Friday, 27 July 2018

Day six and this week's training

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Day six goal: 60 minute gym circuit.
Day six actual: gym circuit achieved.

Day six goal: run 5k easy.
Day six actual: I jogged about half that, leaving space for a longer run than usual on Saturday.

This week’s speedygeese training sessions:

Sunday 22 July: [Dave]: "Another fun Speedygeese long run - Coolemon Ridge and McQuoids Hill." [see featured photos all this week.]

Monday 23 July at Parliament House: ten minutes of two person relays; 15 minutes of three person relays; on a short course so it was all go, no walking time. Participating were Deborah, Jennie, me, Bernardo, new David, Jen, Dave, Isaac, Warrick, Craig, Thomas and Giles.

Thursday 26 July at Parliament House: We ran 400m straights with 400m jog back. Runners included Jen, Isaac, Jennie, Brownie, Dave S (a.k.a. new David, note change of name) and me.


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