Friday, 31 May 2013

after the fog

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This time of year we get some excellent fogs. Can be a tad cold but.
Here are some of our runners at West Stromlo last Sunday




It's back to watching footy tonight. But I am not really interested in Brisbane v Collingwood.

Instead I might just replay last weekend's Roos v Crows recording. I will never tire of watching that one!

Kerridge! "Kerridge's six goals sparks miracle Crows comeback"

After the fog

Margaret wins bronze

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Exercising at home

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Jemima Puddle Goose

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It is only ten days until Abi's baby is due ... Today I had the privilege of delivering a bundle of gifts on behalf of the speedygeese to Abi, in anticipation of the delivery of her little bundle sometime in the next two weeks.

Dear Speedygeese,

I have just had a lovely visit from Geoff bearing wonderful gifts from you all. Thank you so much, I feel very spoilt, and that soon-to-be bubs is very lucky to have such a lovely flock of running geese to get to know! 

I was really wanting to get to the dinner on Monday night but unfortunately wasn't feeling well enough on the night to come, I was really looking forward to seeing you all and catching up as I've been missing you all. 

However, hopefully now it won't be too much longer now until I can get back into some running. My official 'due' date is next Saturday June 8, so I will keep you posted with news when baby arrives. 

Thanks again and I hope you're all well. Looking forward to catching up soon. 


Jemima Puddle Goose, and a pair of baby sized running shoes.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Back to training today

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Results BBQ Stakes 22 May
2. Gary Bowen 28:54
18. Kerrie Tanner 28:56
26. Jennifer Bright 27:00
47. Andrew Matthews 29:36
50. Caroline Campbell 39:53
51. Roger Pilkington 39:42
52. Helen Larmour 32:21
57 finishers

Half Marathoner Photos (cont)

 Emma P





Here is one event not to miss. Kym, Kelley, and Caroline are taking part, and the rest of us plan to assemble at the top of Stromlo before the start, 8:00am, for a jog and to watch the event, cheering the runners on.
Australian Mountain Running Championships this Sunday
The Australian Mountain Running Championships, including the Australian Masters Mountain Running Championships, will be conducted this Sunday over a 4 km loop starting and finishing at the summit of Mt Stromlo, on Mt Stromlo (NOT Stromlo Forest Park). The Championships cater for all age groups from 16 years to age 75 years and over. See Mark Bourne, Martin Dent and Melissa Clarke in action against the best in Australia. The race program is:

8.45am Australia Junior Women’s 4 km & Veteran Women’s W60 and over 4 km
8.50am Australian Open Women’s & W35 to W55 8 kms
9.20am Australian junior men’s 8 kms
9.45am Australian open men’s and M40 to M50 12 km; Australian M55 to M70 8kms;
Australian M75 and over 4kms

Local distance runners are strongly encouraged to participate by either running, helping out or spectating and can enter online and see full event details at More helpers are needed, especially as course marshalls; contact John Harding at or 6248 6905.

On 31 August the annual World Masters Mountain Running Championships will be conducted in the Czech Republic. See

Training last night
For the record, since there was no training last night to report on, enjoying dinner at the Phnom Penh in Belconnen were Kerrie, Andy M, Clint, Me, Jenny M, Gregg, Joel, Yelena, Mick H, Kym, Margaret , Miranda, Andy R, Ruth, David, Sarah-Jayne, Susan, Eliza, Rex, Andrew S, Warrick, CJ, Kelley, Janene, & Jen B in no particular order. Something we haven't done for a while, cancel the running session and do something social. Some missed out if I didn't manage to get in touch, others couldn't make it, and if that's you and you are keen to do something similar in a smaller group fairly soon, do get in touch and we can work something out.

Today it's back to Dickson - I will be there at 4:00pm sharp as usual for a long run. I am feeling much more like it this week! And I promise it won't be super fast.

Monday, 27 May 2013

rest day

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Song of the Week: "What You Came Here For", by Tigertown, from their new EP,

Note - no training tonight!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

If this is autumn, how cold will winter be?

