Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Official opening of Mt Kosciomlo

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 with 1 comment

The Stromlo cross country circuit now takes in Mt Kosciomlo, as named by Ewen, as his selfie shows; see the cones leading to the new peak. Our 5k times will never be the same again. You may join us for training there this Sunday, if you can, for 200m intervals taking in the hill!!
[Edit: Oops! It is closed for "another two or three weeks"!]

Meanwhile last Sunday it was just me running 10 x 400m intervals around the 1k and 2k circuits there. A few people were away for the long weekend. Must say it was my best interval session this year so far.

Australia Day on Monday meant fewer runners again, and because of events around Parliament House we departed from our usual pattern and met at Yarralumla Dog Park where I had the group run about six 400m intervals, with handicap starts, up on the CSIRO cricket/footy oval. Thommo, Julia and I ran 8.4k early; then joining us for the intervals were Andy, Azrianne, Dan, Ewen, Garry, Jen and Warrick.

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  1. If I run 200 down from the summit of Kosciomlo I may (just) be able to match Jen's uphill 200m speed at Reconciliation Place. Yes!