Thursday, 11 February 2010

keep working on it

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Speedygeese times, Summer Series race #2
Boathouse East 5k
(a repeat of last week's course)(and almost a repeat of last week’s results!)
40. Nadine Morrison W40 20:50
41. Mick Horan M50 20:51
42. Michelle Wells W35 20:55
43. Geoff Moore M60 20:57
49. Brett Morrison M40 21:14
61. Roger Pilkington M50 22:19
67. Graeme Patrick M55 22:53
68. Maria O'Reilly W55 23:01
85. Cathy Newman W45 24:52
97. Ruth Baussmann W55 26:18
104. Margaret McSpadden W60 28:32
111. Cathy Montalto W55 29:38
113. Sindia Sosdian 29:52
122. Mick Charlton M55 33:31
134. Melanie Tait 41:39
136 finishers. [did I miss anyone?]
Boathouse 2k
15. Caroline Campbell W65 10:36
39 finishers

Training group size
After we had 29 training at Parliament House this week, and 28 last week, I wondered what was the most we have had in a single training session. Excluding the small number of walkers which I did include in the count at one stage, I find that at Parliament House there were 30 runners twice, 20th September 2004 and 3rd March 2008. Elsewhere there were 31 at North Lyneham on Tuesday 12th June 2003. I feel a new record coming on.

I would like to see  our training group grow in numbers. Not at the expense of other training groups. I would love to see us exceed 100 participants each week. Can we accommodate 100? Yes, because the training can be adapted to suit most people who join us. Where will the numbers come from? Mainly from new people. And who brings in new people? Mainly the newest members. Go for it!

Theme for 2010
I'm still working on it! Stay tuned!

Graeme enjoying his running, at Weston Park.


  1. well done all speedygeese, you are running well!

  2. Go the newest of the new people!

    Great 5ks again. That's 2 "wins" for Nadine!