Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Weston Creek Half Marathon 2010

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 with 7 comments
A very big turn-out of  speedygeese at the annual Weston Creek Half Marathon saw speedygeese win two (or three if you count Liz as a speedygoose) category prizes and nine barrel draw prizes - it was worth hanging around afterwards! There were many big PBs as well.

Official results -
22. Elizabeth Bennett W45 1:30.51 second female, first W45
39. Mick Horan M50 1:33:30
45. Nadine Morrison W40 1:34:08 fifth female, first W40
54. Geoff Moore M60 1:35:44
64. Andrew Matthews M50 1:37:18
67. Debbie Cowell W50 1:37:52
78. Warrick Howieson M35 1:38:59
82. Brett Morrison M40 1:39:38
92. Kylie Malone W35 1:41:05
93. Jennifer Bright W30 1:41:06
96. Janene Kingston W45 1:41:31
98. Helen Larmour W50 1:41:58
113. Maria O'Reilly W55 1:43:45 first W55
117. Craig Davis M40 1:44:13
119. Bronia Rowe 1:44:23
150. Suzie Gye W30 1:50:42
156. Bronwyn Calver W40 1:53:16
169. Alan Duus M60 1:55:58
171. Colleen Koh W30 1:56:05
189. Miranda Rawlinson W55 1:59:20
193. Ruth Baussmann W55 2:00:24
254 (individual) finishers

Weston Creek Half Marathon Relay Teams
1. RUN FAT BOY RUN MFF 1:31:36
Ken White M55
Katie Forestier W40
Amanda Walker W40

Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee
Melissa Clarke
Heidi Johnston

22. TWO SLOW GEESE FF 2:01:06
Caroline Campbell W65
Margaret McSpadden W60

43. ROBBO AND SON MM 2:15:44
Adam Robinson
Laurie Robinson M60

49. MELANIES FF 2:41:24
Melanie Tait
Melanie Brooks

54 relay teams finished! Our relay teams did extremely well: I managed to get a minute (?) clear of Heidi and Ken on their first leg; then stay about a minute (?) clear of Rachelle and Amanda on their second leg; then my wheels fell off and I almost walked the last few kilometers as about 15 people passed me including the two final relay runners Katie and Melissa, who were probably running sub 4 minute per km pace for the first part of their run. We usually win the relay section; the times this year were faster than previous years.

Then on Monday some of us backed up again for training, but numbers were down a bit because of the Half. Present were Andrew, Caroline, Christopher, Craig, Emma, Garry, me, Helen, Jennifer, Joel, Katherine, Kim, Leanne, Maria, Melanie, Neil, Noeline, Richard, Ruth, Sindia, Tim, & Warrick (22 runners). We ran our final speed-endurance session for now, short sprints on the grass in teams of three, over and over again for thirty minutes.

Sad news: I learned yesterday that Milton Valentine passed away on the weekend, after a long illness. If I hear of funeral arrangements I will post them here tomorrow.


  1. Some great results there! I hate to single anybody out, but it looks like Brett's wheels fell off trying to keep up with Nadine ;)

  2. Nah, Brett fought on well with a spasming back. He deserves at least a couple of minutes off his time for that!

  3. Lower back spasming for at least the first 8km. Cost me at least 5 1/2 minutes Ewen.Would have beaten her otherwise??? Best time I have done in 4 years with discomfort so happy with time. First time I have ever negative split a race.

  4. I'll give you six minutes for the back Brett - so that's a 1:33:38 and a victory over Nadine!

  5. Thanks for posting the message about Milton.

    He touched us all in different ways, from his runing determination and openness about his problems.

  6. Hi Geoff

    I'd be very happy (read: privileged) to be counted as one of the Speedy Geese finishers among the Weston Creek 1/2 marathon finishers last Sunday, particularly on the strength of just one fleeting visit to your flock training. Actually, there's a myriad of ways in which I'm connected to many of your geese and so I'm quite comfortable with either fully fledged or de facto goose status.

    It was fab to catch up with lots of the Speedy Geese at the Weston Creek 1/2 marathon on Sun and to see so many of them run well. I hope they are all proud of themselves and that you are proud of all of them.

    I never knew Milton but I have been deeply touched by the ACT runners' posts about him. He obviously eptiomised so much of what we all love and respect in fellow runners. My thoughts go out to those who were close to him.


  7. Milton and I ran together many times decades ago. Thank you for your kind words.