Thursday, 8 April 2010

barefoot on the grass

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, April 08, 2010 with 4 comments
I thought Jodie may have invented this at Monday night training; [edit: Bronwyn was the inventor]; then I see bus-loads of schoolchildren doing it; and now it's picked up by Hungry Beast. Is it time to form a new sporting club, with a name like "The Capital City Rollers"?

Maybe next Monday at Parliament House we will all give rolling on the grass a go.

Yili leading Warrick at Stromlo

Where we train, when it comes to green grass, suitable for comfortable barefoot running for example, I would now rate a couple of areas at Parliament House first, Dickson oval second, and Stromlo a distant third.

I see my third place at the last Vets handicap, which was at Stromlo, has pushed me back two groups to group 40. Gary's second place, in a time 40 seconds quicker than mine, has pushed him one group back to join me in group 40. What-the-? Where's the respect for older and slower? ;)

I need to get fit so I can at least see the field when I run the Vets handicap at Majura on Anzac Monday holiday, even if I don't catch anyone. But I will see you at Dickson tonight on the grass. Barefoot is an option, someone will be running barefoot on the grass, does anyone else want to join her?


  1. I'm using Firefox and now can't see the C-box comment box. It's like a split frame, but now with nowhere to add a comment??? Refreshing the view does not help.

  2. Interesting. I haven't changed anything since your last Cbox comment. The new blogger templates are VERY adjustable however; widths, colours, whatever. But there's no point in me playing with it if I cannot see what is happening in FIREFOX. So .. I will just have to install firefox, even if having four browsers is a bit excessive, won't I? At least this would let me run four default gmail accounts simultaneously, which could be useful one day.
    Because other people around the world aren't screaming, I suspect the problem is a combo of my template parameters, my cbox parameters, and browser variations in firefox.

    ALTERNATIVELY I could try a few things if you let me know the outcome...
    Foe example I could increase the blank space above and below the leave-a-comment cbox dialog.. should I try it?

    p.s. to start with, do you get the FIRST right hand column, "my blog list"?

  3. Currently on Ken's computer with Firefox and all is okay with the C-box (his operating system is Linux). On my computer, yes can see your blog list. What has disappeared is the actual bit that allows you to enter a name and a comment. Instead, the last 2 posts are layered at the top. Odd huh?!

  4. How's it now? (A very minor change to cbox frame height)