Friday, 30 April 2010

quinces are my favourite food

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From Wednesday's Canberra Times. Two days earlier, we bought up much of the Booth's supply. And have been enjoying stewed quinces with honey and ginger for dessert every day since.

Happy birthday Karen; 29 today!

Dickson training. Craig & I ran ~12.8k early, then we were joined by Brett, Bronwyn, Caroline, Colleen, Janene, Jen, Karen, Margaret, Maria, Marilyn (new), Michelle, Nadine, Neil, Roger & Troy for a session where we did 4 x ~850m (2 laps in lane 4) with starts ranging from "GO" for Caroline, Margaret, Marilyn to 1:10 for Karen & Jen and 1:20 for Troy. When we do this again next week I will adjust starts so that everyone has a 4:30 finish target.

Troy at Stromlo

Marathon Day: the temperature range forecast for Sunday is an ideal 6-22. Still looking good! Unluckily my left achilles is sore again as it was a few weeks ago. Not fair, just two days before the big race! More entrants: Craig Davis is running the Half Marathon (entered as “Davis Craig”, which is why I didn't find his name before), and Stephen McDonald is running the marathon. I see too that Scott McTaggart is entered in the Half Marathon, so I don't think any of us will win it outright this year.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

bring a torch

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Torches will NOT be needed tonight at Dickson!
Torches WILL be needed on Monday night at Parliament House!
Long sleeves will almost certainly be needed, it cools down quickly in the evenings. My beanie and gloves have been found and will be taken to training too, just in case.

Update on the Speedygeese Dinner at Two Sisters on 10 May:
Booked for up to 40
Invited ~80
Acceptances so far 22
Yet to reply ~40

Canberra Road Running Festival
Link to entrants:
Update: Since yesterday, Charlie McCormack has entered the marathon. Andrew Matthews will enter the Half Marathon.

ACTVAC Annual General Meeting:
25 May 2010 at 7:30pm
Southern Cross Club Woden
Guest Speaker: Dick Telford
It is important that all ACTVAC members plan to attend this meeting. There are more than enough people indicating they are going to stand for committee; you won't be roped in; and which ones end up being elected will have an enormous impact on the future direction of the club. So be there! There are some speedygeese standing for some of the positions, so we need you to be there and vote for them.

More Majura runners
Gary looking very trendy in his matching top, shorts, shoes.

Maria and Michelle enjoying a pleasant work-out six days before their marathon.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Canberra Road Running Festival - who has entered?

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Bob Harlow
Bronia Rowe
Debbie Cowell
Graeme Patrick
Jennifer Bright
Katherine Sheppard
Kylie Malone
Liz Bennett
Maria O'Reilly
Michelle Wells
Roger Pilkington (4 hour pacer)
Ruth Baussmann
Warrick Howieson

Brett Morrison
Caroline Campbell
Cathy Montalto
David Baussmann
Geoff Moore
Janene Kingston
Kerrie Tanner (won't be running)
Kym Chisholm
Margaret McSpadden
Melanie Tait
Mick Horan
Nadine Morrison
Thea Zimpel
Yili Zhu

Amanda Walker
Ewen Thompson
Katie Forestier
Ken White

And a big thank you to all those not competing who will be officiating. Without you these events would never take place.

Entries are still open, and late entries will be taken on both days of the weekend, so it is possible that more speedygeese will end up running (e.g. Andy!) The 5k will be held at 3:30pm on Saturday, and the marathon and half marathon start together at 7:00am on Sunday. Everyone who is not competing should come and enjoy the occasion, and support the runners. I am certainly looking forward to it. And it looks like being great running weather and great spectator weather.

Not as cold as last year
Marathon entrants Bob & Roger at Majura

Half marathon entrant Yili (white cap) at Majura

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

marathons hurt!!!

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But are marathons supposed to hurt this much?
Suzie Gye London Marathon 4:23:12
And .. she tripped and fell at the finish line, breaking her elbow, hurting her wrist, and needing a stitch in her chin. OUCH!
Suzie has deferred her return to Canberra while she gets treatment, which means among other things she is an apology for the 10 May dinner.

Suzie enjoying the sun on Stockton beach

Customs Handicap, Friday
Because I am running Customs now I will include the speedygeese results here:
4 Geoff Moore 21:31
15 Bronwyn Calver 23:12
18 Caroline Campbell 27:42
27 Thea Zimple 24:50
34 finishers
I find the run relatively easy because the course is mainly flat. And lunchtime weather has been so very pleasant of late.

Vets Handicap Majura 5k, Sunday
9 Katie Forestier W40 20:47 85.2%
10 Ken White M55 21:16 82.9
20 Gary Bowen M50 21:54 78.3
26 Amanda Walker W40 23:42 73.6
30 Graeme Patrick M55 24:07 73.6
35 Cathy Montalto W55 28:13 73.4
36 Michelle Wells W35 26:50 62.7
37 Maria O'Reilly W55 26:51 74.9
43 Geoff Moore M60 24:01 76.0
56 Rod Lynch M50 29:27 56.6
57 finishers
Another great run by Katie, and shows how great Elaine was who holds the W40 record in 20:20 (and the W45 record in 19:52). But I ask the same question as last month, is the course somewhat longer than it was in the past? I think so.
Rod sustained another injury. A few of us were saving ourselves for the weekend, that's my excuse anyway. But to tell the truth, this old man couldn't handle the hills. Not so spritely now, eh?