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Results YCRC Stromlo 7.5k 25 May
8. Kym Chisholm W30 32:26
12. Andrew Matthews M50 34:56
15. Caroline Campbell W70 43:18
16. Geoff Moore M65 43:18
18 finishers

Training at Stromlo Forest Park, 26 May
Just me again. In the fog, not good, so next week I will go up the hill and watch the Australian Mountain Running, to cheer on Kym and others, instead of "meeting people" at the cross country track.

Results ACTVAC handicap 26 May
West Stomlo 7.5k
3 Kerrie Tanner W50 36:38 79.3 **silver**
7 Margaret McSpadden W65 49:16 69.6 **bronze**
14 Caroline Campbell W70 45:55 80.9
15 Rod Lynch M50 30:19 83.5
18 Ruth Baussmann W60 46:25 70.4
24 David Baussmann M60 35:58 76.6
40 Andrew Matthews M50 35:55 71.0
43 Kym Chisholm W30 35:21 67.3
46 Mick Charlton M60 45:04 60.9
52 Mick Horan M50 36:34 69.3
56 Kelley Flood W50 36:07 79.5
73 David Webster M60 36:11 75.9
74 Maria O'Reilly W55 37:39 81.4
79 William Arthur M60 44:07 62.4
89 Roger Pilkington M50 51:50 49.2
92 finishers

West Stromlo 4k
1 Jill Pearson W55 21:24 72.0
5 Gary Bowen M55 18:32 73.0
8 Brett Morrison M40 18:48 65.9
33 finishers

Photos from the Half Marathon finish - sub 1:50s


They liked her so nice they shot her twice




Saturday, 25 May 2013

Brett's Trip

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We all remember Brett, Rod's son, who trained with us a couple of years ago at Dickson, Well he has rather shot up in height - see photo - and has been raising money for an expedition to Laos and Cambodia in June and July this year. We caught up with him last night where he did a presentation about the trip, and where he treated us with a meal from his workplace, KFC. I think it will be a wonderful experience for Brett and wish him the best time ever. He will be with a small team from his High School, they are going on two treks, then working on a project with "World Challenge".

Meanwhile back home, at Thursday's training at Kaleen we ran a "square pyramid" - a 200m side of the square fast, a side recovery, 2 fast, 2 recovery, 3,3,2,2,1,1 and repeat after reversing direction. For this training session we had Rod, Colin, Sarah-Jayne, Janene, Clint, Susan, Miranda & me. And Kelley of course! participating. Not quite enough present for relays, maybe next time.

Today's Tuggeranong parkrun #14
74 Adam ROBINSON 29:11 M40
83 Ewen THOMPSON 31:09 M55
104 finishers

Today's Ginninderra parkrun #57
20 Tim RAWLING 21:23 M
38 Brett MORRISON 23:47 M40
40 Graeme PATRICK 23:57 M60 First Timer!
65 Catherine MONTALTO 27:13 W60 First Timer!
82 Margaret MCSPADDEN 30:13 W65
102 finishers

Today's YCRC cross country. Kym, Andy, Caroline & I ran a cool 7.5k at Stromlo, I will post the results when they come to hand (should that read, "when they come to screen"?)

Friday, 24 May 2013

Two new PBs for 5k

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Results Customs 5k Friday 24 May
Bronwyn Calver 21:31 **PB**
Yili Zhu 21:39
Bob Harlow 23:31
Geoff Moore 23:36
Amanda Cook 24:30 **PB**
Caroline Campbell 31:04

At Customs, Bronwyn ran an all time PB for 5k, by 4 seconds,
And Cookie also ran a 5k PB, breaking 25 minutes for the first time.

They must both be very happy.

And Happy Birthday Ruth, 63 today!

A bit of balance there.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


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My plank-a-day plans got disrupted when we started bathroom renovations. So I am going to start again and this time do it the recommended way.

