Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Samurai Running

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Scott Brown together with his wife have started is a small venture to bring interested people to Japan to run in races and enjoy all that goes with that.

They are not doing this for profit but simply want to be able to show people why they choose to live there and just how good a trip to Japan can be. People still have the image of Japan as an expensive, incomprehensible travel destination and they'd like to show them different.

They have made two intial packages leaving from the Gold Coast and are particularly targeting Australian runners. They would be happy to offer "Speedy Geese" membership a 5% deal on top of our almost at cost trips and arrange flights from Canberra.

Please take a look at the following website "Samurai Running." I will put their logo, linked to the website, on the side-bar.

See, speedygeese membership is good value for money!**

Sprint Marathon Relay
Due to the heavy rain in Canberra last weekend, the Sprint Marathon was postponed until Sunday 21st February 2010.  For all those who had signed up, please ensure you confirm your availability or otherwise for Sunday with Jim White by Thursday night (ph: 6231 4168).  Jim will be at the Track Thursday evening.

**p.s. speedygeese membership is in fact free :)

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  1. Why have the sprint marathon on at the same time as Stromlo? Doesn't affect me, but there will be a reasonable number committed to Stromlo!