th Birthday Triple J

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Song of the week: "Sultans of Swing", by Dire Straits


I plan to be listening to Triple J, from midday or so, to see if there are any good songs amongst their top 100 that I haven’t come across before! If past experience is anything to go by, there may be one. Just one.

But good on Triple J for bringing Dire Straits to the attention of the world, via this song.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

25 January. Ups and downs.

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#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 25
Aerobic 20 minutes
Balance practice

Ran 10 x 400m at Stromlo in the morning, plus a little extra. A good session. Varying the start points made for maximum variety and undulations!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

24 January

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#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 23
2 x {Plank 2 minutes, Crunches x 10, Leg Extensions x 10}
Superman x 10
Dips x 25

Also attempted a 5,000m run in the morning. Not smiling in the last kilometre, wasn't smiling in the first either.

Where we went part 19. On the sea between Inverewe and Aberdeen, 1 June

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The longest leg of the 11 day cruise took us overnight (mostly light) around the top of Scotland. The sea was totally calm.

Jenny and I visited the Bridge to meet the captain and the crew.

Jenny getting a view of the north-west Scottish mainland from the front of the ship

Our resident bird expert pointing out the sea and air life visible that evening.

Before we turned south: a lighthouse near the North-Easterly point on the British mainland. I took the photo at 9:11pm. We couldn't stop there of course; we had to get to Aberdeen by morning!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Where we went part 18: Inverewe 1 June

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Loch Ewe Inverewe Gardens. This was our first time on the Scottish mainland. We cruised past the Isle of Skye and The Minch and dropped anchor for another zodiac ride, this time to Inverewe. Set on the coast among the north-west Scottish Highlands, these gardens cover 49 acres, and are sheltered by windbreaks of native pine. I took well over 100 photographs, this is but a small selection.

23 January

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#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 24
Aerobic 20 minutes
Another shady grassy run, although it did get a little warm towards the end.

The temperature reached 25 degrees towards the end of the run; that's about my limit, shady or no.

I have decided on my February challenge. It's the one where you stay alcohol free for a whole month. Too easy! But I will still be doing core work and strength work and plenty of running.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

22 January

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#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 22
Aerobic 20 minutes
Golf course run at 6:30pm


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Disclaimer: I did not write this, I sourced it from elsewhere.
But I had "Clancy of the Overflow" on my "To Parody" list.
It's now crossed off.

I had written him a text
Which I'd sent, hoping the next
Time he came in mobile coverage
He'd have time to say hello.
But I'd heard he'd lost his iPhone,
So I emailed him from my phone,
Just addressed, on spec, as follows:

And the answer redirected
Wasn't quite what I'd expected
And it wasn't from the shearing mate
Who'd answered once before.
His ISP provider wrote it
And verbatim I will quote it:
'This account has been suspended:
You won't hear from him no more.'

In my wild erratic fancy
Visions come to me of Clancy:
Out of reach of mobile coverage
Where the Western rivers flow.
Instead of tapping on the small screen,
He'd be camping by the tall green
River gums a pleasure
That the town folk never know.

Well, the bush has friends to meet him
But the rest of us can't greet him:
Out there, even Telstra's network
Doesn't give you any bars.
He can't blog the vision splendid
Of the sunlit plains extended
Or tweet the wondrous glory
Of the everlasting stars.

I am sitting at the keyboard
And I'm too stressed out to be bored
As I answer all the emails
By the deadlines they contain
While my screen fills with promotions
For 'V1aggra' and strange potions
And announcements of the million-dollar
Prizes I can claim.

But the looming deadlines haunt me
And their harrying senders taunt me
That they need response this evening
For tomorrow is too late!
But their texts, too quickly ended,
Often can't be comprehended
For their writers have no time to think
They have no time to wait.

And I sometimes rather fancy
That I'd like to trade with Clancy:
Just set up an email bouncer
Saying 'Sorry, had to go.'
While he faced in an inbox jamming
Up with deadlines and with spamming
As he signed off every message:

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

21 January

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First a 5k run, then
#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 21
2x {Plank 90 seconds, Crunches x 10, Leg Extensions x 10}
Superman x 10
Pushups x 20
I will be swapping Friday and Saturday's challenge this week.

Bronwyn collides with kangaroo. Only in Canberra!

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We often hear of or see members of the speedygeese take a fall when out training. Bronwyn now has bragging rights for the most spectacular fall of all, which makes our efforts so far pale into insignificance. And it's all on video.  How many people who are cycling near Parliament House collide with a kangaroo? Kangaroos can do a lot of damage to a car, let's hope Bronwyn will recover quickly. Her 8 stitches around a knee are due to be removed in another week or so.

Will the video go "viral"?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

20 January

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#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 20
Aerobic 20 minutes
Done, an easy run after an hour at the gym, circuit class
And, interval training still to come today.