Friday, 23 April 2010

You know a marathon is around the corner when on a PERFECT autumn day in Canberra we do an easy training session and go home wanting more! Tapers suck! The plan is, by the time this marathon/half marathon in my case arrives, we will be (mixed metaphor alert) champing at the bit, ready for kick-off. The morning is cold, the run lasts 210 minutes, those are the facts, everything else is pure theory. Off we go! (Run Lola Run!)

Training last night were Maria & I who ran early (a hilly 11.3k) and then joined Brett, Bronwyn, Cathy, Craig, Graeme, Janene, Jennifer, Karen, Margaret, Michelle, Nadine, Neil, Ruth & Yelena. 100m relays: with 15 training we could have had three teams of five but I chose to complicate and confuse by having a team of four, one of five, and one of six, running a continuous relay of 100m for each runner. The teams of five did twelve 100s each and stood their ground on the baton change; the teams of four did fifteen each and had to jog back 100m, and the team of six ran ten each and jogged forward 100m. Fun and confusion and an easier session for all but four!

Coaching advice: The Vets handicap is on Monday. If you are running the marathon on 2 May it's probably not a good idea to race a hard 10k, probably the toughest of the Vets handicap courses, on 26 April, six days before. Perhaps the 5k, but even then - it might be wise to use it as a tempo run not a race.

I am putting off until tomorrow another procrastination heading. Today is a day of action! Possibly.

Graeme at Stromlo

Michelle at Stromlo
Both Graeme & Michelle got away with light training last night.


  1. Can't post in the C-box despite it being fully visible today at work. Anyway, thoughts are coffee/brunch at Carlos on Monday after the handicap, say 11:30 am given the 9 am start. I'll see if I can book a table today.

  2. Cbox: I have impersonated Janene.

  3. That is such a good impersonation, I can't tell us apart ;-).

    Table is booked, will also send out FB invitation tonight.

  4. Can't see CBox at work 8-( but can see FB 8-))

  5. Love the bright colours and the heading looks great. The blue and green combination is very effective. Michelle and Graeme also look good.

  6. There's more grass on your blog than out at Stromlo. Only problem for me is 1cm horizontal scrolling and 'About Me' obscured by goose neck :)

  7. Ewen, if you hover your mouse over 'About Me' it highlights it in red.