Vets Handicap Majura 10k, Sunday
2 Colleen Koh W30 54:04 60.8%
5 Yili Zhu M45 52:59 62.5
19 David Baussmann M55 49:00 75.4
26 Caroline Campbell W65 55:54 86.2
38 Nadine Morrison W40 46:55 74.8
40 Margaret McSpadden W60 63:21 70.6
49 Miranda Rawlinson W55 56:35 73.5
53 Christopher Lang M55 56:06 65.9
73 Brett Morrison M40 47:47 65.7
76 Tony Booth M70 65:10 64.1
78 Bronwyn Calver W40 52:52 66.4
83 Ewen Thompson M50 59:38 58.2
84 Craig Davis M40 50:37 62.1
87 Helen Larmour W50 53:48 72.2
88 Roger Pilkington M50 53:49 63.3
89 Janene Kingston W45 55:50 63.6
90 Emma Adams W40 50:22 69.8
91 Andrew Matthews M50 46:19 73.5
92 Mick Charlton M55 62:58 58.0
96 finishers
The last four of these were, again, saving themselves for Sunday, but it was still a challenging run. anyway, placing at the back of the field won't do their handicap starts any harm next time.

Training at Parliament House
Understandably numbers were down, what with it being a public holiday, and the Majura race on the same day. I wonder if next year when Anzac Day coincides with Easter Monday, we'll have a Vets Handicap, the Anzac relays, and Monday training (of course), all together? That would be a major effort, although the Pies/Bombers match (Bronwyn, Tim, Graeme etc) and the T&F Nationals in Brisbane (me, Craig etc) would mean many of us would not be here to experience it.

Bring torches next time, everyone
Early run: Andy, Craig, me, Jennifer, Ruth 8k fastish jog. 
Later training (3 x 1k with exercises) Craig, me, Jennifer, Karen, Warrick, Yelena. We did our first long interval session; loops around the long west side track (x3) stopping occasionally for push-ups, chin-ups, dips. The next few weeks when a larger number participate, we will probably have to mix & match the exercise stations, to avoid bottlenecks.
Everyone, bring torches next Monday

But Monday week (10 May) is the speedygeese dinner. Please reply! Fifteen names so far... many more to come. "You are invited to the Speedygeese Dinner at Two Sisters, Dickson Lao Thai Cuisine at the friendliest restaurant in Dickson. Just $25 per head for the banquet, it's a bargain, and licensed, or byo wine $2.90 corkage. Time: 7:30pm, Date: Monday 10th May. Training will be suspended for that day! Family, friends are welcome too. RSVP Friday 7 May. I have booked for 40 so there will be no problem fitting everyone in. Please let me know if you wish to order off the menu instead of having the $25 banquet."

More spritely in March
Gary & I. How quickly everything changes!

Monday, 26 April 2010

quake and tremor

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What's on this week: (updated Mondays)
Monday 26 April Parliament House 4:30pm jog, 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Wednesday 28 April 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Wednesday 28 April 5:45pm Parliament House, easy run, usually about 12k. [edit: 5:30pm this week?]
Thursday 29 April: Dickson 4:00pm jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Friday 30 April: 12:15pm Customs 5k handicap, Stage 88
Saturday 1 May: 1:00pm - 5:30pm National Capital Road Running Festival expo, and 5k run, 2k run
Sunday 2 May: 7:00am National Capital Road Running Festival Half marathon, Marathon, and Ultra-marathon.

 I will be there Monday & Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.

Today is Boobquake Day. Sounds like something not to be missed! We are expecting many large tremors.
Here is the link to Boobquake Canberra.

Today is also Ewen's 53rd birthday.
Happy birthday Ewen

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Today’s procrastinator is tomorrow’s leader

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Veng said that.

See you all tomorrow:
9:00 am Vets handicap@Majura;
11:30 am brunch@Carlos;
4:30 pm 8kjog@PH,
5:30 pm interval training@PH.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

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It was Mark Twain who said that.

This has been an easier week for me than the last as I look forward to a minor taper for the half marathon. The road running festival is now only seven days away, It looks like being a great event, so far there are over 1,000 entrants but many more will register at the last minute, I would think. On-line entries are still being taken.

In yesterday's Customs joggers 5k run I "cruised" around in 21:31. It couldn't have felt easier; the niggles might be slowly subsiding. Without really pushing the pace, I was trying out one of my new pairs of shoes, the Lunar Racers, to see how they felt. They are very light and felt fast but it may take me more than a week to run them in properly, and they may not afford me quite enough cushioning on the road at this stage.

Meanwhile this morning I ran 12k+ in the rain in my other new pair of shoes, a new version of the Nike Free 5.0. The decision is already taken: the Frees feel far more comfortable and will be what I wear next Sunday.

See you on the start line.

