Friday, 12 February 2010

Brett and Katie would have been pleased we arranged to add an 800m to last night's track program when they ran pb's - Brett by 5 seconds or lots more if you don't count relays, and Katie by 3 seconds. Meanwhile the 10k championships, being combined with AACT, had a reasonable field. I ran a very slow 43:40, splits approximately 21:40 & 22:00. It was so pedestrian I lost count of how many times the winner lapped me.

Last night's 4 x 400m relay

Katie to Amanda

Amanda to Sue

Women: Entries are now open - go to

Men: Helpers are needed - go to

pedestrian (noun) - Somebody walking rather than using a vehicle; somebody traveling on foot

Ruth in last night's walking race


  1. It was a big night for Brett - he did a huge pb in the 10km too!

  2. yep, Brett was flying...I need to know his sekrit!!

  3. His sekrit is training with a very fast female. A great 800, and 10,000.

    Speedygeoff, you may have been (b), but Strewth was (a) with a very good contact-maintaining style :)