Friday, 30 April 2010

quinces are my favourite food

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, April 30, 2010 with 2 comments
From Wednesday's Canberra Times. Two days earlier, we bought up much of the Booth's supply. And have been enjoying stewed quinces with honey and ginger for dessert every day since.

Happy birthday Karen; 29 today!

Dickson training. Craig & I ran ~12.8k early, then we were joined by Brett, Bronwyn, Caroline, Colleen, Janene, Jen, Karen, Margaret, Maria, Marilyn (new), Michelle, Nadine, Neil, Roger & Troy for a session where we did 4 x ~850m (2 laps in lane 4) with starts ranging from "GO" for Caroline, Margaret, Marilyn to 1:10 for Karen & Jen and 1:20 for Troy. When we do this again next week I will adjust starts so that everyone has a 4:30 finish target.

Troy at Stromlo

Marathon Day: the temperature range forecast for Sunday is an ideal 6-22. Still looking good! Unluckily my left achilles is sore again as it was a few weeks ago. Not fair, just two days before the big race! More entrants: Craig Davis is running the Half Marathon (entered as “Davis Craig”, which is why I didn't find his name before), and Stephen McDonald is running the marathon. I see too that Scott McTaggart is entered in the Half Marathon, so I don't think any of us will win it outright this year.


  1. Happy birthday Karen!

    Sorry about the dodgy achilles Geoff. Plaster it with patches and hope for the best. A sure PB for Davis Craig coming up. Looks like the weather will be perfect!

  2. Patches - that's what fixed it before, in more than two days however.
    Davis has entered races in the past, so he has runs on the board. I have yet to meet this imaginary friend of Craig's.
    People don't understand the meaning of "surname" any more? I blame the teachers.