Friday, 23 April 2010

You know a marathon is around the corner when on a PERFECT autumn day in Canberra we do an easy training session and go home wanting more! Tapers suck! The plan is, by the time this marathon/half marathon in my case arrives, we will be (mixed metaphor alert) champing at the bit, ready for kick-off. The morning is cold, the run lasts 210 minutes, those are the facts, everything else is pure theory. Off we go! (Run Lola Run!)

Training last night were Maria & I who ran early (a hilly 11.3k) and then joined Brett, Bronwyn, Cathy, Craig, Graeme, Janene, Jennifer, Karen, Margaret, Michelle, Nadine, Neil, Ruth & Yelena. 100m relays: with 15 training we could have had three teams of five but I chose to complicate and confuse by having a team of four, one of five, and one of six, running a continuous relay of 100m for each runner. The teams of five did twelve 100s each and stood their ground on the baton change; the teams of four did fifteen each and had to jog back 100m, and the team of six ran ten each and jogged forward 100m. Fun and confusion and an easier session for all but four!

Coaching advice: The Vets handicap is on Monday. If you are running the marathon on 2 May it's probably not a good idea to race a hard 10k, probably the toughest of the Vets handicap courses, on 26 April, six days before. Perhaps the 5k, but even then - it might be wise to use it as a tempo run not a race.

I am putting off until tomorrow another procrastination heading. Today is a day of action! Possibly.

Graeme at Stromlo

Michelle at Stromlo
Both Graeme & Michelle got away with light training last night.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

My song of the week: "Just Another Pilot", by Rhubarb. From the 2002 album "Slow Motion". There doesn't appear to be a video clip, so here is a link. I like its haunting sound, I think it was recorded ten years too soon. They got a lot of JJJ airplay back then, a Rhubarb revival is now due.

Yesterday's BBQ Stakes results:
Gary Bowen 26:50
Bob Harlow 26:55
Geoff Moore 26:56
Geoff Monro 29:10
Roger Pilkington 31:37
Caroline Campbell 35:20 **PB by 54 seconds

Gary, Bob and I did not run together: I gave Bob 15 seconds start and failed to gain any ground over the 6k; and Gary gave me 15 seconds start and ditto except right at the end he pulled in 5 or 6 seconds, at least that's what I imagine would have happened. Bob's recent PB is 26:17, but again I imagine he has run much faster years ago. Caroline has been training with the speedgeese Mondays and Thursdays and attributes her improvement to the intense anaerobic work she has done with us recently. Speaking of which, today at Dickson is the last such session and even then I might make it easier than usual. Perhaps. Or maybe not. Geoff's run of 29:10 was a jog; he runs well under 24 minutes, even recently.



As the number of speedygeese increases how will I ever keep up with the numbers? Collecting their results and listing them here becomes a larger task (but one which I enjoy) especially since I would like if possible to include those who join the speedygeese Facebook group (which is how Bob's name gets to be added today) and anyone who joins in rarely even though they have their own training elsewhere (which is how Geoff Monro's name gets to be added). Will I have to employ others as assistants? I guarantee they would get 50% of my pay. No problem, half of zero is zero. My pleasure. So, any volunteers? No? That's OK.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The word for tomorrow is: procrastination

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Monday training: Colleen & Rachelle ran early then had to leave; Caroline, Craig, Jen (new), me, Miranda & Ruth also ran early while Andrew, Ewen & Jennifer were late for the early run; we all were then joined for the main session by Bronwyn, Cathy, Emma, Helen, Joel, Karen, Katherine, Richard, Tony, Troy, Warrick & Yelena. Graeme briefly too but he didn't stay. We ran our final anaerobic session for a while; a repeat of the last two weeks, sprints & short rests for twenty minutes, except the teams of six were seeded: fast; medium; slow(ish!).

AND BY THE WAY next Monday, despite being a holiday & a Vets Handicap day, will still see me turning up at 4:430pm/5:30pm for training at Parliament House. 

Retail Therapy
I have too much to do so I will have to defer some things. Rats! And the marathon is coming round very fast. The pressure is on. I think I will have to visit the Runners Shop today and get new shoes, that will help. And if this weather holds the day will be brilliant! The Cross Country Club is set for a great weekend on 1-2 May. I would have liked some more volunteers to be pacers but of course we will run with what we've got.

I now have no less than four browsers to choose between, I have loaded and switched to Safari. I like it, the other three, IE, Opera, Chrome, had minor problems (different minor problems) all of which are not apparent in Safari. For some of my work I had to actually use a combination of Chrome/IE or Opera/IE, now I can just use Safari without having to change. I am quite pleased. And I am very surprised to discover that Safari is at least as good as Opera and Chrome in its look and feel, and in how it works. I'm sold on it! If I am not pestered by "Apple" ads it will stay. The reason I have so many browsers is (a) to check that any blog redesign looks OK in each browser, and (b) to run different gmail accounts with ease simultaneously. And (c) I suppose: if something fails to work in one it's probably OK in another.

More Stromlo runners
Christopher (he's the tall one), Mary Ann, and Ruth

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Australian Team for the Commonwealth Games

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"Our Lauren" is off to the Commonwealth Games to compete in the 400m hurdles. As Australian champion for the 4th time, and having broken the A qualifier three times this year, she was an automatic qualifier for the Games team. Lauren is in the peak of form and we wish her all the best. The Games will be held in October in New Delhi.
Lauren is the 21 year old daughter of speedygoose Neil Boden.

