Monday, 30 September 2013


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Song of the week: Boy and Bear - Three Headed Woman

Sunday, 29 September 2013

to fb or not to fb, that is the question.

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A good week, didn't run much but I am "tapering", if you can call it that considering how little I am already doing. Life consists of balancing the niggles with the work-outs. And fitting in social media time.

If you're not my FB friend yet, why not???

Saturday, 28 September 2013

The insanity of your training

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"...Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results..."

Challenging you to examine your training to see if there is a missing component. Full article at

Friday, 27 September 2013

Quest For Gold

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Coming up is our trip to Geelong for the Australian Masters Games. We are staying at the Geelong Conference Centre, which is in Eastern Park where the Cross Country is being held, and just a stone's throw from the Track and the Half Marathon venue. These Masters Games are conducted every two years, and in recent times have been in Adelaide or Geelong. I have attended quite a few AMGs as I like both cities, and last time, Adelaide, I managed the "full set" of medals, one gold (half marathon), one silver (5000m track), and one bronze (8k cross country). Previously in Geelong I managed two silvers, in a quick 8k Cross Country, and a 20:01 (rounded up I am sure) 5000m track. I didn't run the Half that year. Never having competed in the M65 age group before, I am hoping for even better results this time, as the rest of the competition has fallen away somewhat. Unluckily my times have fallen away as well. But three golds is not impossible, although I will be rapt to bring back just one medal.

Here is the program, with the track race first for a change.
11:00am Tuesday 8 Oct 5000m track M55, M60, M65, M70, M75
8:00am Thursday 10 Oct 8k Cross Country (one combined race)
8:00am 7:30am Saturday 12 Oct Half Marathon (ditto) + last minute change of venue?

I am packing three pairs of racing shoes, one pair for each event. And some spares. It is a good thing we are going by car!

Where we are staying, the Geelong Conference Centre

The Half Marathon course.[Edit: Or nearby as it looks like a last minute change?]

The track, too, is shown near "START".

Then on Sunday 13 Oct I hope to watch the Melbourne Marathon/Half Marathon, on St Kilda Rd, right at the 5k/32k mark of the marathon, with camera in hand. Runners, watch out for me there, it will be difficult for me to see everyone in the crowd!

Sunday's Melbourne Marathon starts at 7:00am and the Half Marathon soon after at 8:00am. I hope to be there early enough to watch the marathoners come through! Then a bit of a wait while I go for a run, then there will be marathoners and half marathoners in all directions.

All is now ready. Let's GO!

Thursday, 26 September 2013


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We have launched the new Saturday morning running group - the speedyducks. We have nuked the old Metro Runners group and the ducks have grown from the ashes. The new group is for beginners, and when I am there I will always tag along and encourage them, going for a longer run before and/or afterwards.

Details: Acton Ferry Terminal, 9:00am every Saturday morning.

Admittedly I am away both 5 October and 12 October but I am hoping the group will still meet then. I have made the Facebook group an open group so if you know anyone who might be interested, but is rather deterred from joining the speedygeese because of our alleged speed, point them at the FB page and tell them they are welcome to join.

By the way, the speedygeese facebook page can be found at I like the fact that we can give names, not just numbers, to groups on Facebook now.

The name "speedyducks" was inspired by the big Floriade duck, which we visited last Saturday on our detour through the Floriade flower gardens.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Short Circuit

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Saturday 21 September Acton Ferry Terminal Caleb, Elspeth, Daisy, me. We are the speedyducks!
Sunday 22 September Stromlo Forest Park (7:00am) Kym, me, then Lucia, Andrew, running 6 x 500m loop. We are of course still the speedygeese!
Monday 23 September Parliament House. We started our spring chin-up challenge. I managed three, quite a surprise. Ewen and I ran early, then for the main session a short 400m circuit including steepest west side hill each lap. We had Cookie, Andrew, Andy, Bronwyn, Caroline, Craig, Kym, Rae, Ruth, Stewart, Tori & Warrick running for 30 minutes on the circuit, alternating fast and slow laps. The steep uphill towards the end of the circuit meant you couldn't really "jog" that bit.

