Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Bronwyn collides with kangaroo. Only in Canberra!

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 with 3 comments

We often hear of or see members of the speedygeese take a fall when out training. Bronwyn now has bragging rights for the most spectacular fall of all, which makes our efforts so far pale into insignificance. And it's all on video.  How many people who are cycling near Parliament House collide with a kangaroo? Kangaroos can do a lot of damage to a car, let's hope Bronwyn will recover quickly. Her 8 stitches around a knee are due to be removed in another week or so.

Will the video go "viral"?


  1. Ouch! Hopefully Bronwyn will be back on the bike soon, and I assume the kangaroo was fine!

    1. Sadly the kangaroo hopped away, shaken, into traffic and was struck and killed by a car.

  2. No, only 147,000 hits on Youtube. Needs a few million more to be viral.