Men (42)
100m: Aaron Rouge-Serret (22, Vic)
200m: Matt Davies (25, Qld)*
400m: Ben Offereins (24, WA), John Steffensen (27, NSW), Joel Milburn (24, NSW)
800m: Lachlan Renshaw (23, NSW), Ryan Gregson (19, NSW)
1500m: Gregson, Jeff Riseley (23, Vic), Jeremy Roff (26, NSW)
5000m: Ben St Lawrence (28, NSW), Collis Birmingham (25, Vic), David McNeill (23, Vic)
10,000m: Birmingham
400m hurdles: Brendan Cole (28, ACT), Tristan Thomas (23, ACT)
High jump: Liam Zamel-Paez (21, Qld)
Pole vault: Steve Hooker (27, WA)
Long jump: Fabrice Lapierre (26, NSW), Chris Noffke (22, Qld), Mitchell Watt (22, Qld)
Shot put: Scott Martin (27, Vic), Dale Stevenson (22, Vic)
Discus throw: Benn Harradine (27, Vic), Martin, Julian Wruck (18, Qld)
Hammer throw: Tim Driesen (26, Vic), Simon Wardhaugh (24, Qld)
Javelin throw: Jarrod Bannister (25, Vic)
20km walk: Luke Adams (33, NSW), Chris Erickson (28, Vic), Jared Tallent (25, Vic)
T46 100m: Gabriel Cole (18, SA), Heath Francis (28, ACT), Simon Patmore (22, Qld)
T54 1500m: Richard Colman (25, Vic), Kurt Fearnley (29, NSW), Jake Lappin (17, Vic)
F32/34/52 shot put: Damien Bowen (25, ACT), Hamish MacDonald (35, ACT)
4x100m relay: Davies, Jacob Groth (24, NSW), Patrick Johnson (37, Qld), Isaac Ntiamoah (27, NSW), Rouge-Serret
4x400m relay: Milburn, Kevin Moore (19, NSW), Offereins, Steffensen, Sean Wroe (25, Vic)

Women (27)
100m: Melissa Breen (19, ACT)
5000m: Eloise Wellings (27, NSW)
10,000m: Wellings
100m hurdles: Hayley Butler (25, NSW), Sally McLellan (23, Qld)
400m hurdles: Lauren Boden (21, ACT)
Marathon: Lisa Weightman (31, Vic)
High jump: Ellen Pettitt (23, NSW)*, Petrina Price (25, NSW)
Pole vault: Amanda Bisk (24, WA), Alana Boyd (25, WA), Liz Parnov (15, WA)
Shot put: Joanne Mirtschin (29, ACT)
Discus throw: Dani Samuels (21, NSW)
Hammer throw: Karyn di Marco (32, NSW), Bronwyn Eagles (29, NSW), Gabrielle Neighbour (26, Vic)
Javelin throw: Kimberley Mickle (25, WA), Kathryn Mitchell (27, Vic)
20km walk: Claire Tallent (28, SA), Cheryl Webb (33, NSW)
T37 100m: Jodi Elkington (16, Vic)
T54 1500m: Christie Dawes (23, NSW)
F32-34/52/53 shot put: Louise Ellery (33, Vic), Brydee Moore (19, Vic)
4x400m relay: Jody Henry (25, WA), Tamsyn Lewis (31, Vic), Pirrenee Steinert (25, NSW)

More athletes will be added in August. A report can be found at

Lauren Boden

Monday, 19 April 2010

Andale, Andale! Arriba, Arriba! Yii-hah!!

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I am feeling speedy today. Hoping you are the same.

What's on this week: (updated Mondays)
Monday 19 April Parliament House 4:30pm jog, 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Wednesday 21 April 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Wednesday 21 April 5:45pm Parliament House, easy run, usually about 12k. [edit: 5:30pm this week]
Thursday 23 April: Dickson 4:00pm jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Friday 23 April: 12:15pm Customs 5k handicap, Stage 88
Saturday 24 April: 9:00am I run from the Discovery Centre with a group of students
Saturday 24 April: 1:00pm ACTCCC Anzac Relays 4x3.6k Northcote Dr Majura

**Monday 26 April** 9:00am Vets Handicap Mt Majura. **not Sunday**

Speedyself at Stromlo
Wearing my very old MR25 singlet.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


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I'm easily distracted.

Saturday 17 April
Stromlo Forest Park 5k
16. Yili Zhu M45 21:51
36 finishers

Stromlo Forest Park 7.5k
33. Geoff Moore M60 33:32
42 finishers
There were not many there on a perfect sunny Saturday!

Heidi leading Michelle (temporarily) at Stromlo
Heidi is currently recovering from an operation: get well soon!

Suzie is on her way to London to run the marathon. So far all flights have cancelled, let's hope she makes it.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Today's race: 33rd in 33:33

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I ran the Stromlo Forest Park 7.5k cross country race today. It was three laps of the large grass circuit whose surface is a bit rough but improving, thank goodness. My aim was 4:30 per k again but I had run 10k starting four hours earlier and after hard runs Wednesday Thursday and Friday could have been excused for a poor run. But I am determined to make 4:30 pace second nature, wanting to run (at least) a half marathon at that pace or better this year.