Some of my solo training trains in the last week
See where I run: 11k 18 September

See where I run: 10k 24 September

See where I don't run

Magpies are particularly aggro this year. I have been swooped three times so far. That's three times more than the whole of last spring.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

It's another record for the pupil

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Speedygeese race results
Wednesday 4 September BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap
Times not recorded; Kerrie Tanner, Helen Larmour, Caroline Campbell ran
59 finishers

Wednesday 11 September BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap
Times not recorded; Jennifer Bright, Kerrie Tanner, Caroline Campbell ran
60 finishers

Wednesday 18 September BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap
25. Caroline Campbell 37:09
29. Jennifer Bright 26:26
40. Kerrie Tanner 52:56
55 finishers

Friday 20 September Customs 5k Handicap
Peter Burke 20:37
Geoff Moore 23:12
Bronwyn Calver 23:54
Caroline Campbell 30:40

Saturday 21 September Ginninderra Parkrun #74
54 Jill PEARSON 26:12 W55
81 Margaret MCSPADDEN 28:46 W65
139 finishers

Saturday 21 September Tuggeranong Parkrun #31
134 finishers

Saturday 21 September Centenary 100k
15th – Craig Davis 2:28.08 for leg #4
46th – Cathy Montalto 2:47.34 for leg #1
53rd – Jen Bright 2:29.15 for leg #3
The placings are for teams + individuals combined.

Sunday 22 September Sydney Half Marathon
Ewen Thompson 1:52.27

Way back when:
I coached Kevin Chamberlain to quite a few M50 and M55 ACT records, mainly over 800m and 1500m,  It was a very rare occasion when I beat him in a race over those distances

From March 2003 Vetrunner - 
"It's another record for the pupil".
Above left, is the teacher, Geoff Moore, leading by example in a heat of the 800m at the track. Behind Geoff is Kevin Chamberlain, also in Geoff's training group. [In fact it was a 1500m]
For interest, in the 1500m I ran 5:10.0 that day, and Kevin 5:10.3.

"Above right, is Geoff's pupil, Maureen Rossiter, who has been doing a fair bit of strengthening work with Geoff.
"She has also been with Roger Stewart in his sprint training classes which has improved her performances so well that she has broken W50 records in both the 400 and 800m."

The headline about records referred to Maureen. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Bad habit

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Song of the Week - Bad Habit, by Foals.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Birth Day

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Happy Birthday to
 Bronwyn Calver
 Caleb Liaw
 Neil Boden and
 Brad Osborn!
All on the one day!

It is also the birth day of the new Saturday morning running group. Formerly Metro runners, that name no longer applies so today I launch the speedyducks.

Reinventing the Fun Run.
As described yesterday, we toured Floriade on our latest run. Pictured are Qiuqi Dai (Daisy) and Elspeth Richardson, with the Floriade duck looking on admiringly.

If you feel the Floriade ducks are the team for you, you are welcome to join us, 9:00am at the Acton Ferry Terminal Saturday mornings.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

excellent day for a run

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Although only a short run this morning, Caleb, Elspeth, Daisy and I kept bumping into people I knew so it took a good while! At the start, Lucia and Andrew were just finishing their run, then I had a chat with Liz ditto. Then Warrick was coming the other way as we were admiring the finishing chute for today's 100k Canberra Centenary race straight up the steepest side of Regatta point (since the 100k started this morning we doubted that we would see any finishers); Justine coming through fast in the other direction; Scott and Adele walking up to the Alzheimer Fun Run, Susan there warming up, and more I cannot remember. A highlight of our run was going through Floriade where we kept stopping for large rubber ducks, organ music, chickens, dogs, and of course flowers. But the big highlight was coming out of Aspen Island where we met two ‎Carillonneurs heading up towards their Carillon with music in hand, and we stopped and chatted to them about their music and the nature of a Carillon. all in all a lovely spring morning in Canberra and thousands of people out enjoying our lakeside.

Aspen Island and the Carillon

Friday, 20 September 2013

wind chill factor

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Brrrr it is one of those cold mornings again.

