Saturday, 17 April 2010

Today's race: 33rd in 33:33

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, April 17, 2010 with 4 comments
I ran the Stromlo Forest Park 7.5k cross country race today. It was three laps of the large grass circuit whose surface is a bit rough but improving, thank goodness. My aim was 4:30 per k again but I had run 10k starting four hours earlier and after hard runs Wednesday Thursday and Friday could have been excused for a poor run. But I am determined to make 4:30 pace second nature, wanting to run (at least) a half marathon at that pace or better this year.

At the finish I was given the 33rd place tag, and my time was 33:33. Which is interesting as the 5k race yesterday, the Customs Handicap, was 22:22 which, for the mathematically challenged among the readers, I can report is exactly the same pace.

Also, to save you doing the maths, 4:30s for the 7.5k would have been 33:45, so I got under it by 12 seconds.

Only two weeks now to the half marathon!

5k Customs Handicap 9/4
Bronwyn 22:41
Me 22:41
Yili 22:46
Sharene 30:10 (1st on handicap)

5k Customs Handicap 16/4
Yili 21:28
Brett 21:51
Me 22:22
Bronwyn 22:52
Thea 24:57

Margaret at Stromlo

Debbie leading Helen at Stromlo


  1. Hi Geoff. Just in case you forget, the website for the T-Shirt, it was Cafe Press:



  2. Great run Speedygeoff! I'd love to run on that grass. Or better still have a afternoon snooze on in on a warm autumn afternoon.

  3. If only you were 33 years old the maths would have been perfect!

    I might work on making 5:30 pace second nature - just have to get Ruth to speed up to that and Jen to slow down.