At the finish I was given the 33rd place tag, and my time was 33:33. Which is interesting as the 5k race yesterday, the Customs Handicap, was 22:22 which, for the mathematically challenged among the readers, I can report is exactly the same pace.

Also, to save you doing the maths, 4:30s for the 7.5k would have been 33:45, so I got under it by 12 seconds.

Only two weeks now to the half marathon!

5k Customs Handicap 9/4
Bronwyn 22:41
Me 22:41
Yili 22:46
Sharene 30:10 (1st on handicap)

5k Customs Handicap 16/4
Yili 21:28
Brett 21:51
Me 22:22
Bronwyn 22:52
Thea 24:57

Margaret at Stromlo

Debbie leading Helen at Stromlo

Friday, 16 April 2010

another post heading with an exclamation mark at the end!

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Dickson training last night: Craig & I ran 12k up Mount Majura early, then we were joined by Alan, Amanda, Bronwyn, Brett, Janene, Karen, Katie, Ken, Kym (new), Margaret, Maria, Michelle, Nadine, Roger, Ruth, Susan & Yelena who were put into teams of two for the interval session, Rachelle who only stayed for the two laps warm-up, and Troy who paced it with Katie until subbing for Yelena late in the session.

Each runner doing 12 x 330m! with 110m recovery, the teams sorted themselves out in order Ken/Katie, Karen/Michelle, Bronwyn/Brett, Janene/Nadine, Amanda/Maria, Roger/Craig, Yelena/Kym, Susan/Alan, Ruth/Margaret. At the end there was about 100m between the first 2 teams, another 200m to team 3. A great effort all round. And thanks to all-rounder's report I didn't have to type the names!

David at Stromlo

Thursday, 15 April 2010

customed as I am

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If you have viewed "My Training Diary" recently (and I don't expect anyone has) you will have noticed that last Friday I ran in the weekly Customs handicap. This was my first run there in over three years, but it is one of the two best lunch-time runs available each week. (By "one of the two best", like everyone else who uses that phrase, of course I mean "the second best"). My decision was to run with Bronwyn as she is in good form and runs very consistently whether or not she has trained hard in the preceding days. And I did so, not expecting to be able to outsprint her but happy to push the pace along with her. I was surprised that although it was a good tempo pace my hamstrings were a bit tight, probably due to the 20k run the evening before. moral #1: before a tempo run, do a full normal race warm-up. I was a little dismayed to hear that because I was "ineligible" my handicap would be adjusted "heaps" next time; I really only wanted to continue doing tempo runs each week. moral #2: running tempo runs within races can suck you into going too fast. I am accustomed to running a bit faster than I did, so it is going to be hard to hold back tomorrow when I repeat the dose. My guess is that 4:30s is my tempo pace; Friday's time was 22:41 which is almost spot on. Until I get fitter I really don't want to run any faster, especially if Wednesdays and Thursdays are going to continue to be solid running days.

The other race I have managed to re-visit is the BBQ Stakes. The best lunch-time run in Canberra. I was going to race three in a row starting last week, but my car broke down on the way! So it will be two (at least) in a row starting yesterday. I ended up running with young Alana (who ran 23:32 on Sunday in the Fun Run, 53rd overall and 9th in the very competitive 10-14 age division!)  and we coasted around the course in 32 minutes. I might race next week's flat out if all is well.

BBQ Stakes speedygeese times
7 April
26:04 **PB
Roger 28:26
Caroline 36:00

14 April
24:47 **PB
Gary 26:18
Ken 26:44
Helen 27:44
Roger 28:59
Me 32:05
Sharene 55:00 (walked with 3 of her children)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

...runners who sleep in will find themselves running late...

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Light on possible problems with new templates is found at
… The new templates feature the blog content housed in a transparent layer, so you can see the background beneath the content. As you scroll through the blog content, the background is displayed, in its glory. Your computer has to redraw the background, and the blog content, constantly, as you scroll. That takes computing power. … If your readers tend to use older computers, and slow Internet service (dialup even!), you might do well to look for a background that's lighter in resource use…

Check out the whole article. Meanwhile, given that some of you do have older slower computers, I will fix the problem for you by uploading my own background image. As soon as blogger (in draft) gives me the abilty to do so! Such a background image will be much lighter in resource than the default ones.

More Fun Run pictures


Jen, Rachelle, Heidi, Karen

Ken, Maria, Katie
- and apples!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

good choice of parents!

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Happy Birthday Miranda! 57 today! Sadly Miranda is out of action with a torn cartilage, but the good news is it's a minor tear which should take only a couple of weeks to heal.
And ... Pam Faulks joins the W50s today.

Last night's speedygeese training was great fun despite the dark and the cold. First of all we had seven running early;
Christopher, Helen, Jennifer & Maria did only the early run and then left; Craig, Ruth & I doubled up (I even ran a couple of extra kms before the early run), and joining us for the main session were Andrew, Bronwyn, Ewen, Geoff, Jodie, Karen, Katherine, Rachelle, Richard, Steve, Susan, Tim, , Warrick, Yelena & Yili. This gave us three teams of six to repeat the session we did last week: 20 minutes of short sprints in a continuous relay with three runners in each team running at the same time. And the relay teams stayed more or less together, well matched.

