Tuesday, 11 May 2010

ten reasons to date a thrower

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Some recent speedygeese race results
BBQ Stakes 6k 5 May
Gary Bowen 26:47
Helen Larmour 27:50
Roger Pilkington 30:59
Caroline Campbell 37:21
Sharene Hurnen 39:44

Customs 5k 7 May
Geoff Moore 21:00
Yili Zhu 22:00
Caroline Campbell 27:26
Sharene Hurnen 31:29

Website: there is now a lunchtime running website at http://www.lunchstakes.canberrarunner.com.au

Anzac Relay 24 April
Jen Lee 14:37 and 16:51
Karen Just 15:49

Current reading:
Yesterday I read “Interworld” – another excellent short story by Neil Gaiman
Today it’s “Don’t Panic: Douglas Adams & the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” – also by Neil Gaiman, the updated 2009 version.

Ten reasons to date a thrower.
10 Girls, throwers have iron balls
9. They can do "The Glide" just right ;]
8. They let out a scream or grunt at the end. (you know you like it)
7. They have big hearts, big stomachs, along with other things ;)
6. They know how to get a lot of power from their hips
5. Unlike runners, throwers are never in a rush to get to the finish
4. They have a go three times
3. Runners brag about their times, throwers brag about their length
2. Throwers get a good grip every time
And 1. They know how to THROW… a party

Record Field
The speedygeese also know how to party. At last night's party we celebrated our good performances for the track season, and in the marathon. There was a record field of 35.

And the winners were...
Brett and Nadine shared the prestigious Kit Kat award for being the most improved runners through summer. And Michelle the Turkish Delight award for an outstanding run in the marathon.
Now bring on winter training!

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  1. Congratulations Nadine, Brett and Michelle!