Monday, 31 October 2016

Live It Up

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Song of the week: Mental As Anything - " Live It Up"

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Old Pic- Canberra Times Fun Run

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Saturday, 29 October 2016

At the parkrun today

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I helped out . and took a couple of pics

Friday, 28 October 2016

Happy Birthday Jarod

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One of our Jamberoo grandchildren, Jarod, turns 16 today. He is a top footballer, mountain biker, sprinter, hurdler, triple jumper, and musician. Go Jarod!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Favourites - Adelaide Oval

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Adding to my posts on the topic of "Favourites"

Favourite Sporting Venue: Adelaide Oval

I have raced there on five occasions, in 1962 thru 1965.
The oval has changed a bit since then. Except, the old score board is still there, and so are the Victor Richardson gates although the gates have been moved, having been returned to the ground in 2014, but in a new location.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

latest speedygeese training

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Thursday 20 October at Parliament House: the session was 30 minutes running around a 600m figure eight loop. Runners were invited to jog the first 200m, which included a 100m uphill, then run 400m which mostly gentle downhill. Jen, Kylie, Kym, Liz, Nicole, and Sandeep participated but some found this a hard session and had to bail out.

On Monday 24 October again at Parliament House we ran from the tennis courts 7&8 a repeat of the course of two weeks earlier, but this time a 2 and 3 person relay making some team changes halfway through the 30 minutes. Running were Andy, Caroline, Colin, Dave, Ewen, Garry, Isaac, Jen, Joel, Pieta, Ruth, Sandeep, Warrick with me watching. Dinner at the Yacht Club followed.

I am finding running tricky in my old age, so where I will do most of my training as soon as this opens:

The venue for this new gym is at Lake Ginninderra past the restaurants near the footbridge, at the Belconnen Arts Centre end. I can run around the lake before/after sessions. The two owner/managers are good friends of mine and I have trained with them before, many times. The sessions times when I plan to attend are weekdays 9:30am thru 11:30am, and Saturdays 9:30am thru 10:30am after Ginninderra parkrun.

So I might get fit again without having to run too much for a while.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Latest speedygeese race results

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Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 18 October
Peter Thomson 25:59
Sandeep Chandra 30:03
Ewen Thompson 34:27
Nicole Bruce 38:18
18 finishers

AMRA Black Mountain 2.6k 18 October
10 finishers

ACTVAC Track 20 October at Woden
Early 3000m
M50 Colin Farlow 10:58.07 79.0%
M55 David Clarke 11:24.25 78.6
M55 Rod Lynch 11:34.11 76.2
M55 Dale Moore 13:01.15 67.1
W65 Kathy Sims 13:47.66 87.9
M55 Roger Pilkington 13:54.23 63.9
W70 Caroline Campbell 16:18.43 86.6
W65 Ruth Baussmann 16:19.04 75.5
W65 Margaret McSpadden 18:01.97 71.7

M50 Colin Farlow 5:16.39 78.9%
M55 Rod Lynch 5:21.87 78.9
M55 David Clarke 5:30.77 78.1
M55 Dale Moore 5:33.61 75.5
M55 Roger Pilkington 6:20.18 67.3

M50 Colin Farlow 2:40.04 75.1% (last race as an M50)
M55 David Clarke 2:44.09 75.7

M55 Rod Lynch 70.16 73.4
M55 David Clarke 76.57 68.2

Late 3000m
M55 David Clarke 12:21.29 72.5
M55 Rod Lynch 12:26.11 70.8
M55 Dale Moore 13:28.91 64.8
W30 Thea Zimpel 15:00.01 56.3

M55 Roger Pilkington 23:50.06 64.1

Customs 5k 21 October
Ewen Thompson 26:17
14 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #233 22 October
37 Stephanie Pfohl 24:27 W40
51 Thea Zimpel 27:06 W30
70 Ruth Baussmann 29:21 W65
71 Geoff Moore 29:23 M65
141 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #191 22 October
26 Bronwyn Calver 23:00 W45
52 David Clarke 25:21 M55
69 Ewen Thompson 26:28 M55
213 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #158 22 October
119 Margaret McSpadden 32:34 W65
158 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #19 22 October
138 Caroline Campbell 53:01 W70
138 finishers

Bega 10k Fun Run 23 October
28 Amanda Ruffin W50 50:25
79 finishers

Bega 5k Fun Run 23 October
126 finishers

AMRA Two Peaks 22.6k 23 October
74 finishers

AMRA One Peak 10k 23 October
8 Isaac Muscat 57:27
30 Ewen Thompson 70:03
75 finishers

Rottnest Marathon 23 October
40 Peter Thomson M55 3:46:43
179 finishers

Kiddies take off at the Bega Fun Run

Monday, 24 October 2016

A Hard Rain

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Song of the week: Bryan Ferry’s version of the classic Bob Dylan song "A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall". Arguably the best cover of any Dylan song.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Here's another favourite

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In my recent post Favourites I missed one-

Favourite non-running sports moment: Steven Bradbury.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Today's parkrun

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..was something of a disaster. I started off with a 4:45 km then a 4:55 but ended up walk/jogging. It's the return of niggle #6 and a new niggle, #7.

