Monday, 10 May 2010

Tribute to Mothers

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, May 10, 2010 with 4 comments
Around Australia yesterday there were races to celebrate Mothers Day and to raise money for breast cancer research.

Mothers Day Classic 10k Canberra
88 Jennifer BRIGHT 45:25
327 Susan STURGEON 53:18
590 Katherine SHEPPARD 61:32

Mothers Day Classic 5k Canberra
18 Katie FORESTIER 19:48
22 Emma ADAMS 20:02
23 Ken WHITE 20:05
41 Amanda WALKER 21:22
43 Karen JUST 21:31

Recovery from the marathon: just to reinforce the message I have been giving to all the marathon finishers - it takes a good four weeks to fully recover from a marathon, sometimes longer. The trick is to avoid, especially in the first week or two, sprinting or flat out racing. The danger is, you sometimes feel good within the first week or two and are tempted to race, and can race quite well. But you then pay for it.

The marathon has damaged you physically and you need to ensure sufficient time passes for the damage to repair.

In summary:
Do resume normal training as soon as possible
Do run slower than usual in training for a week or two
Don't do any sprinting in training for four weeks
Don't schedule any full effort races until four weeks after the marathon.

The penalty for disregarding this?
You pay for it by experiencing more tiredness and fatigue, soreness, injury, illness, and an extended recovery period of months instead of weeks.

What's on this week(updated Mondays)
Monday 10 May speedygeese dinner 7:30pm Two Sisters Dickson, no formal training session today. 
Wednesday 12 May 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k handicap 
[Edit]Wednesday 12 May 5:45pm Parliament House, easy run, usually about 12k 
Thursday 13 May: Dickson 4:00pm jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training 
Friday 14 May: 12:15pm Customs 5k handicap, Stage 88 Saturday 15 May: 9:00am I will run from Acton Ferry Terminal 
Saturday 15 May: 1:00pm North Lyneham 6.2k 
[Edit]Sunday 16 May: there will be an early long run, time/place tba


  1. Second week after syndrome, starting to feel better, but so easy to overdo the recovery. One silly day can set you back another two weeks. This week especially care is needed. Well said, Speedygeoff.

  2. I'm suffering from the second month after syndrome. Still running like s#!te 2 months after 6'.

  3. Anonymous11 May, 2010

    Yes some fantastic advise Geoff, some people are just silly and just never learn (jen)

  4. It's OK the best teachers learn they have to repeat stuff. I am maybe not quite the best teacher -yet- but I aim to be.