Wednesday, 5 May 2010

the next half marathon

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, May 05, 2010 with 4 comments
I will be entering the Queensland Half Marathon on 6 June. Because, hurray, the website is finally up. And I plan to have run-in my new shoes by then. (That's a triple-pun, by the way. Run in, run-in, Run Inn. See the website if you don't quite get it)

62? That’s half my lifetime short of 93!” – Geoff Moore. Yes I’m quoting myself!

Michelle Wells' brilliant marathon run

Saturday's cross country has been cancelled. There were to have been some relays at Stromlo Forest Park but they have been called off.


  1. That's great. You might run into some of the folks from Tesso's neck of the woods.

    Top run from Michelle. Excellent photo of her waving to her many fans.

  2. Michelle looks so gorgeous and so relaxed! Fantastic time. :)

  3. Agreed. But every finisher is a champion. Michelle equally so even though she wasn't out there for as long a time as most!

  4. She would have been out there for an even shorter time (3:23?) if she didn't lug a fuel belt for 42.195 kilometres ;)