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Australian Team for the Commonwealth Games

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"Our Lauren" is off to the Commonwealth Games to compete in the 400m hurdles. As Australian champion for the 4th time, and having broken the A qualifier three times this year, she was an automatic qualifier for the Games team. Lauren is in the peak of form and we wish her all the best. The Games will be held in October in New Delhi.
Lauren is the 21 year old daughter of speedygoose Neil Boden.

Men (42)
100m: Aaron Rouge-Serret (22, Vic)
200m: Matt Davies (25, Qld)*
400m: Ben Offereins (24, WA), John Steffensen (27, NSW), Joel Milburn (24, NSW)
800m: Lachlan Renshaw (23, NSW), Ryan Gregson (19, NSW)
1500m: Gregson, Jeff Riseley (23, Vic), Jeremy Roff (26, NSW)
5000m: Ben St Lawrence (28, NSW), Collis Birmingham (25, Vic), David McNeill (23, Vic)
10,000m: Birmingham
400m hurdles: Brendan Cole (28, ACT), Tristan Thomas (23, ACT)
High jump: Liam Zamel-Paez (21, Qld)
Pole vault: Steve Hooker (27, WA)
Long jump: Fabrice Lapierre (26, NSW), Chris Noffke (22, Qld), Mitchell Watt (22, Qld)
Shot put: Scott Martin (27, Vic), Dale Stevenson (22, Vic)
Discus throw: Benn Harradine (27, Vic), Martin, Julian Wruck (18, Qld)
Hammer throw: Tim Driesen (26, Vic), Simon Wardhaugh (24, Qld)
Javelin throw: Jarrod Bannister (25, Vic)
20km walk: Luke Adams (33, NSW), Chris Erickson (28, Vic), Jared Tallent (25, Vic)
T46 100m: Gabriel Cole (18, SA), Heath Francis (28, ACT), Simon Patmore (22, Qld)
T54 1500m: Richard Colman (25, Vic), Kurt Fearnley (29, NSW), Jake Lappin (17, Vic)
F32/34/52 shot put: Damien Bowen (25, ACT), Hamish MacDonald (35, ACT)
4x100m relay: Davies, Jacob Groth (24, NSW), Patrick Johnson (37, Qld), Isaac Ntiamoah (27, NSW), Rouge-Serret
4x400m relay: Milburn, Kevin Moore (19, NSW), Offereins, Steffensen, Sean Wroe (25, Vic)

Women (27)
100m: Melissa Breen (19, ACT)
5000m: Eloise Wellings (27, NSW)
10,000m: Wellings
100m hurdles: Hayley Butler (25, NSW), Sally McLellan (23, Qld)
400m hurdles: Lauren Boden (21, ACT)
Marathon: Lisa Weightman (31, Vic)
High jump: Ellen Pettitt (23, NSW)*, Petrina Price (25, NSW)
Pole vault: Amanda Bisk (24, WA), Alana Boyd (25, WA), Liz Parnov (15, WA)
Shot put: Joanne Mirtschin (29, ACT)
Discus throw: Dani Samuels (21, NSW)
Hammer throw: Karyn di Marco (32, NSW), Bronwyn Eagles (29, NSW), Gabrielle Neighbour (26, Vic)
Javelin throw: Kimberley Mickle (25, WA), Kathryn Mitchell (27, Vic)
20km walk: Claire Tallent (28, SA), Cheryl Webb (33, NSW)
T37 100m: Jodi Elkington (16, Vic)
T54 1500m: Christie Dawes (23, NSW)
F32-34/52/53 shot put: Louise Ellery (33, Vic), Brydee Moore (19, Vic)
4x400m relay: Jody Henry (25, WA), Tamsyn Lewis (31, Vic), Pirrenee Steinert (25, NSW)

More athletes will be added in August. A report can be found at http://www.athletics.com.au/news/news/2010/april/sixty-nine_set_for_commonwealt

Lauren Boden


  1. Go Lauren!

    How come there are no women in the 800 or 1500?

  2. Go Lauren. No qualifiers Ewen.