Coming events, longer term
12 October Fitzroy Falls Fire Trail Marathon
12 October Mt Majura Vineyard One Peak & Two Peaks
*19 October YCRC Mulligans Goorooyaroo Half Marathon
*26 October Run Y'ass Off Half Marathon
*Spring Series starts 5 November 2013, first event Stirling Ridge 5k
10 November Deep Space Marathon
15 December Tour de Ridges
*12 January AMA Half Marathon Bendigo
Women and Girls Fun Run 6 April 2014
Australian Running Festival 12–13 April 2014
*YMCA Half Marathon 18 May 2014

*= The ones I plan to run, if fit and well

Never fear, warm weather coming, means we we will be able to increase our training.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

invisible substance

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Democracy? Apparently the majority are always right. With our "new" government busy dismantling sensible environmental policy, I was going to write something about great moral, economic and social challenges, but I shall resist that temptation and stop right here. I guess along with CO2, "fitness" could be described as an invisible substance; most people inaction would tell us so. After all, it is "my right" to believe whatever I want to, truth doesn't come into it any more. With science no longer favoured, maybe sport can save us. Sorry about this incoherent rant, but it is all too depressing this morning to think straight. Arrrrgh. The majority is NOT always right. Maybe the following states it clearer.

Footnote - they have abolished the climate commission. I am speechless.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

stepping up the pace

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Last seven days training sessions:
On Thursday 12 September at Kaleen, Margaret, Colin, Rod, Kathy, Ruth and I ran 3 x 1km. This is our final Kaleen session, the ovals are scheduled for maintenance and Vets track starts on Thursday 10 October.

Saturday 14 September at Acton Ferry Terminal Elspeth, Daisy and I ran a few km before I headed off to watch the grandson's footy final grand at Ainslie, which his team won.

On Sunday 15 September at Stromlo Forest Park, we ran 4 x 1km. Attending were Stewart, Jason, Andrew, Joel, Lucia, Kym and me.
My km times, the slowest of the group I might add, were 4:27, 4:18, 4:18, 4:14. This compares rather favourably with the times two weeks earlier: on 01 September I managed 4:28, 4:34, 4:41, and 4:36. Training in the last two weeks has included sessions of 20 minute step climbs on the machine at the gym, which I am certain has made a huge difference to my fitness and strength; I am amazed nobody else at the gym uses this machine, but that suits me just fine.

From next Sunday, 22 September and on, we will be meeting there an hour earlier, 7:00am. If that is too early for you, you could arrive later as the first 30 minutes is our warm-up.

On Monday 16 September it was back to Parliament House, despite unbroken rain which necessitated two changes of clothes for Jen and I who ran early. The main group consisting of Peter, Jen, Craig and Ruth ran east side 200m (up-slope) x 12, jogging back, in the wet, and I ran some of them too. Assuming drier conditions next week, we will head back to the hills.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Just a theory

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Speedygeese results
Sunday 1 September Dubbo Stampede “Zebra Zoom” Half Marathon
57. Kym Chisholm 1:39.15
76. Liz Bennett 1:42.43 first W50

Friday 13 September Customs 5k Handicap
Peter Burke 20:22
Bronwyn Calver 23:19
Caroline Campbell 30:48

Saturday 14 September Ginninderra 5k Parkrun #73
53 Thea ZIMPEL 25:28 W3
82 Ruth BAUSSMANN 28:45 W60
87 Margaret MCSPADDEN 29:43 W65
107 finishers

Saturday 14 September Tuggeranong 5k Parkrun #30
118 finishers

I am hoping to get to Customs this week; last week I felt "under the weather" and didn't go.

Speaking of the weather...
No science portfolio in the new government's ministry? Can't be having those nasty scientists telling us what we don't want to hear?

Monday, 16 September 2013


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Song of the week. Arcade Fire – Reflektor.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

This week's top story

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This week's top story would have to be about my grandson Josiah, whose team won the U14 Grand Final! Go Tiges!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

wanted - nice long steady grassy downhill to train on.

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I am quite keen to try some downhill training this year. The following is a really interesting article which has whetted my appetite.

"Damaging muscle fibers with eccentric contractions makes them heal back stronger, protecting them from future damage. A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology in 1985 found that just a single 30-minute run downhill at 10 percent grade had a prophylactic effect on muscle damage and soreness for up to six weeks. Therefore, while you can expect your muscles to be sore after the first time running downhill, subsequent downhill workouts will cause less soreness. Add downhills to your training a little at a time. Start with a short, gradual slope of about two to three percent grade, and progress to steeper and longer descents".

