Friday, 12 March 2010

running scared

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Happy Birthday Melanie, 30 years old today. You now qualify to join the "Veterans"!

Best wishes to everyone running the Six Foot Track tomorrow. It was great that Ewen amongst many others got in at the last minute. Great except for the fact that many would not have trained properly for it. And great except for the suggestion that a block booking in the first few hours after entries opened may have forced many to miss out initially. If that is what happened, I hope that next time the race organisers give everyone else a couple of days to register before allowing anyone from this selfish group to do so, and then only one at a time.

The 1500m handicap was run last night and here are our approximate times (actual times may be around a second faster) as taken on my watch:
Ken White 5:09 (season's best)
Gary Bowen 5:09 **PB by 8 seconds
Katie Forestier 5:22
Nadine Morrison 5:32 **PB by 11 seconds
Brett Morrison 5:36 **PB by 7 seconds
Amanda Walker 5:39
Janene Kingston 5:53
Kathy Sims 5:59 (equal season's best)
Tony Booth 6:11
Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee 6:19

The official spiral 7 results:
7 Ruth Baussmann W55 14:30
8 Margaret McSpadden W60 16:01
9 Brett Morrison M40 11:51
11 Katie Forestier W40 11:23
13 Gary Bowen M50 11:28
17 Helen Larmour W50 12:22
24 Bronwyn Calver W40 12:53
26 Tony Booth M70 15:13

The official final spiral point scores
1. Ruth Baussmann 252
2. Bronwyn Calver 226
3. Sherryl Greathead 223
(4. Helen Larmour 221)
1. John Donovan 269
2. Dale Moore 267
3. Gary Bowen 253

An excellent women’s spiral report is at at - although the best Helen could have done would have been to finish second behind Ruth. Congratulations to Ruth, who says she has been running scared, so thanks to Bronwyn and Helen for pushing her!

cool down
Gary and Ken have got down to sub 5:10s in the last 1500m race before the ACT championships.


  1. Thank you for all your encouragement SG - it really does make a difference! It was a fun event! :)

  2. strewth always makes me smile :)