Friday, 7 May 2010

track training resumes

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Monday's speedygeese dinner - today is the very last day to RSVP. I have 32 names of people definitely going, and 4-8 others who weren't sure yet...

Dickson training - a session of 4 x 2 laps in lane 4, handicapped. Those who'd run on the weekend were given an earlier start and advised to run slower than usual!. Present were Alan, Brett L, Brett M, Bronwyn, Caroline, Craig (early run only), me (early run), Janene, Jen, Margaret, Michelle, Nadine, Neil, Roger, Ruth, Troy, Yelena, and Louise (cookies only!) Louise is awesome, first female outright in the ultra last Sunday. Back-marker Troy ran into traffic on his last interval I noticed, there are two or three other groups using the oval and the football crowd are not particularly lane-aware.
Next time, I will get Alan and Brett M to start back one group, most of the rest will stay (for now) on their original starts. Except - I will spread out the slower runners more - looks as if par will be 5 minutes next time. (Those who ran will understand what I mean).

BBQ result from Wed 28 April
Gary Bowen
26:25 (winner)
Bob Harlow 29:51
Roger Pilkington 30:30
Caroline Campbell 37:15

Any Anzac Relay result has not yet appeared.

Bronia's awesome marathon debut


  1. Great piccies of Bronia. I have another reply in the affirmative for your dinner from Richard. He will be there - thank you!

  2. Great first marathon Bronia! The middle photo makes the run up to Parkes Way look like a mountain.

    I'm still in the negative for the dinner. Can't wait to hear all the goss and see the incriminating photos.