Friday, 21 May 2010

lights will guide you home

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, May 21, 2010 with 3 comments
Last week's Customs 5k times
Geoff Moore 21:43
Yili Zhu 21:46
Kym Chisholm 21:54
Bronwyn Calver 23:27
Caroline Campbell 27:03

I will have another attempt at running a decent time today. It's always a challenge after Thursday night training! Last night Craig and I ran long at 4pm, then at 5:30pm the group did its two-lap handicap intervals. For some reason the numbers were well down; I am not aware of what took some away, except for Ruth doing a Ewen and avoiding us around her birthday time. Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday Kathy Sims, 59 today! Last night conditions were excellent for running and the lights were bright! Surely not too cold to play outside for an hour or so. Training were Bronwyn, Craig, me, Janene, Jen, Margaret, Maria, Michelle, Neil, Roger &  . Roger ran along at the speed of sound and I had to keep re-handicapping him. Talk about speedy, Roger also did a Ewen and took off without returning to Maria her car keys before she could intercept him.

Maria after her marathon. I hope she and her little green car got home alright last night.

I do not see too well in the dark. On Wednesday it was a good thing Jennifer Bright had her torch, and that she was prepared to wait for me at the hardest parts to show me the way.

Jennifer Langton had her 39th birthday a few days ago. She sent me some funny pictures which I will post, starting with ...


  1. Actually speedygeoff, I did send you a text message after my physio app on Wed(check your mobile) to say that unfortunately I'm injured and unable to run until I return from Bali - nothing at all to do with avoiding birthdays. I would much rather be running, believe me! :(

  2. Sorry Ruthie, we over 60s should look at our mobiles more often.
    Have a wonderful fortnight in Bali, and I am sure your birthday celebrations there will be more than enough partying for you!
    And on return we can get stuck into some good training.

  3. You're lucky. She didn't stop me from running into that chain fence!

    I'm too scared of 60-year-old women to do any more Ewens!