Thursday, 22 April 2010

My song of the week: "Just Another Pilot", by Rhubarb. From the 2002 album "Slow Motion". There doesn't appear to be a video clip, so here is a link. I like its haunting sound, I think it was recorded ten years too soon. They got a lot of JJJ airplay back then, a Rhubarb revival is now due.

Yesterday's BBQ Stakes results:
Gary Bowen 26:50
Bob Harlow 26:55
Geoff Moore 26:56
Geoff Monro 29:10
Roger Pilkington 31:37
Caroline Campbell 35:20 **PB by 54 seconds

Gary, Bob and I did not run together: I gave Bob 15 seconds start and failed to gain any ground over the 6k; and Gary gave me 15 seconds start and ditto except right at the end he pulled in 5 or 6 seconds, at least that's what I imagine would have happened. Bob's recent PB is 26:17, but again I imagine he has run much faster years ago. Caroline has been training with the speedgeese Mondays and Thursdays and attributes her improvement to the intense anaerobic work she has done with us recently. Speaking of which, today at Dickson is the last such session and even then I might make it easier than usual. Perhaps. Or maybe not. Geoff's run of 29:10 was a jog; he runs well under 24 minutes, even recently.



As the number of speedygeese increases how will I ever keep up with the numbers? Collecting their results and listing them here becomes a larger task (but one which I enjoy) especially since I would like if possible to include those who join the speedygeese Facebook group (which is how Bob's name gets to be added today) and anyone who joins in rarely even though they have their own training elsewhere (which is how Geoff Monro's name gets to be added). Will I have to employ others as assistants? I guarantee they would get 50% of my pay. No problem, half of zero is zero. My pleasure. So, any volunteers? No? That's OK.

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  1. My middle name was going to be procrastination but I never got around to changing it by deed poll.