Tuesday, 23 March 2010

2001 a cyberspace oddity

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So now we start the third millennium of posts. At this rate by the time I die there will be 20,000 posts on this blog. Of course by then, in 2055, blogging will be seen as a cyberspace oddity. And only residents of retirement villages will be readers. Suits me, I will be able to repeat the same post each day. Perhaps I can automate it and write 100,000 advance posts? All saying my goose is cooked.

And next Monday before training I am going to yet another funeral. Bah humbug. If I'm late for the early run you will know why. But last night: WE ALL ran a hard continuous session of 12 sprints of ~200m with ~100m recovery. With a decent warm-up and cool-down, the session totalled over 9k. In addition, three of us, Ruth, Miranda & I, preceded the session with an 8k jog in quite warm conditions for this time of year. Then for the main session we were joined by Bronia, Bronwyn, Caroline, Colleen, Ewen, Garry, Jennifer, Jill, Karen, Leanne, Neil, Rachelle, Sindia, Tim, Warrick & Yili. This is a great time of year to be out there running.

Although training hard I still feel reluctant to race hard after last week's half marathon where I probably over-exerted. Probably? Definitely given the crawl over the last 2km or so. I am therefore a bit tentative about tonight's 5k cross country race, Thursday's 5k track race, and Sunday's 4k cross country handicap race. Still, I will probably start in each one. But I think I might be taking it pretty easy.

Which brings me to Song of the Week.

I just love this song, it should be my theme song, everything resonates, and if I weren't such a goose it would be. But hey, I looked like that in the early 1970's, too. Really! [Maybe not as tall].

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  1. I had hair that long in '71.

    May I suggest a groundhog day style post - you know, get up, go for a run, next day do it all again :)