More photos from the Women's and Girls' Fun Run

The warm-up.
Suzie, Annette, Kaaren.

Amanda leading a pack of youngsters through 1k

Natalie Archer, Paul & Susan's daughter, finishing the race. Natalie ran 9th in 19:30, and second in the 15-18 age group. That is a good choice of parents, if you want to be a runner!

Helen doing EVERYTHING to stay clear of Michelle towards the finish. That's a great run Helen; Michelle has been ahead of me in recent races!

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Rad & Rae show!

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What's on this week: (updated Mondays)
Monday 12 April: Parliament House 4:30pm jog, 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Wednesday 14 April: 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Wednesday 14 April: 5:45pm Parliament House, easy run, usually about 12k. [edit: 5:30pm this week]
Thursday 15 April: Dickson 4:00pm jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Friday 16 April: 12:15pm Customs 5k handicap, Stage 88
Saturday 17 April: 9:00am I run from the Discovery Centre with a group of students
Saturday 17 April: 1:00pm ACTCCC Stromlo Forest Park 7.5k
Sunday 18 April: 7:00am I run from the Canberra Zoo. 30k or less!

Women’s and Girls’ 5k Fun Run speedygeese results:
KATIE FORESTIER 20:03 F40-44 1st
HELEN LARMOUR 21:18 F50-54 1st
MICHELLE WELLS 21:21 F35-39 2nd
HEIDI JOHNSTON 21:44 F35-39 4th
JENNIFER BRIGHT 21:45 F30-34 3rd
AMANDA WALKER 21:58 F40-44 3rd
KAREN JUST 22:13 F25-29 4th
MARIA O'REILLY 22:13 F55-59 1st
CATHY NEWMAN 23:06 F45-49 2nd
SUZANNAH GYE 24:05 F30-34 8th
RAE PALMER 24:19 F60-64 2nd
RUTH BAUSSMANN 26:46 F55-59 3rd
SHARENE HURNEN 34:47 F40-44 52nd
1073 finishers

here's a link to all the times:

Rae warming up!

Rad warming up!

Rad still warming up!
I think Rad wasn't leading the warm-up, I think it was a woman on the stage. I think.

Katie flying at 1k.
Katie was the first W40+ and ran right on twenty minutes, a great time on this course, and eleventh fastest overall.
More photos to come. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

faceplant on facebook

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AMA Masters Track races on video
Worth a look - Ken's finish to the 400m final in Perth saw him perform one of the best (worst?) face plants imaginable as he crossed the finish line. The video is on the speedygeese facebook page at Other videos there are Ken's fabulous 800m run, Katie's brilliant 1500m silver medal, and the finishing speed of Tony as he too wins a silver medal in the 800m but also an ACT record.

National Capital Marathon
From Canberra Road Running Festival: No postal entries after 16th April will be accepted. Online entries will be accepted until midnight 29th April. Late entries for all events for the Marathon and Half Marathon may be taken at the Expo on Saturday afternoon from 2-5pm. Late entries for the Marathon and Half Marathon may also be taken on Sunday morning from 6am. Late entries for the fun runs may be taken at the start of the races from 1pm on Saturday.

Marathon pacers. If anyone can help me find pacers I would appreciate it. Information about the pacers is on the website.

Race result: CCC Winter series 4k at Regatta Point - just 48 finishers, no speedygeese this time, they are saving their energies for today's WAG Fun Run.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Let's get together before we get much older

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song of the week:Baba O’Riley” by The Who

One of the all time greats and still a favourite of mine. In this live version you can see how energetic The Who were. Fabulous.

- and don't forget, tomorrow is national typewriter day, so buy a ribbon” - Shaun Micallef.

I had a run around the lake today with my ANU friends, taking them further than they have been before, and saw many other friends on the run; Bronia, Robyn, Debbie, Warrick, etc etc; plus these three, Jen + Ruth + Ewen.
It was good to see so many out around Lake Burley Griffin on a Saturday morning taking advantage of the beautiful still sunny weather.

Friday, 9 April 2010

A lack of colour

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Training last night at Dickson consisted of anaerobic intervals on the whistle - 60 seconds on/off, then 50, 40, 30, 40, 50, 60, 50, 40, 30, 40, 50, 60: a twenty minute continuous session with ten minutes total running hard, ten minutes total running easy. Participating were Alan, Amanda, Brett, Bronwyn, Caroline, Cathy, Craig (who ran 12k+ first with me), Janene, Karen, Ken, Michelle, Nadine, Ruth, Victoria & Yelena. For those interested, at the end of the twenty minutes Nadine had got the furthest followed by Michelle and Karen, with not that much between all three.

Brett running downhill on the green green grass of Stromlo.

Me ditto. Do not adjust your set. Actually I think I look better in black and white than I do in colour.

And I think I will take my camera to the Women's and Girls' Fun Run on Sunday (seeing as how I am not eligible to run!) So, girls, wear your best clobber and remember to smile!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

barefoot on the grass

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I thought Jodie may have invented this at Monday night training; [edit: Bronwyn was the inventor]; then I see bus-loads of schoolchildren doing it; and now it's picked up by Hungry Beast. Is it time to form a new sporting club, with a name like "The Capital City Rollers"?

