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a very happy blogger

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from my blogging helpdesk:
Blogger [has just] released their new template library. Instead of a static library, though, they chose to provide
  • An array of combinable choices. 
  • Multiple, exciting styles.
  •  huge library of theme organised backgrounds, each with an associated colour palette.
  • A selection of layouts, 
  • with symmetrical combinations of 2, 3, and 4 columns
  • with and without split sidebars
  • in both left and right variations
  • Adjustable column widths.
  • An updated Fonts and Colors GUI interface, with selections for new template objects like Static Pages Indexes.
From the Draft Blogger dashboard, select "Layout". From the navbar (with Draft selected), select "Customize" (This link is not yet available.) From "Page Elements", then select "Template Designer" - and check out the possibilities.

What we have, in Draft Blogger now, is an almost infinite variety of possibilities, which should keep many bloggers happily occupied for days!
Some bloggers are starting to feel confused about Blogger and their options.
Right now, we have the following options, all ordered separately.

Classic vs Layout template.
  • Your blog is configured for a Classic (HTML) template using Layout - "Edit HTML" - "Revert".
  • Your blog is configured for a Layout (XML) template using Template - "Customize Design".
  • Your blog requires a Layout template, to have Gadgets, "Older Posts" / "Newer Posts" links, and Dynamic Label indexes.
  • Your blog can use HTML content in a Layouts template, but cannot use XML content in a Classic template.
New Post Editor vs Old Post Editor.
  • The new post editor and old post editor are alternately selected, using Settings - Basic - "Global Settings".
  • The new post editor is required for the enhanced photo upload wizard and for static pages.
  • The old post editor is required, for spell check and video upload.
  • If you get the New Post Editor, it will apply to all of your blogs. If you are a member of a team blog, all members of the team will end up with the New Post Editor.
Draft (Blue) vs Production (Orange) Blogger.
  • Draft Blogger is accessed directly, as "".
  • Production Blogger is accessed directly, as "".
  • Production Blogger will redirect to Draft Blogger, if you select "Make Draft Blogger my default", from the Draft Dashboard.
  • Draft Blogger is required to access the Designer Templates wizard.
So know your options, and pick what you need.
I have a calendar and a to do list which, if allowed, would run my life.
Instead of me being in charge, the calendar would be in charge.
It helps that I don't "go to work", but it is still the case my plans to get all the things done that need to be done, ot that I have committed to and therefore feel obliged to spend time on, can end up controlling me rather than me controlling them.

So here are seven principles which should be the real priorities in my life.
  • Family is always first
  • One day off each week
  • Leave email/facebook/blog alone when engaged in important tasks
  • Get out for a walk/jog/run/drive whenever possible
  • Start the day with devotions
  • Put together a "stop doing" list
  • Plan the next holiday when the previous one finishes
Finally, speedygeese at the Jogalong on 7 March
Emma Adams 25:50
Michelle Wells 26:49
Caroline Campbell 33:32
Sharene Hurnen 39:46
Thea Zimpel 44:24 (ran with a friend)
134 finishers


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