Monday, 30 January 2006

Sample Training Session #9 - Race Practice

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My progress
last week’s target 90 km, achieved 91 km
this week’s target 80 km
weight 67 kilos
quote of the week “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow" - Mark Twain
song of the week I Turn Everything Over by Switchfoot from New Way To Be Human
Monday found me on my knees again
Breathing You in
To blur the lines that mark where I begin
And where You end
No use in trying to pretend
Come take me again
'Cause rumour has it I'm not who I've been
Come define me
What can we do
If the rumours are true?
I turn everything over
I turn myself in
I turn everything over
I turn myself in
There's nothing left for me to defend
I turn everything over
I turn myself in, yeah
The evidence convicts the hollow men
After looking inside
To my dismay I find I'm just one of them
'Cause I'm an already but not yet
resurrected fallen man
Come break this limbo
And I know You know just who I've been
Come define me
Rumour has it You love me
Rumour has it the world spins upside down
Rumour has my only hope is You
And the rumours are true
I turn everything over
#9. Race Practice
A good way to practice for races without actually racing is to run time trials – running over the racing distance at 90% effort, aiming to running comfortably for successive runs in a series where excellent pace judgment is the focus and pace is a little faster each time.
An 800m runner could incorporate a 600m time trial as the track season approaches, working on even pace and racing speed.
I suppose you can use races themselves as time trials - I do, e.g. in the summer series coming up on Tuesday nights I will probably run at a pre-determined rate each week; e.g. 4:30 per km, thus using the races as a good solid hit-out. Just don't be sucked into going too fast!
Team Moore Results Campbell Park
6k Vets Handicap
5 Peter McDonald 29:06 bronze
8 Margaret McSpadden 33:17
13 Kathy Sims 29:24
15 Annette Sugden 29:27
20 Cathy Newman 28:08
25 Geoff Sims 30:20
31 Geoff Moore 26:19
43 Jill Brown 35:05
49 Maria O'Reilly 27:28
50 Pam Faulks 34:19
64 Ken White 28:32
78 Ruth Baussmann 35:26
86 David Webster 27:29
97 Alice Scott 41:46
101 Roger Pilkington 29:43
105 Christopher Lang 32:27
3k Vets Handicap
5 Neil Boden 13:36 bronze
8 Sarah Pau 14:51
12 Carol Baird 14:05
17 Gary Bowen 12:43
21 Kerry Boden 17:53
33 Cathy Montalto 15:48
38 Michael Roche 19:43
40 Amanda Chew 20:59

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  1. I like Mark Twain's philosophy! That was a tough session tonight in the heat. Gary, Ewen & I ended up running 13km in the end - a little further than planned!