Tuesday, 13 April 2010

good choice of parents!

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 with 3 comments
Happy Birthday Miranda! 57 today! Sadly Miranda is out of action with a torn cartilage, but the good news is it's a minor tear which should take only a couple of weeks to heal.
And ... Pam Faulks joins the W50s today.

Last night's speedygeese training was great fun despite the dark and the cold. First of all we had seven running early;
Christopher, Helen, Jennifer & Maria did only the early run and then left; Craig, Ruth & I doubled up (I even ran a couple of extra kms before the early run), and joining us for the main session were Andrew, Bronwyn, Ewen, Geoff, Jodie, Karen, Katherine, Rachelle, Richard, Steve, Susan, Tim, , Warrick, Yelena & Yili. This gave us three teams of six to repeat the session we did last week: 20 minutes of short sprints in a continuous relay with three runners in each team running at the same time. And the relay teams stayed more or less together, well matched.

More photos from the Women's and Girls' Fun Run

The warm-up.
Suzie, Annette, Kaaren.

Amanda leading a pack of youngsters through 1k

Natalie Archer, Paul & Susan's daughter, finishing the race. Natalie ran 9th in 19:30, and second in the 15-18 age group. That is a good choice of parents, if you want to be a runner!

Helen doing EVERYTHING to stay clear of Michelle towards the finish. That's a great run Helen; Michelle has been ahead of me in recent races!


  1. Many thanks for your good wishes SpeedyGeoff! Hope to be running again very soon. Miranda

  2. Helen ran so well Geoff. The picture tells the story.

  3. Happy birthday Miranda - hope you recover soon. Those piccies are fantastic speedycoach. A picture paints a thousand words!