Sunday, 4 January 2015

4 January

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#GMJanuaryChallenge2015 Day 4
Aerobic 20 minutes
Balance practice

For balance practice, I discovered I am a lot better on my own when nobody is watching, than I am at the gym. Either that, or I am improving. Either way I am not good at balancing. Yet.

For the 20 minutes I went on a brisk walk to the shops, and returned briskly back up the hill carrying various refreshments in the form of drinks!

Hours earlier, at Stromlo Forest Park, I ran 14k, Andrew less. Interesting to see for the second time someone practising for the World Cross Country Trials to be held there on 8 February. As we will be training there again that morning, I shall be watching all the events with great interest.

Actually we will be training there every Sunday morning, 7:30am start. Do come along!


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