Sunday, 16 May 2010

30 consecutive City to Surfs

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, May 16, 2010 with 4 comments
This will be my thirtieth consecutive year of not competing in Sydney's Annual City to Surf. I did run the City to Surf on three occasions back in the seventies but have managed to avoid it ever since. For a start, two words, Sydney pollution. Also, two more words, too hot. After a lovely Canberra winter with sub-zero running mornings, standing just within eyesight of the start line for an hour or so in a tightly packed crowd as the temperature ascends beyond my comfort zone does not appeal. And the prospect of sprinting the first 5k or so only to pass fat people jogging along together who clearly decided to avoid the rush at the start and join in along the way is an experience I don't wish to repeat.

So, non-running friends, please don't ask me if I am running in "the" City to Surf. There are many other events on offer which are more gruelling, more fun, fairer competition. On the plus side though, the buzz at the start is exciting, as is the roar of the crowd as the run gets underway, and it is the one Sunday morning each year where runners take over those roads and cars are kept off them. If I am to live long enough I hope to achieve 70 consecutive City to Surf Did-Not-Starts. Long live the City to Surf.


  1. Snap! As unfashionable and as antisocial a thing as it may be to say, I'm with you. I've never run City to Surf and it still holds no appeal - too congested and too far to travel just to run 14km. But, since running is a 100% individual thing, I'm glad to hear that so many people love participating in it every year. My only advice to them is to put all their energy into running it rather than trying to convert me into wanting to. Each to their own ....

  2. Jog is right. I love the City to Surf. I'm an individual!

    Actually, it's more runnable than it's ever been these days. Chip timing; 'A' start (for sub 75 minutes); rock up 20 minutes before the start and it only takes 20 seconds or so to get running. Good fun!

  3. Really???? If it's become that run-able I might re-consider. Am just not interested in a slow, all day event for 14 measly kms, that's all.

  4. Yep. Very good start. But with your marathon PB, you'd get a preferred start. You could always do a John Farrington and run from the finish to the start as a warm-up.