At the end:

Thea well ahead

Pacing along

And finishing off; nearly swamped by faster finishers

Friday, 21 October 2016

Nice running weather but...

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Spring, specifically October, is my allergy time. Not only
p-platers, but also
cottonwood fluff.
One run through the fluff = 3 days of headaches. The only airborn material I am really allergic to.
Cottonwood fluff is just starting to appear, it has arrived late this year.
Here's how it looked at the ANU a few years ago

Fortunately Parliament House, where I mainly train, and Stromlo, is relatively free of it.
But it is all over Canberra, particularly around the lakes and rivers.
Here's to a headache-free spring.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Andrew Lloyd Video

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Following on from this earlier post... "Favourites"...

Thanks to Annette I have the following link to the second half of the greatest 5000m performance of all time by Andrew Lloyd.

Lloydie's 5000m 1990 Commonwealth Games Gold - Part 2 (9.15mins-Finish)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

speedygeese training

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Thursday 13 October Jen, Lauren and Sandeep ran 4 x 1k on 8 minutes while I jogged around feeling fatigued;

Monday 17 October … we ran in teams of 3 x 250m on the SE Rose Garden loop, participating were Dave, Christopher, Giles, Isaac, Jen, Nicole, Joel, Pieta, Rae, Ruth, Sandeep & Warrick, while I jogged around encouraging.

Next Monday 24 October we will meet at the Yacht Club after training for an informal dinner and drinks.

Old pic

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

All the latest speedygeese race results

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Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 11 October
Peter Thomson 27:00
Sandeep Chandra 29:39
Ewen Thompson 34:36
Nicole Bruce 39:44
17 finishers

ACTVAC Track 13 October
at the AIS
M45 Damian Rutledge 2:28.85 77.4%
M50 Colin Farlow 2:33.35 78.4
M55 Rod Lynch 2:35.22 78.8
M55 Roger Pilkington 3:08.54 65.4
W65 Kathy Sims 3:11.28 84.3

M55 Rod Lynch 11:33.57 76.2%
M55 Dale Moore 12:35.24 69.4
M55 Roger Pilkington 13:46.34 64.5
W65 Ruth Baussmann 16:3056 18.4
W65 Margaret McSpadden 18:30.27 69.9

M50 Colin Farlow 19:07.67 77.9%

Customs 5k
14 October
Giles Lamb 20:19
Bronwyn Calver 23:56
Caroline Campbell 33:16
10 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #232 15 October
43 Geoff Moore 24:44 M65
53 Jill Pearson 25:49 W55
156 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #190 15 October
6 David Clarke 19:48 M55
30 Bronwyn Calver 22:32 W45
229 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #157 15 October
100 Ruth Baussmann 28:43 W65
133 Margaret McSpadden 32:06 W65
218 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #18 15 October
73 Caroline Campbell 31:38 W70
114 finishers

Run With The Wind 10k 16 October
18 Jen Bright 48:43 **1st Female 40-49; 2nd Female over all**
19 Isaac Muscat 49:00 **1st Male 12-14**
22 David Clarke 49:24 **1st Male 50-59**
145 Vanessa Palmer 69:48
169 Ruth Baussmann 76:26
192 Margaret McSpadden 88:41
203 finishers

Run With The Wind 5k 16 October
77 Rae Palmer 34:41 **1st Female 60-69**
233 finishers

Melbourne Marathon Festival 10k 16 October
837 Maria O’Reilly 49:53
1245 Ewen Thompson 52:27
7036 finishers

Running with the wind gale

Every player wins a prize

Canberra's speedygeese and friends who were placegetters.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Let It Be

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Song of the Week: The Beatles song "Let It Be" performed by Paul McCartney

Sunday, 16 October 2016

A heteronym kind of day

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Ewen and Maria ran the Melbourne 10k today. Both did well, Ewen 52.28, Maria a couple of minutes or so ahead of him.

The course was windy and the weather was windy*

*A heteronym is a word that is written identically but has a different pronunciation and meaning. In other words, they are homographs that are not homophones.

