Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The word for tomorrow is: procrastination

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Monday training: Colleen & Rachelle ran early then had to leave; Caroline, Craig, Jen (new), me, Miranda & Ruth also ran early while Andrew, Ewen & Jennifer were late for the early run; we all were then joined for the main session by Bronwyn, Cathy, Emma, Helen, Joel, Karen, Katherine, Richard, Tony, Troy, Warrick & Yelena. Graeme briefly too but he didn't stay. We ran our final anaerobic session for a while; a repeat of the last two weeks, sprints & short rests for twenty minutes, except the teams of six were seeded: fast; medium; slow(ish!).

AND BY THE WAY next Monday, despite being a holiday & a Vets Handicap day, will still see me turning up at 4:430pm/5:30pm for training at Parliament House. 

Retail Therapy
I have too much to do so I will have to defer some things. Rats! And the marathon is coming round very fast. The pressure is on. I think I will have to visit the Runners Shop today and get new shoes, that will help. And if this weather holds the day will be brilliant! The Cross Country Club is set for a great weekend on 1-2 May. I would have liked some more volunteers to be pacers but of course we will run with what we've got.

I now have no less than four browsers to choose between, I have loaded and switched to Safari. I like it, the other three, IE, Opera, Chrome, had minor problems (different minor problems) all of which are not apparent in Safari. For some of my work I had to actually use a combination of Chrome/IE or Opera/IE, now I can just use Safari without having to change. I am quite pleased. And I am very surprised to discover that Safari is at least as good as Opera and Chrome in its look and feel, and in how it works. I'm sold on it! If I am not pestered by "Apple" ads it will stay. The reason I have so many browsers is (a) to check that any blog redesign looks OK in each browser, and (b) to run different gmail accounts with ease simultaneously. And (c) I suppose: if something fails to work in one it's probably OK in another.

More Stromlo runners
Christopher (he's the tall one), Mary Ann, and Ruth


  1. What's the word for the day after tomorrow SP?

    May I suggest:

    "Post procrastination"

  2. I'll tell you what the word for the day after tomorrow is, but you might have to wait until the day after the day after tomorrow for me to get around to it.