Thursday, 11 March 2010

Safety Tips for Runners

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, March 11, 2010 with 3 comments
After the confrontation last Monday, I thought I might raise the topic of safe running. What do you think of these points? Should we in Canberra be more safety conscious than we have been in the past?

You could be taking a risk if you:
Run by yourself
Repeatedly run the same course at the same time of day
Carry an ipod which drowns outside sounds
Run on deserted streets at night
Run with traffic, so that you don’t see cars are coming up behind you

Instead you should
Run in a group and stay together
Vary the route and the time of day that you run
Turn the ipod down if you have to have it, or better still, don’t wear one
Run in familiar areas with other people around
If the same car cruises past you more than once, take down the license number and make it obvious that you are aware of its presence (but keep your distance)
If Confronted
Keep moving, keep running
Run towards other people
Use discretion if someone in a car asks directions
If Attacked
Keep as calm as possible
Try to fix a description of the attacker in your mind
Do not show fear or plead

Try talking while looking for an escape opportunity
Do not fight or struggle unless there is no other option

Canberra is a lot less safe than it used to be, and it only seems to be getting worse. This could happen here -,0,7095226.story
Here is a story which contains references to the same person who threatened on Monday to kill us "by sticking a knife in [our] head"; I have removed the expletives. Apparently he has been there for at least twelve months endangering anyone who goes near "his land"!

A rather bland version of the story is here:
Note the year - 2009.

So there you go. We are not alone in being harassed and threatened by this half-wit. But take care wherever you run, there are plenty of dangerous people about.

Speedygeese at Tuesday's Summer Series Race 5: Acton Ferry Terminal 5k
24. Nadine Morrison 20:43
33. Brett Morrison 21:07
35. Michelle Wells 21:10
38. Geoff Moore 21:35
43. Jennifer Bright 22:12
47. Maria O'Reilly 22:30
52. Janene Kingston 23:16
67. Ewen Thompson 24:33
68. Cathy Newman 24:35
74. Graeme Patrick 25:25
81. Miranda Rawlinson 26:09
82. Neil Boden 26:17
86. Ruth Baussmann 26:52
88. Susan Sturgeon 27:29
94. Mick Charlton 28:00
96. Margaret McSpadden 28:24
105. Sharene Hurnen 32:00
108 finishers
+ Acton Ferry Terminal 2k 36 finishers


  1. Now I know we're taking a risk by running near "tribal land"!

  2. Ewen congratlations with the late entry to "6 foot" all the best with it! Wish I was there.

  3. um, what happened? Should I be glad I didn't go on Monday?

    I break all the rules for that first one, particularly the first three. I also run in the morning when I can, so I get a different lot of people around, usually smiling with the big fear coming from mutant fuzzball doggies.