Tuesday, 25 May 2010

ground time

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For the last couple of years I have been suggesting that the many of the speedygeese focus on increasing their running tempo, with the goal of moving along at 180 - 190 steps per minute in their races whether they be short, middle, or long distance, and adjusting their stride length accordingly. This year I thought I might approach this from a different direction, and emphasise the desirability of minimising ground time; the amount of time the foot lingers on the ground when running fast. So stay tuned.

Last night we ran at Parliament House with light rain pending but never really arriving. Four of us ran early; Jen & Rachelle, who didn't stay for the later session; and Andy & I. Then we were joined by Bronwyn, Craig, Emma, Helen, Jodie, Julia (new), Karen, Katherine, Kathy, Neil,   & Warrick for a final session of 3 x 950m stopping at one or more exercise stations on the way around. Helen introduced everybody and remembered every single name, not stumbling once. Wow! Though I guess as she is a teacher, she has had practice recalling names.

Tonight is our athletic club's annual general meeting. I am looking forward to that one! I hope all the good guys get elected, it depends on who turns up to do the electing. All being well, you will read here tomorrow a report from my/our perspective.

Speedygeese in the ABS Fun Run Wednesday 19 May
26 Katie Forestier 29:06
46 Ken White 30:34
90 Bronwyn Calver 34:00
147 Neil Boden 37:05
574 finishes
Needless to say, given that I worked in the ABS all my working life and organised many of the first Fun Runs there, I recognised many of the finishers' names!

Brett, Nadine, Craig, Maria. Photo by Janene.


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