Maybe next Monday at Parliament House we will all give rolling on the grass a go.

Yili leading Warrick at Stromlo

Where we train, when it comes to green grass, suitable for comfortable barefoot running for example, I would now rate a couple of areas at Parliament House first, Dickson oval second, and Stromlo a distant third.

I see my third place at the last Vets handicap, which was at Stromlo, has pushed me back two groups to group 40. Gary's second place, in a time 40 seconds quicker than mine, has pushed him one group back to join me in group 40. What-the-? Where's the respect for older and slower? ;)

I need to get fit so I can at least see the field when I run the Vets handicap at Majura on Anzac Monday holiday, even if I don't catch anyone. But I will see you at Dickson tonight on the grass. Barefoot is an option, someone will be running barefoot on the grass, does anyone else want to join her?

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

(S)he's back!

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BBQ Stakes 31 March
Gary 26.33
Emma 27.00
Helen 27.46 (first place)
Roger 28.32
Caroline 36.14
Sharene 41.23

Jogalong result 4 April
Caroline 32.47
Sharene 37.06
91 runners, down on numbers because of Easter.
This Sunday's Women's and Girls' Fun Run should be good!

What I'm currently reading: I have re-read Fragile Things, despite having hundreds of un-read books still.
What I am currently watching: Two DVDs this week so far; Ponyo (for the first time) recommended, Fight Club (for the first time) not recommended. Next I might watch Up again, I didn't get to see Up In The Air, it's now gone, hoping to get to see Micmacs as I loved Delicatessen/City of Lost Children/Amelie/A Very Long Engagement and this one's next!

Yes (s)he's back. (S)ee link.

Two of our stars from Perth

Katie and
Ken, running just ahead of Cathy-with-a-C at Stromlo.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

speedygeese in the AMA Masters Track Championships Days 3 & 4

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Sims, Kathy W58 2nd (silver) 21:11.75 ACT W55 record
Forestier, Katie W44 1st (gold) 19:49.02
Kingston, Janene W45 2nd (silver) 20:58.49
Booth, Tony M71 4th 24:14.38
Pilkington, Roger M51 8th 20:21.81

400m final
White, Ken M56 3rd (bronze) 60.89

8k Cross Country
Forestier, Katie W44 1st (gold) 34:31
Kingston, Janene W45 2nd (silver) 38:31.5
Sims, Kathy W58 2nd (silver) 38:24.9
Pilkington, Roger M51 8th 36:41.9

speedygeese final medal tally:

GOLD (2)
Katie Forestier 5000m, 8k cross country

Janene Kingston 10000m, 5000m, 8k cross country
Kathy Sims 800m, 5000m, 8k cross country
Tony Booth 800m
Ken White 800m
Katie Forestier 1500m

BRONZE (1 2)
Ken White 400m
[Edit] Tony Booth 8k cross country!

Tony Booth at Stromlo

Congratulations once again to everyone who competed in Perth at the Masters. It was a very successful meet and you should all be very proud of your achievements.

Meanwhile back in Canberra ACT we had our Monday night training at Parliament House. Being Easter Monday, more than usual ran the early run: Andrew, Craig, Ewen, me, Jennifer, Miranda & Ruth. Then we were joined by Caroline, Christopher, Jill, Katherine, Neil, Warrick & Geoff for a session where we ran in teams of six; three in each team running at any one time; short sprints for twenty minutes on a triangular course around the flagpoles below Parliament House. Very anaerobic. It seemed strange that it was getting dark by the end of the session but that is something we will have to become used to.

Monday, 5 April 2010

speedygeese in the AMA Masters Track Championships Days 1 & 2

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What's on this week: (updated Mondays)
Monday 5 April Parliament House 4:30pm jog, 5:30pm speedygeese interval training as usual. And we will wish Andy a happy 51st birthday
Wednesday 7 April 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k handicap. I was going to run this, but now I have a dentist appointment. Again. So instead, all being well, ...
Wednesday 7 April 5:45pm Parliament House, easy run, usually about 12k.
Thursday 8 April: Dickson 4:00pm jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Saturday 10 April: 1:00pm ACTCCC Regatta Point 5km
Sunday 11 April: 9:00am ACTCCC Women's and Girls' Fun Run Stage 88 Commonwealth Park

AMA results Friday and Saturday

Kingston, Janene W45 2nd (silver) 44:32.81
Pilkington, Roger M51 6th 42:35.34

Sims, Kathy W58 2nd (silver) 2:48.25
Forestier, Katie W44 5th 2:36.20
Booth, Tony M71 2nd (silver) 2:48.94
White, Ken M56 2nd (silver) 2:18.53

Sims, Kathy W58 4th 5:45.43
Forestier, Katie W44 2nd (silver) 5:13.68, a 6 second PB
Booth, Tony M71 5th 6:00.71
White, Ken M56 4th 5:06.2
Pilkington, Roger M51 7th 5:35.37

400m heats [edit: this result is a fiction created by the organisers; there were no M55 400m heats held!] White, Ken M56 qualified for the final, equal-2nd fastest 61:00. It serves as a warning - are you master of the computer system, or is the computer system master of you?