Read on at

If downhill running isn't your thing, you could try walking 5k every day.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Three events I am particularly interested in.

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1. The YCRC Goorooyaroo Off Road Half Marathon – 7am Sat 19th October. I ran this last year and that was the start of my serious setbacks and injuries. My time was shocking. I want to "exorcise my demons" as they say; I am sure "they" don't realise what they are saying; and demolish the time I ran last year. I hope Craig, Warrick and others who ran last year will run again so that I can set my pace accordingly. [Edit: This is not correct, I have totally mis-remembered. Instead it was the Bush Capital Half at the same venue in 2012 where I got injured running 2:05. The YCRC event in 2012 was a reasonable run, 1:41.]

2. RUN Y'ASS OFF Saturday October 26 2013. A brand new event I really want to run and support. I will run the half marathon. There are other shorter events.

3. YCRC Spring Series 2013. The spring series 2013 will get under way with a run at 6.15pm on Tuesday 5th November (Melbourne Cup Day); the first event will not be in Weston Park as advertised due to uncompleted construction work. It will be the Stirling Ridge 5k and start near the intersection of Alexandrina Drive and Hopetoun Circuit, Yarralumla.

On top of all that I plan to make a fool of myself this coming season and run the ACTVAC track in incredibly slow and not record breaking times.

In the meantime I will be down in Geelong competing in the Australian Masters Games in the M65 5000m track, 8k cross country, and half marathon, still very confident of one medal. After that I will be very pleased to be visiting my son, daughter in law, and four of my grandsons, then watch with camera in hand the Melbourne marathon and half marathon down on St Kilda Road. Incidentally my dear (not cheap) wife will be with me, hurray. But PLEASE let me know if you are running so I can watch out for you, cheer you on, and take a photo if I am quick enough.

In summary, there is great running coming up, be involved, it is oh so good for you and guarantees you will live an extra 30 years. I am thoroughly enjoying it and I hope you are too.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Australian Election 7 September

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Thursday is now "commentary day" - usually about fitness and sport, but not necessarily - so here goes. We train at Parliament House Canberra, making this post vaguely relevant.

The current Australian Senate election system does not work, because it can be exploited by minor parties set up as fronts for each other and exchanging preferences with each other. The large number of Senate candidates in each State and Territory means that a very high proportion of voters vote "above the line" and therefore are not determining where their preferences go. Preference deals between parties make the situation worse. As a result, some people being elected to the Senate are there despite very few voters actually wanting them there.

What can be done?

(a) Scrap above the line voting.

(b) Change what is now "below the line" to a system of optional preferential voting. In states where six candidates are elected, voters could enter 1 - 6 on their Senate ballot paper or more if they wished. In the Territories where two candidates are elected, only 1 - 2 need be entered.

(c) Register political parties well in advance of elections, require a much larger member base than at present, and with office holders being office holders in no other registered party.

If the current farcical situation continues, one consequence is a loss of faith in the democratic process. Which unfortunately means that fewer and fewer young people would see any point in registering to vote.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

GITs - geese in training

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Here are the training sessions we have conducted in the last seven days

Thursday 5 September at Kaleen Ruth Margaret Clint Natalie Colin Rod and I ran 3 or 4 x 1k

Saturday 7 September at Acton Ferry Terminal, Daisy, Snow, Caleb, Elspeth and I ran easy, and we saw Lucia there as well. This is the resumption of "Metro Runners" training (And I am thinking of a new name for this Saturday running group)

Sunday 8 September Joel ran 500m hill loops at Stromlo while I looked on.

Monday 9 September at Parliament House Cathy, Ewen, Jen, Kelley, Susan and I ran 8 early, then doing hills sprint training there were Andrew, Bronwyn, Craig, Jen, Kelley, Peter and Rae. We did do three attrition sprints at the end, won by Peter, with Bronwyn and Andrew tying for second.

Tuesday 10 September at Dickson, our last training at that venue, Rod, Colin and Kym ran 2 x 10 minutes shuttle relay on the 120m straight while I jogged around and ran some stride-throughs..

Otherwise I did run Friday's Customs 5k, in a time I couldn't possibly fail to beat next time, and have been going to the gym and doing some light jogging trying to build distance again.