I think a Thursday would be a good day to start, so today it's 1 x 1 minute, building up to 4 x 1:00 by Sunday, and resetting at 1 x 1:15 next Thursday.

It is good to have a plan; the trick is to stick to it come hell, high water, new bathrooms, or unexpected visitors.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

more great achievements

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Olivia - IDP2 NSW 2013 State Champion. Just turned 8, now for IDP3...

Results BBQ Stakes 6k 15 May
5. Lincoln Hawkins 33:24
18. Kerrie Tanner 29:17
19. Jennifer Bright 29:21
27. Caroline Campbell 37:05
29. Roger Pilkington 36:08
47. Gary Bowen 29:17
50. Andrew Matthews 31:17
51. Helen Larmour 30:00
53 finishers

Results Customs 5k 17 May
Bronwyn Calver 21:43
Caroline Campbell 31:17

Results Sydney Half Marathon 19 May
1562. Mick Horan 1:37.55
1973. Kelley Flood 1:40.00 (6th W50)
I nearly missed this one, I hadn't heard that Kelley had run, and found her result this morning. Running under a pseudonym, too!

Training last night - just Miranda, Susan, Rod, Colin, Clint & myself. In the end the three guys did six x 400m quite hard with little break, and the rest of us trotted around. On this occasion we were way outnumbered by Bilbys! Back next week, with enough runners we run continuous relays, always fun.

Voting continues for Australia’s Top Running Blogger, so there’s still time. Check in at

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

playing solo

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Craig on his way to a speedy half marathon on Sunday. Behind at this stage (7k), he caught me as we started up the hills in the second half of the race. Photo by Kerry Boden.

New AACT President
Congratulations to Neil Boden who has been appointed President of ACT Athletics. See

Training at Parliament House
I ran a gentle 6 kms early testing out my post Half Marathon legs, then supervised a pyramid session of 200 - 400 - 600 - 400 - 200 - 400 - 600 - 400 - 200 with jog-back recoveries. Taking part were Andrew, Andy, Clint, Jen, Kelley, Kerrie, Ruth, Susan, Warrick. I won't go out early to Dickson today and am looking forward to a great session there under lights on the track at 5:30pm.

Then there's Harrison...

Monday, 20 May 2013

Sea Of Love

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Song of the week: "Sea Of Love", by The National, from their new album "Trouble Will Find Me" (out tomorrow)
Found at

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Canberra Half Marathon report

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Canberra Half Marathon Sunday 19 May
Results for current speedygeese and recent speedygeese
28 SARAH-JAYNE MILLER 1:29:31 W Open 6th
36 MICHELLE WELLS 1:30:36 W40 2nd
46 KATIE FORESTIER 1:32:35 W45 **first**
70 HELEN LARMOUR 1:38:05 W50 2nd
76 CRAIG DAVIS 1:38:32 M40 13th
88 GEOFF MOORE 1:39:46 M65 2nd
112 LUCIA PIETROPAOLI 1:43:27 W Open 17th
134 EMMA PADOVAN 1:45:21 W Open 22nd
138 WARRICK HOWIESON 1:46:11 M40 19th
281 CAROLINE CAMPBELL 2:05:12 W70 **first**
289 RUTH BAUSSMANN 2:05:47 W60 5th
328 MARILYN BANFIELD 2:12:50 W60 8th
340 MARGARET MCSPADDEN 2:17:52 W65 **first**
372 finishers

Having helped Sarah prepare for this race it was awesome to see her achieve her goals. A sub 90 minute half marathon was even faster than expected, but that is often the way when you focus on one race. Well done Sarah! And her sixth place outright in the women's division means she only just missed out on one of the major prizes, which went to the top five in both men's and women's. All in all a brilliant effort and a five minute PB to boot

Katie, Caroline and Margaret won their age groups, what an achievement!

