Details of current training plans, times, and places are always available on 

Parliament House Mondays and Thursdays year round
Parking is at the underground car park as indicated by the red circle on the map below.

The final Thursday Parliament House session will be on 5 October, then on the 12th we move to Woden track on Thursdays for training and/or or racing each week.

The main session starts at 5:30pm with a warm-up run followed by an interval training session at one of the many locations around Parliament House, for instance the Rose Garden to the East; the small oval to the west; the flagpoles to the North; or the tracks which surround the building.

Stromlo Forest Park some Sundays, usually at 7:30am
Park near the cross country track as indicated by the red circle.

We warm up around the cross country course then run an interval session. Or we might occasionally head around the Mount Stromlo area for a longer run.

In addition a group may be running each Sunday morning at a time and place they negotiate. This may be listed on

You should check which shows you the current seven-day plan.