Thursday, 15 April 2010

customed as I am

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, April 15, 2010 with 2 comments
If you have viewed "My Training Diary" recently (and I don't expect anyone has) you will have noticed that last Friday I ran in the weekly Customs handicap. This was my first run there in over three years, but it is one of the two best lunch-time runs available each week. (By "one of the two best", like everyone else who uses that phrase, of course I mean "the second best"). My decision was to run with Bronwyn as she is in good form and runs very consistently whether or not she has trained hard in the preceding days. And I did so, not expecting to be able to outsprint her but happy to push the pace along with her. I was surprised that although it was a good tempo pace my hamstrings were a bit tight, probably due to the 20k run the evening before. moral #1: before a tempo run, do a full normal race warm-up. I was a little dismayed to hear that because I was "ineligible" my handicap would be adjusted "heaps" next time; I really only wanted to continue doing tempo runs each week. moral #2: running tempo runs within races can suck you into going too fast. I am accustomed to running a bit faster than I did, so it is going to be hard to hold back tomorrow when I repeat the dose. My guess is that 4:30s is my tempo pace; Friday's time was 22:41 which is almost spot on. Until I get fitter I really don't want to run any faster, especially if Wednesdays and Thursdays are going to continue to be solid running days.

The other race I have managed to re-visit is the BBQ Stakes. The best lunch-time run in Canberra. I was going to race three in a row starting last week, but my car broke down on the way! So it will be two (at least) in a row starting yesterday. I ended up running with young Alana (who ran 23:32 on Sunday in the Fun Run, 53rd overall and 9th in the very competitive 10-14 age division!)  and we coasted around the course in 32 minutes. I might race next week's flat out if all is well.

BBQ Stakes speedygeese times
7 April
26:04 **PB
Roger 28:26
Caroline 36:00

14 April
24:47 **PB
Gary 26:18
Ken 26:44
Helen 27:44
Roger 28:59
Me 32:05
Sharene 55:00 (walked with 3 of her children)


  1. I read it last week :) Yes, tempo runs need a warm-up - especially when Bronwyn is 51 seconds under her average time for Customs.

  2. What's encouraging for me is I am running Customs easily @ 4:30s. Bodes well for the half. I think running only a small proportion of "races" flat out may be the way to go.