Sunday, 4 April 2010

Good Friday, Better Saturday, Best Sunday?

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No official AMA Track championships results have turned up on the AMA website yet, but I see that Roger and Bruce have been posting some of the Perth results in their blogs.
A highlight of Saturday was Katie's 6 second PB in the 1500m to grab the silver medal. I don't have the other 1500m results yet.
Sunday may turn out "best" with the 5000m races scheduled, featuring our Kathy, Katie, Janene, Tony & Roger.

Janene at Stromlo
Janene has been enjoying the Masters Championships in Perth, especially all the PBs!

I see also that the AMA marathon championships will be at the Gold Coast this year. Pity I cannot go, I may have been ready for a marathon by the time July rocked around..

While all this excitement is happening in Perth, I am having a grandchildren-filled holiday! It's the bestest.


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