I hoped to set off at 95 minute pace but it was never to be. Hoping for 5k splits of 22:30 they were 23:00, 23:10, 23:40 and 24:10. The hills in the second half were particularly troublesome. But the good news for me is -

  • injury - I seem to be going reasonably well now. No sore feet for the first time for a couple of years in such a run, everything else tolerably OK
  • illness - that seems to have cleared up about six days ago after three months of headaches and heavy colds
  • fitness - I think I can start working on that this week!
Thank you for the kind words from those who told me it was a great run. Perhaps I should point out I ran exactly the same time through 21.1k in the 50k 13 months ago! So I am seriously thinking a sub 90 is possible if everything hangs together through winter. I will certainly be aiming for it.

Let's get out and train for it together!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

something important

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Ginninderra Parkrun #56 18 May
11 Gary BOWEN 21:37
18 David BAUSSMANN 22:12
30 Asmono TRUONG 23:36 First Timer!
55 Yelena PEARSON 26:43 New PB!
105 finishers

Tuggeranong Parkrun #13 18 May
15 David WEBSTER 21:25 New PB!
87 finishers

I will go for a jog in the sun today - and race a half marathon in the frost tomorrow, hoping it is at least sunny even if minus something like this morning.

Friday, 17 May 2013

337 M&Ms

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We trained together last night at Kaleen in the cold. Seems we have a few regulars who do like training there. Thinking cap needed to decide about future Kaleen training sessions. Last night Rod & I, Maria, Susan, Miranda, Janene, Margaret, Ruth, Kelley were there to do a few laps of the ovals, more or less a fartlek session, running hard for part of it and jogging for part of it. Seemed to work OK.

You can still vote at for this blog. Our blog's appearance in this list of "top ten Australian running blogs" might explain the invitations I have received lately, asking me to publicise others' running events or projects, or review their products. Though I am not sure why the organiser of a running series in the west of USA thinks we might attend their events. "School of Running" might well be a good blog, but readership of less than 100 a day is not huge.

I will endorse something I feel like recommending to you, but I will ignore approaches from people I don't have any other connection with. Yes I know "onestopshop" is such a promotion but I chose to go along with it. It doesn't mean I will do that again for others.

Yesterday I recommended the Runners Shop - the one retail outlet in Canberra which is run by runners for runners - because you really want personal, good and friendly service from people you know, don't you?

Caught me on a good day?

Appropriate Childhood Rhyme Variant

Someone knows how I intend to recover from this Sunday 's Half Marathon!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Runners Shop Canberra June Sale

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phone 02 6285 3508  fax 02 6232 5533
mobile 0413 692 843


2013 has been a big year for us at The Runners Shop, and we trust it has for you also.
In March we launched our new logo and new website, and hope to have our online store up and running within weeks.

It is of course that time of year where we celebrate the start of winter by having a June sale!

This year we have great specials in selected Asics, New Balance, Mizuno and Saucony running shoes. 
Most of the shoes won’t go on sale to the general public until the start of June – which gives you a couple of weeks to come on down and have first choice of the specials.

And as an added incentive for you, club members only will receive 20% off all apparel from now until the end of June!  That’s right, running jackets, tights, socks, tops and shorts all discounted by 20%! 

Thanks so much for your support this year and we wish you all the best for your training / racing over winter.

A list of the shoes models where we have substantial quantities available are attached. 
Feel free to call / email if you wish to reserve a pair.

From the team at The Runners Shop

New Balance
M1260 version 2
New Balance
M880 version 2 (D Width)
Grid Hurricane 14
Gel 1170 (2E width)
Gel 3030 (2E width)
Gel Nimbus 14
Lunareclipse 3
Stable cushioning
Wave Ultima
Wave Elixir
Kinvara 3


New Balance
W1260 version 2
New Balance
W880 version 2 (D width)
Lunareclipse 3
Stable Cushioning
Grid Hurricane 14
Kinvara 3
Fuji Sensor
Wave Nirvana 8
Wave Elixir
Wave Rider 15
Wave Ascend

New Balance
KJ860 (girls)


Asics Katoomba
Asics Netburner 14