Sunday, 26 May 2019

My running streak day 259

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, May 26, 2019 with 2 comments
The long anticipated YMCA Half Marathon was held today. I eased into it, gradually increasing effort through the race, and ended up with ~1:52.13 [Edit: Chip time 1:51.59] which was good enough for an M70 win. I am certain that I have not won my age group in the Canberra Half Marathon before and this was number 29 I have completed (of 50 that have been held). I only felt a bit tired in the last 2k, surprising in that I have done no real distance training. The slow start would have helped. No timed warm-up; 21k-ish for the day.

Nearing the end.

Isaac running the YMCA half-marathon-eve 5k yesterday.


  1. Nice effort Geoff.

    I checked the results at:

    And you don't appear at all. Instead they put winner for M70-74 as Mick Saunders "1:53:10.1".

    I presume it's a mistake on their side?

    1. Oh never mind, I followed a link to last year's results.

      You are in this years results:

      I got thrown off by the fact that Ruth's Strava "moving time" was about the same time as her time last year.