Sunday, 2 May 2010

2 May marathon day - on reflection

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, May 02, 2010 with 3 comments
The day started with thick fog on the drive from home to Black Mountain - and clear after that. But cold!
As I transported the pacers' balloons to the marathon, I looked in my rear vision mirror and thought I had marked the times on the 3 hour balloon upside-down. But no, it only looked like that on reflection
As the day progressed the sun caused it to warm up rapidly. But not too much to make it uncomfortably warm.
A very large field as the marathon and half marathon combined ran down Telopea Park. I didn't see a starting line mat, so maybe those first few seconds will count as part of our chip time. But I love running in crowds.
next year
It pleases me to see 30 April/1 May locked in for 2011. It means more time to train, and the opportunity to run Masters Nationals in Brisbane and return a week later for a marathon, if I want to.
The pacers did an excellent job. Thank you Brett, Kerrie & Roger, a job very well done.
my run
It's goal adjustment time. In the Half Marathon I couldn't find any rhythm, it seems anything faster than 4:30/km pace kills me. And I do need some long training runs at a better pace than I have been accustomed to if I am going to survive to the end. As for attempting to continue on to a full marathon at that same pace, it's just not on.
maiden marathon
Speedygeese who completed their first ever marathon were Warrick (3:39), Kylie (3:42), Bronia (3:48), Jennifer (3:50), Graeme (3:54), and Katherine (4:18). Great effort each one of you.
marathon pb
Michelle Wells (3:24) ran a brilliant seven minute pb. Woo hoo! We knew you could do it!
I got a surprise at the presentations, I won the Half Marathon M60 gold
will there be a half next year on 1 May?
It hasn't been decided; I would vote yes as it made the day twice as exciting. And gave people at the finish great entertainment well before the first marathoners arrived. I have always favoured having a half marathon option at marathons when it can be accommodated. As a marathoner I always liked having half marathon runners around, and today, running with the marathoners was a real buzz.
that is all I will say
Until the official results come out.


  1. Glad all went so well Speedygeoff.

  2. Congratulations on your GOLD medal speedychief. Fantastic and well deserved. The official results are already up - pretty speedy!

  3. From a course marshal/spectator viewpoint it all looked fantastic. The big groups with the balloon runners were especially notable and their combined pacing looked perfect. 1 May is more reliably cool than mid-April, so I vote for 1 May (and the combined marathon/half start).