Wednesday, 14 April 2010

...runners who sleep in will find themselves running late...

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 with 11 comments
Light on possible problems with new templates is found at
… The new templates feature the blog content housed in a transparent layer, so you can see the background beneath the content. As you scroll through the blog content, the background is displayed, in its glory. Your computer has to redraw the background, and the blog content, constantly, as you scroll. That takes computing power. … If your readers tend to use older computers, and slow Internet service (dialup even!), you might do well to look for a background that's lighter in resource use…

Check out the whole article. Meanwhile, given that some of you do have older slower computers, I will fix the problem for you by uploading my own background image. As soon as blogger (in draft) gives me the abilty to do so! Such a background image will be much lighter in resource than the default ones.

More Fun Run pictures


Jen, Rachelle, Heidi, Karen

Ken, Maria, Katie
- and apples!


  1. You must be the envy of many with so many gorgeous women in your gaggle of speedygeese!

  2. Check out Amanda's abs!!

  3. Yes as Jana Rawlinson (or was she Pitman at the time?) said, "Amanda is ripped"

  4. I would show off my abs too if they looked anywhere near as good as that.

  5. Mine are.

    That explains why it takes my ancient 2008 PC 5 minutes to scroll down to the comments link. My tip would be to have no background image at all (it's obscured anyway) and instead have a dark blue background colour. Or... don't have the background fixed - let it scroll with the content.

  6. Ewen I have little choice with the official designer templates.
    The only thing I can try is what I have just done, remove the background altogether (*sob*). Now how does it behave for you and your old computer?

  7. That's 150% better!! And I'm not given to exaggeration. Or excessive use of exclamation marks.

  8. OK! In fact it loads faster for me now! So that's how it will stay pending further investigation! But I don't like my colours and fonts any more!

  9. Jen is right - she looks like a size 16 in that photo. Must be something to do with the wide angle lens, viewpoint, and being on the outside of the photo.

  10. Jen says she doesn't like the photo? That's because she is standing next to Rachelle who's wasp like waist I could close my hands around. Except I'd never dare as I don't want to die just yet. Never stand next to Rachelle in a photo! I can say all this because I know only Ewen will read it. Or maybe Bron. And at a pinch, Janene. So I still live. They are all gorgeous Janene, very true. I must have done something good in a previous life.

  11. She didn't exactly say she doesn't like it. We were talking about photos and she said "did you see that photo of me on Geoff's blog! I look like a size 16!"

    I'm off for a run in the rain :)