Thursday, 1 January 2015

speedygeese training

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On Saturday 27th I ran by myself from Acton Ferry terminal, 8:30am. There were plenty of friendly people enjoying the lake. 12k was enough on the day.

Sunday 28th Andrew and I ran at Stromlo Forest Park, 7:30am, several recovery laps. It was great to catch up with Kevin Chamberlain, who was there with his two sons Grant and John, and a daughter-in-law, trying themselves out over 1k intervals.

Then on Monday 28th, Jen and I ran 4k early, 5:00pm, then at 5:30pm Andy, Ben (new), Colin, Dan, me, Isaac, Jen & Ruth ran 8 x 400m loops (with one steep hill) on 4 minutes - our NW circuit from the tennis court.

And in other news, Susan Sturgeon had her baby a couple of weeks ago,

Happy New Year everybody!

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  1. So exciting about Susan. Do you have any details? Lovely news! And Happy New Year speedychief to you and yours. :)