Thursday, 20 May 2010

Brett - school champion

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Dickson training tonight and next week will be the last of the "two lap handicaps", before we move on to the next phase of training. Here is the current list of start times:
0:30 Caroline, Margaret
0.40 Ruth, Susan, Yelena
1.00 Alan, Colleen, Neil, 
1.10 Craig, Janene, Maria
1.20 Bronwyn, Kym
1.30 Brett M, Nadine, Roger
1.40 Brett L, Michelle
1.50 Jen, Karen
2.00 Joel, Troy

Subject to Change

And as people get faster and slower from week to week, the starts vary accordingly. We do four handicap runs altogether, the finish time for everyone should be about 5 minutes, and the clock starts again after about three more minutes.

Young Brett has been doing well, especially considering he is less than half the age of the next youngest participant on Thursday nights. Brett won his school cross country and has got through to ACT schools which will be held on 31 May at SFP. He is keen to keep his training going!

Brett L

Brett's Mom


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