Saturday, 15 October 2016


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Favourite Runner: Andy Lloyd
Favourite Coach: Arthur Lydiard
Favourite City: Canberra
Favourite Author: China Miéville
Favourite Book: Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman
Favourite Actor: George Clooney
Favourite Movie: Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray
Favourite Director(s): Joel & Ethan Coen
Favourite Recording Artist: Foals
Favourite Album: Antidotes, by Foals
Favourite Single: August 30th, by Delirious

Favourite sports moment: Andy Lloyd 1990 Commonwealth Games 5000m gold medallist

Friday, 14 October 2016

Less Is More

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An article emphasising the importance of a rest day:

I don't think I have to convince any of the speedygeese to take a day off for recovery purposes as most take more days off than that.

But as I approach the age of 70, maybe a week with four rest days is called for.

Or better; make three of those four days a jog/walk/jog day. Essentially, keep moving even on rest days.

Like everything, it takes discipline, but a new kind of discipline. On typically cold Canberra mornings I actually find it harder to get out for a walk than for a run. But I have to, therefore it will be so.

Cross training is a good alternative.

(Remember Heather?)

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Can the big boys keep up?

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Not me - I am way back in the pack somewhere.
See you at the Ginninderra parkrun again next Saturday.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

speedygeese training

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I can't wait for spring to return.

At least we can see at Parliament House now that Daylight Saving is here.

On Thursday 6 October Sandeep, Nicole, Jen, Giles & I ran a set of 4 x 1k on 8 minutes, jogging on the small PH western oval after each km.

While on Monday 10 October Dave, Giles, Isaac, Jen, Pieta, Rae, Ruth and I enjoyed up to 12 x 200m “tennis court” intervals at Parliament house. Weather conditions for training were really good again despite terrible weather earlier in the day.

The threat of possible bad weather may be keeping some people away but we are enjoying good conditions at 5:30pm so far. 

I did get out to Stromlo Forest Park on Sunday morning at about 8:30am to run 15k. My first long run in ages. I had to walk up a few of the hills though.

Becoming a regular at training - Giles.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

speedygeese race results

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YCRC Women’s 6k Jogalong 02 October
Kathy Sims W65 29:05
Celina Miller W35 32:41
Thea Zimpel W30 34:40
Cathy Montalto W60 34:47
Nadine Morrison W45 35:03
Caroline Campbell W70 39:39
55 finishers

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 4 October
Ewen Thompson M55 33:19
8 finishers

AMRA Mt Ainslie 2.3k Run-Up 04 October
15 finishers

ACTVAC Track 6 October at Woden
M50 Colin Farlow 11:06.29 78.0%
M55 David Clarke 12:03.61 74.3
M55 Roger Pilkington 13:46.85 64.5
W65 Kathy Sims 13:07.43 92.3
W70 Caroline Campbell 16:36.95 85.0

M50 Colin Farlow 5:23.60 77.1%
M55 David Clarke 5:29.09 78.5
M45 Damian Rutledge 5:48.57 68.5
M55 Roger Pilkington 6:20.94 67.2
W65 Kathy Sims 6:24.77 88.8
W65 Ruth Baussmann 7:55.71 73.0

M55 David Clarke 1:15.81 68.8%

Spiral 4
David Clarke M55 6:39
Bronwyn Calver W45 7:23
Roger Pilkington M55 7:38
Ruth Baussmann W65 9:01
Margaret McSpadden W65 10:36
15 finishers

Customs 5k 7 October
Peter Thomson 22:03
Bronwyn Calver 24:10
Ewen Thompson 28:20
Caroline Campbell 31:35
16 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #231 08 October
9 Jacob Miller 20:34 M11 **New PB**
26 Chloe Miller 22:21 W10 **New PB**
50 Geoff Moore 24:35 M65
51 Stephanie Pfohl 24:40 W40
60 Bron Sparkes 25:45 W40
70 Celina Miller 26:17 W35
109 Ruth Baussmann 29:56 W65
186 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #189
08 October
9 David Clarke 19:54 M55
12 Peter Thomson 20:05 M55
33 Bronwyn Calver 22:48 W45
86 Ewen Thompson 26:56 M55
231 Nicole Robinson 44:08 W40
254 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #156 08 October
10 Giles Lamb 20:01 M40
110 Margaret McSpadden 32:11 W65
165 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #17 08 October
93 Caroline Campbell 29:43 W70
197 finishers

Saturday at Ginninderra

Monday, 10 October 2016

Promised Land

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Song of the week, from

Sunday, 9 October 2016

ACT elections

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With the ACT elections on Saturday 15th, with five seats, and five to be elected in each seat, I thought I would mention a couple of candidates worth voting for in my seat of Ginninderra.

Firstly you cannot go past Gordon Ramsay, a friend of mine who will make an excellent MLA in the next ACT government. His community activities and his strong moral principles are exactly what the Assembly needs.