Cats need exercise too. Maybe not this kind.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tuesday Results Catch-up

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Wednesday 21 Aug BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap
57. Helen Larmour 30:19
62. Jennifer Bright 32:05
64 finishers

Sunday 1 September YCRC Jogalong Handicap
43. Cathy Montalto W60 36:22
46. Thea Zimpel W30 30:38
55. Caroline Campbell W70 37:14
59 finishers

Friday 6 September Customs 5k Handicap
Peter Burke 20:33
Bronwyn Calver 23:40
Geoff Moore 24:19
Caroline Campbell 32:35

Saturday 7 September Ginninderra 5k Parkrun #72
38 Jill Pearson 25:38 W55
97 finishers

Saturday 7 September Tuggeranong 5k Parkrun #29
92 finishers

Sunday 8 September Canberra Times 5k Fun Run
38 Ewen Thompson 23:56
1295 finishers

Sunday 8 September Canberra Times 10k Fun Run
260 Maria O'Reilly 45:32 2nd W50
2412 finishers

Sunday 8 September Canberra Times 14k Fun Run
83 Kylie Malone 1:00.35 2nd W40
168 Craig Davis 1:04.49
236 Liz Bennett 1:06.58 2nd W50
327 Tori Hennig 1:09.08
352 Bronwyn Calver 1:09.30
502 Rae Palmer 1:12.44 1st W60
942 Caroline Campbell 1:23.42 1st W70
1038 Ruth Baussmann 1:27.29
1076 Margaret McSpadden 1:29.19
1339 finishers

Frequentists vs Bayesians

Animal Shelter

Monday, 9 September 2013

ungraceful antics

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Song of the Week: "Graceless", by The National. From the album "Trouble May Find Me". The National will be touring Australia again soon, but not Canberra so I probably won't get to see them.
From -

Sunday, 8 September 2013

A week of changes

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This week many things change: there was the final Metro church service at CSIRO today; there will be the final training session at Dickson this Tuesday; and on Thursday the final Kaleen training session. Sunday mornings will continue at Stromlo and move to an earlier time on the 22nd. One thing that has been pretty well unchanged for many years is the Monday night training at Parliament House; it continues this week and far beyond, although this week we will probably switch to hills there. And it will no longer be dark as in the photo above, with days getting longer, and with daylight saving approaching. And I have been focusing on getting my gym sessions happening so the running is still a bit of a struggle. But it's only two weeks in and I feel confident that there will be improvement this summer. Let's get plenty of training done is this fabulous spring weather, before a possibly dry and very hot summer arrives.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Train slower, race faster.

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"Studies on the training intensity distribution of elite runners have found that most elite runners run at low intensities most of the time." - Read full article at So my Saturday morning run at Acton Ferry Terminal, for the most part, is slow. I enjoyed meeting four beginner runners at the Ferry Terminal today - Caleb, Elspeth, Snow and Daisy. An easier than usual run is far better than no run at all, and is also better than training too hard too often.

Sarah-Jayne before a 92 minute Wagga Wagga Trail Half Marathon, 8th overall and first woman. She trains hard only three times per week. Photo by Ewen.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Coming Events - ACTVAC Track and Field 2013-2014

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Click to enlarge.
Or download using this link -

Thursday, 5 September 2013

10:30am gym CIT

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If you read my training diary (which at least one person does) you will see new entries this week for "gym CIT". I am planning to attend three times each week, in addition to a supervised class at Kippax, and of course all my normal running training. Other cross training is not possible as while I love swimming, swimming does not love me; and cycling is something I have never attempted and think it too late to start now thank you very much.

So, what do I do when I attend the CIT gym?
1. 20 minutes on the hill climber
2. 20 minutes doing easy leg and upper body exercises with weights
3. 20 minutes of stretches, ab work, and balance work.

For example this morning
1. I spent 20 minutes at level 9 manual setting working up to heart-rate 120bpm on the climber, a machine which no-one else seems to use, listening to a random selection of my favourite songs on my Galaxy S4.

2. Then I did a few exercises on the machines, with smallish weights
3 x 12 x leg press
3 x 12 x seated chest press
3 x 12 x lat pull-downs to chest narrow arms
3 x 12 x horizontal pull-throughs

3. Then in the floor area
3 x 12 x lunges
3 x 12 x crunches
3 x 12 x two other core exercises exercises hard to describe!
plus hamstring stretches and glute stretches
plus several balancing exercises on the bosu ball

I will not necessarily do the identical exercises each visit. But I will do what I think I need.

