Tuesday, 27 April 2010

marathons hurt!!!

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But are marathons supposed to hurt this much?
Suzie Gye London Marathon 4:23:12
And .. she tripped and fell at the finish line, breaking her elbow, hurting her wrist, and needing a stitch in her chin. OUCH!
Suzie has deferred her return to Canberra while she gets treatment, which means among other things she is an apology for the 10 May dinner.

Suzie enjoying the sun on Stockton beach

Customs Handicap, Friday
Because I am running Customs now I will include the speedygeese results here:
4 Geoff Moore 21:31
15 Bronwyn Calver 23:12
18 Caroline Campbell 27:42
27 Thea Zimple 24:50
34 finishers
I find the run relatively easy because the course is mainly flat. And lunchtime weather has been so very pleasant of late.

Vets Handicap Majura 5k, Sunday
9 Katie Forestier W40 20:47 85.2%
10 Ken White M55 21:16 82.9
20 Gary Bowen M50 21:54 78.3
26 Amanda Walker W40 23:42 73.6
30 Graeme Patrick M55 24:07 73.6
35 Cathy Montalto W55 28:13 73.4
36 Michelle Wells W35 26:50 62.7
37 Maria O'Reilly W55 26:51 74.9
43 Geoff Moore M60 24:01 76.0
56 Rod Lynch M50 29:27 56.6
57 finishers
Another great run by Katie, and shows how great Elaine was who holds the W40 record in 20:20 (and the W45 record in 19:52). But I ask the same question as last month, is the course somewhat longer than it was in the past? I think so.
Rod sustained another injury. A few of us were saving ourselves for the weekend, that's my excuse anyway. But to tell the truth, this old man couldn't handle the hills. Not so spritely now, eh?

Vets Handicap Majura 10k, Sunday
2 Colleen Koh W30 54:04 60.8%
5 Yili Zhu M45 52:59 62.5
19 David Baussmann M55 49:00 75.4
26 Caroline Campbell W65 55:54 86.2
38 Nadine Morrison W40 46:55 74.8
40 Margaret McSpadden W60 63:21 70.6
49 Miranda Rawlinson W55 56:35 73.5
53 Christopher Lang M55 56:06 65.9
73 Brett Morrison M40 47:47 65.7
76 Tony Booth M70 65:10 64.1
78 Bronwyn Calver W40 52:52 66.4
83 Ewen Thompson M50 59:38 58.2
84 Craig Davis M40 50:37 62.1
87 Helen Larmour W50 53:48 72.2
88 Roger Pilkington M50 53:49 63.3
89 Janene Kingston W45 55:50 63.6
90 Emma Adams W40 50:22 69.8
91 Andrew Matthews M50 46:19 73.5
92 Mick Charlton M55 62:58 58.0
96 finishers
The last four of these were, again, saving themselves for Sunday, but it was still a challenging run. anyway, placing at the back of the field won't do their handicap starts any harm next time.

Training at Parliament House
Understandably numbers were down, what with it being a public holiday, and the Majura race on the same day. I wonder if next year when Anzac Day coincides with Easter Monday, we'll have a Vets Handicap, the Anzac relays, and Monday training (of course), all together? That would be a major effort, although the Pies/Bombers match (Bronwyn, Tim, Graeme etc) and the T&F Nationals in Brisbane (me, Craig etc) would mean many of us would not be here to experience it.

Bring torches next time, everyone
Early run: Andy, Craig, me, Jennifer, Ruth 8k fastish jog. 
Later training (3 x 1k with exercises) Craig, me, Jennifer, Karen, Warrick, Yelena. We did our first long interval session; loops around the long west side track (x3) stopping occasionally for push-ups, chin-ups, dips. The next few weeks when a larger number participate, we will probably have to mix & match the exercise stations, to avoid bottlenecks.
Everyone, bring torches next Monday

But Monday week (10 May) is the speedygeese dinner. Please reply! Fifteen names so far... many more to come. "You are invited to the Speedygeese Dinner at Two Sisters, Dickson Lao Thai Cuisine at the friendliest restaurant in Dickson. Just $25 per head for the banquet, it's a bargain, and licensed, or byo wine $2.90 corkage. Time: 7:30pm, Date: Monday 10th May. Training will be suspended for that day! Family, friends are welcome too. RSVP Friday 7 May. I have booked for 40 so there will be no problem fitting everyone in. Please let me know if you wish to order off the menu instead of having the $25 banquet."

More spritely in March
Gary & I. How quickly everything changes!


  1. the 10k measured as 10.18k for me...

    spectacular, if painful, finish for Suzie...one way to stand out in a crowd!

  2. Elbow fractures are nasty :-(. Here's wishing Suzie a speedy (of course!) recovery.

  3. Andy's 10km result is conspicuous by its absence. I think he ran it in about 46mins which is pretty damn quick for that course. Oh dear, poor Suzie - not a good way to finish. Like Janene, I wish her a speedy recovery.:(

  4. Thanks Strewthie, the last couple of finishers got dropped of the list somehow. I do it all by hand so it's inevitable the occasional mistake creeps in. All fixed now.