Wednesday, 10 March 2010


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Melanie Tait invites us all to DALTONS at 6pm tonight for her book signing. Cnr of Rudd and Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra City. Please come along - there will be nibblies!

Nice new feature: Static Pages
"For many months, bloggers have been asking for the ability to add static pages - pages that do not contain dated posts, and that do not show up in the archive index, or in the main page display - to their blog. Before this year, only the latter possibility existed - posts that would not show up on the main page could be created by publishing posts back dated to appear before the earliest post on the main page. This created "static" pages that still appeared in the archives index - a messy workaround."

"[In January,] true static pages were added to the new post editor." --- continued at

I have just changed a number of my back dated posts to static pages. A very handy new blogger feature, and it makes a blog behave more like a real website.

The tabs along the top all link to static pages now:
About Me
My Training Diary
About the speedygeese
VENUES: where we train
and these won't appear as posts in the January 2005 archives any more!

Nice run by Nadine last night in the Summer Series 5k at Acton Ferry terminal. She has the ability to throw in hard surges early and still finish in a fast time. I couldn't summon up the energy to run hard for four days in a row and faded badly. But it doesn't matter because today starts a taper leading up to Sunday's Half Marathon. I have decided to have in mind steady 4:30 minutes per km and see how I go. Yes the old stand-by; 4:30s. Should be second nature to ease along at that pace, and I might have something left to speed up towards the end.

Nice T-shirt

It's OK Richard, Ruth's 100 run T-shirt was designed to go below the knees.


  1. I'll need nibblies to get me through the rest of the run.

    Good tip about the static pages.

  2. Ewen didn't just nibble - and the wine before the run back to PH did not turn out to be the best plan for him!! Great book launch though. Mel is a star!