A little more info and quite an amusing article at

Secondly if you want to put an independent ahead of party representatives you cannot beat Kim Huynh
. Not only is he a hard working politics expert and a great family man, he is a good runner and the brother of speedygeese member Thach Huynh. Anyway, this is Kim, who looks a little like his brother.

More info at

If you are not in the Ginninderra electorate, I hope you have someone worth voting for too.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Bateman's Bay Bridge Stuck!

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Good timing with everyone returning to Canberra from the coast at the end of the school holidays! Or north to Sydney for that matter. No traffic could cross the bridge between 12:30pm and 3:00pm today.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Every day is a good day

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I retired 13 years ago, so: Today was another good day ... even though last night's training left me quite stressed ... today Jenny and I met up with three old high school friends of mine, and their wives, for a very relaxing lunch.

Tomorrow is parkrun day. An easy tempo run is scheduled.

Sunday if I have survived parkrun I will do a slow recovery jog at Stromlo. I haven't been advertising Stromlo, because I can't really train there; I save myself for a quality session on Monday at Parliament House. Recovery from Monday and Thursday sessions is generally taking me two or three days at present. Hopefully the fitness will return soon and I can start building up again. No chance of returning to racing anytime soon, but at least I am doing something.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

My August Kimberley trip - blog posts completed

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Here finally, there are 21 posts containing some of my photos from our Kimberley holiday. If you would like to check them out, to see the full set, click on After viewing the latest ones, click on "older posts", to continue.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

speedygeese training (and some scary pics)

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On Thursday 29 September there was much wind and rain but Giles, Lauren and myself ran 4 mins fast/3 mins slow by 4; Peter ran two of them, Ruth, Sandeep, Jen and Isaac ran 10 x Rose Garden loops on 3 minutes, and Dave ran 400s and 200s. It was that sort of day where you just did what you could.

Monday 03 October saw much better conditions – dry underfoot, no rain squalls, and sheltered from the wind. Dave jogged around, Ewen ran early, three teams of three ran 300m intervals with 200m jog on a 400m circuit; balanced teams today, Bron, Damian, Ewen, Me, Giles, Isaac, Jen, Ruth and Sandeep participating.

In May 1964 just before my 16th birthday I raced, and just lost, the under 16 combined sports 800m, to David Looker of St Peters college. David has kindly sent me his photos; the first appeared in the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper. That day I improved my PB to 2:05, but the pained look is loss of consciousness after a 90 second first 600m; a tad fast when my previous PB was 2:08 and I was running with a cold. His was a massive PB too.
The following year in the open mile I managed to reverse the result pipping him by 0.02 and having to run a 62 second 4th lap to achieve that. His 4th lap was under 60 seconds that day and we both smashed our PBs (I ran 4:32 and my best had been 4:39)
The Combined Sports day was held once a year at the Adelaide Oval with boys from my school (Adelaide Boys High School) and six colleges having one representative in each race (4 in the 4x100m relays) in the U14, U15, U16 and open divisions. Competition was intense and the mile was the feature event.


If you find my year 11 physique too shocking, for balance here is someone who is much better built. It's our Kym! who starred this year when she competed in her first body building contest.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

speedygeese race results

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It has been a bleak spring so far, but we are still racing when we can ... This is our lake.

Some recent race results ...

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 27 September
1. Jennifer Bright 27:53
4. Sandeep Chandra 29:32
12. Ewen Thompson 34:37
13. Peter Thomson 29:25
14. Nicole Bruce 40:06
15 finishers

Customs 5k 30 September
Giles Lamb 21:26
Peter Thomson 24:26
Bronwyn Calver 24:51
Bron Sparkes 26:41
12 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #16 01 October
69 Caroline Campbell 30:42 W70
109 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun 01 October
Course flooded!

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #188 01 October
22 Jen Bright 22:14 W40
23 Isaac Muscat 22:14 M11
25 David Clarke 22:25 M55
28 Peter Thomson 22:42 M55
149 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #155 01 October
103 finishers

Acton Labour Day 10k 3 October
Peter Thomson 43:11
David Clarke 47:14
Bronwyn Calver 49:06
Liz Simpfendorfer 52:19
Thea Zimpel 59:50
Caroline Campbell 64:58

Saturday was the second time I have turned up at Ginninderra parkrun to find the run has been cancelled due to water over the track. My 46th parkrun will have to wait another week.

Monday, 3 October 2016

(I'll be running ‘til the) love runs out

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Song of the Week  - Love Runs Out – by One Republic.
Yet another great running song!


Sunday, 2 October 2016

This blog's simplest running program

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Run like the wind.
Wherever you are.
30 minutes three times a week is NOT enough.
Just do it.

p.s. The 10,000 steps-a-day goal is not a bad one.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Windjana Gorge

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Crocodiles galore.
We had lunch on the sand by the river. And watched the occasional crocodile float by.