Tuesday, 16 February 2010

keep taking the jelly beans

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"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." -- Will Rogers

Jeff Hunt' story  http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/more-sports/marathon-man-strides-out-of-nowhere/story-e6frey6i-1225828469299

Campbell Park handicap
Most runners have started; only the very speediest and the very best are still waiting to start.

Monday Training: Parliament House the intention was to run a 30 minute continuous relay in teams of three with runners going hard for a lap then jogging a lap, and I chose a lap of about 350m. It turned out that the surface was OK, just a little slippery on one corner so next time we could reverse the direction. It also turned out that it may have been closer to 400m around. Nevertheless we had a good turn-out despite the heavy rain of the last few days (about 150mm in our back yard altogether). The rain stopped just in time for our 4:30pm jog attended by Ewen, me, Jennifer (Keep taking the jelly beans. And by "taking" I mean “TAKING”), Ruth & Yelena. Then for the main session we were joined by Andrew, Bronwyn, Caroline, Christopher, Emma, Garry, Heidi (new to Parliament House), Helen, Joel, Kat, Katherine, Kim, Neil, Noeline, Penny (new) Rachelle, Richard, Tim & Warrick. 24 in all. We ran in random teams which meant that some of the runners, e.g. Katherine & Ruth, had less recovery time than others. They did very well. This was our first week of "speed-endurance" training, and everyone had ample recovery between efforts, really. For long distance runners, "speed-endurance" intervals should be faster than race-pace and allow for some recovery between them. We are not pushing into the anaerobic, which is what would happen with shorter breaks or standing breaks, nor are we focusing on sheer speed, where we would need longer breaks.

One of the reasons ACTVAC does not grow is because most members are not willing to be inconvenienced. Just thought I'd throw that in.


  1. I think too many red jelly beans for Jennifer... she was NOT jogging the 4.30 'jog'!

    Ah, don't think I can run 350-400m flat out without going anaerobic ;) I bags slower teammates next time!

  2. But Ewen, are there any slower in the Speedygroup ?

  3. Not many! Never mind 'wombat', I'm known as 'the snail of Parliament House'.