Lots of silver, and stay tuned for Sunday's results.... but I was right about Sunday being the best day.
The first speedygoose gold medal of the championships was won on Sunday by Katie in the W40 5000m.
And Kathy Sims ran ~21:12 in her 5000m, chopping ~6 seconds off an Anne Young ACT W55 record that  Anne set in 1992.

Kathy in the 5000m in Perth. Photo by Bruce.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Good Friday, Better Saturday, Best Sunday?

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No official AMA Track championships results have turned up on the AMA website yet, but I see that Roger and Bruce have been posting some of the Perth results in their blogs.
A highlight of Saturday was Katie's 6 second PB in the 1500m to grab the silver medal. I don't have the other 1500m results yet.
Sunday may turn out "best" with the 5000m races scheduled, featuring our Kathy, Katie, Janene, Tony & Roger.

Janene at Stromlo
Janene has been enjoying the Masters Championships in Perth, especially all the PBs!

I see also that the AMA marathon championships will be at the Gold Coast this year. Pity I cannot go, I may have been ready for a marathon by the time July rocked around..

While all this excitement is happening in Perth, I am having a grandchildren-filled holiday! It's the bestest.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Jodie Davis ACT representative

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Jodie has just headed up to the Gold Coast to represent the ACT in baseball.

ACT – Championships debut
Considering the ACT Womens baseball league has doubled in size in just four short years, it was only a matter of time before they were welcomed to the national championships.
Head Coach Greg Kent is in charge of the team which consists of a mixture of cricketers, softballers and baseballers.
The player to watch is nineteen-year-old Eliza Russell who is expected to shine behind the dish and also at third base.
Former state cricketers Jodie Davis and Suzanne Van Strein will add experience to the youthful team.
Official baseball championship website

AMA results are coming through. I will (soon, in the next day or two) add times and places to the post a few pages down in which the list of names appears. Meanwhile a big congratulations to Bruce Graham for his outright win in the 10k, and to Janene Kingston for her silver medal, and Sue Archer for her gold medal in the same event. And then in the 800m, to both Ken White in a brilliant tactical run, and also to Kathy Sims, silver medals.  I should point out that the standard of competition is high, as are the number of entries.

Friday, 2 April 2010

good Friday

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Training at Dickson resumed last night and was good too. Miranda & I started with an early 11k jog (we started at 4pm), Caroline joined us for the last 2k, then Bronwyn, Craig, Marlon, Michelle (pictured) & Yelena arrived and after our usual 5:30pm warm-up we ran a session of 12 x 200 fast, 100 recovery in lane 2.

Michelle at Stromlo

There's a world cross country write-up at
Another great run by Benita.

Coming Events: I publish this because some lists I have seen recently are incomplete or incorrect.
Sun 4 April ACTCCC Women's Jogalong
Sat 10 April ACTCCC Regatta Point 2/5km
Sun 11 April ACTCCC Women's and Girls' Fun Run Stage 88 Commonwealth Park 9:00 am
Sat 17 April ACTCCC Stromlo Forest Park 7.5k
Sat 24 April ACTCCC Anzac Relays 4 x 3.6k Northcote Drive Majura
Mon 26 April ACTVAC Handicap Mt Majura Hackett
1-2 May Canberra Road Running Festival; including half marathon, marathon and ultra.

Here's a good new song from Creed. "A Thousand Faces".

Thursday, 1 April 2010

running around in eccentric circles

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Brian: Look, you've got it all wrong! You don't need to follow me. You don't need to follow anybody! You've got to think for yourselves! You're all individuals!
Crowd: [in unison] Yes! We're all individuals!
Brian: You're all different!
Crowd: [in unison] Yes, we are all different!
Man in crowd: I'm not...
--Monty Python's "Life of Brian"

Yesterday as a group of runners, me included, headed up and over Red Hill and beyond, the discussion turned to our "special qualities", "uniqueness", "eccentricity" even. I thought our apparent eccentricities might be because we knew each other so well and could see each other's "distinct differences". I was reflecting too on how runners are seen by society, e.g. by journalists, as not conforming to what is expected of "normal" people; which journalists both like and dislike; like, because it gives them someone to point the finger at and talk (gossip) about; and dislike, because conforming is promoted as a virtue. It's a funny old world; surely those who lobby for conformity are the ones who are out of step; what a boring place this would be if we were all the same. Bring on eccentricity, I say; we are all different, yet there can be this inner yearning to be seen as no different from anybody else. We runners have overcome that to a large extent one would have thought; yet you still see groups of runners who follow the same conventions as each other, dress the same as each other, hang out with and enjoy the company of just their little clique, and feel uncomfortable with people who are a little different  even within the same training group. Sure, let's have a circle of close friends; but lest it become too eccentric a circle, let's also rub shoulders with a variety of people from far and from wide.

Pardon me if I didn't conform to an acceptable number of semi-colons in the paragraph above; I am feeling a little off-centre today.

Gary going for silver at Stromlo

Helen excelled at the BBQ Stakes by winning the 6k handicap this week.
Helen also plays a mean cello. How eccentric is that. Go Helen!