Footnote: Form is important.
How not to exercise at the gym...

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Training sessions

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Thursday 29/08 Rod, Brett L, me, Colin, Clint, Natalie (new) ran km intervals at Kaleen
Sunday 01/09 Andrew, Joel, Lucia, me, Warrick, Jen, Jason (new) ran km intervals at Stromlo.
Monday 02/09 Cathy, Jen, me early; Craig, Peter, Ruth, Rae, me, Garry ran Rose Garden 200s at Parliament House
Tuesday 03/09 Rod, Colin ran 200m intervals at Dickson.

1. My training is back on track finally.
2. Tuesday next week is the final session at Dickson. How many takers for the very last session?
3. And just two Kaleen sessions to go as well, this week's and next.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

racing as the weather warms

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Speedygeese race results:
Sunday 18 August Wagga Wagga Trail Half Marathon
8 1:32:38 Sarah-Jayne Miller First Female
50 2:00:16 Ewen Thompson
56 2:01:31 Amanda Ruffin
120 finishers

Friday 30 August Customs 5k
Peter Burke 21:06
Jen Bright 21:28
Caroline Campbell 32.47

Saturday 31 August Ginnindera Parkrun 5k
56 Jill PEARSON 24:59 W5
139 finishers

Saturday 31 August Tuggeranong Parkrun 5k
104 finishers

Saturday 31 August YCRC 10 mile
20. Mick Horan M50 1:15:51
24. Craig Davis M40 1:18:58
28. Geoff Moore M65 1:21:12
29. Kristian Pithie M40 1:22:38
30. Bronwyn Calver W40 1:23:10
58. Caroline Campbell W70 1:40:18
59. Ruth Baussmann W60 1:40:24
64. Margaret McSpadden W65 1:46:36
68 finishers
The course was a bit long – maybe 90 seconds worth.

Cairns had its first Parkrun on Saturday. I wish I could have been there. "The location for Cairns Parkrun is stunning with palm trees lining one side of the Esplanade pavement and the ocean on the other." - Parkrun newsletter. They had 57 runners. This will quickly increases as the word spreads, there are loads of runners and walkers out along the esplanade every morning.

We were there the first 4 days of August this year.

Cairns - the best place to exercise in winter.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Flying Doctor

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Song of the week: "My Boomerang Won’t Come Back".

I was reminded of this song, one I have always liked, when we visited Cloncurry for a couple of hours on Monday morning 12 August, on the way from Mt Isa to McKinlay for lunch, and Winton in the afternoon.

My photos.
Information about John Flynn is at

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tony Booth

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In August this year, Jenny and I spent 24 days on a tour of outback Queensland.

On our sixth day we met up with Tony Booth at Millaa Millaa Falls, just "around the corner" from Tony and Chris's property in the Atherton Tablelands.

Tony was one of the best Veteran athletes in Canberra in his day. He is still running, now 75 years old.

What ACT Vets records did Tony set over the years?
One Mile M50 5:10.2 23/02/1989
800 metres M50 2:13.4 02/03/1989
One Mile M50 5:00.0 22/03/1990 AIS
800 metres M50 2:13.0 15/04/1990 Nat. C'Ships Melbourne
One Mile M55 5:16.5 03/03/1994 AIS
4 X 1500m Relay M65 25:42.0 27/01/2005 AIS
4 X 800m Relay M60 11:26.14 23/11/2006 AIS
4 X 1500m Relay M65 24:49.77 14/12/2006 AIS
4 X 800m Relay M65 12:32.94 30/03/2007 AIS
1500 metres M70 5:53.14 02/08/2008 Townsville
One Mile M70 6:28.32 16/10/2008 AIS
4 X 1500m Relay M70 27:58.81 29/01/2009 AIS
4 X 800m Relay M70 13:43.70 05/02/2009 AIS
800 metres M70 2:50.46 19/03/2009 AIS
One Mile M70 6:19.15 02/04/2009 AIS
800 metres M70 2:48.94 02/04/2010 Perth AMA Championships
4 X 200m Relay M65 2:11.46 25/01/2012 AIS
Taken from the ACTVAC website.