Thursday, 25 February 2010

your pace or mine

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, February 25, 2010 with 1 comment
I will leave the question of a name for our pacing group open for another day wile I draft some pacers' documents. There have been lots of good ideas, I quite like the outside-the-box one of "Go for Goal". This should open up peoples' thinking a bit, we don't have to use a traditional style name. My "pacer bunnies" is OK; real bunnies often appear on parts of the course in the early mornings especially alongside Kings Avenue; and a bunny is a mid-field pacer as distinct from a rabbit who is a lead pack pacer. But bunny also has a playgirl/playboy connotation and I might not want to go there. I could just type away here and list whatever pops into my head:
Go For Goal
We Pace You
Bunny Bus
Come Together
Pack Power
Leaders of the Pack
Follow that Bus
Running for the Bus
Easy Riders
Tag-on Team
The list could be endless. I will decide tomorrow what the name is. Meanwhile keep the suggestions pouring in, it all helps the thinking process. I am listening.

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  1. Hey SG

    Thanks for the link. Means a lot to be associated with people like you. I'm writing an article now for R4YL magazine and mention in that how the "Speedygeese" have given me inspiration and support over the years even though I'm only a, non fee paying, honorary member ;)

    I'm going to submit this article within the next few weeks and because I have mentioned the club and you and Ewen by name I thought I'd better get your permission first.

    Anyway let me know if it's OK and thanks again.